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  • The Street or Me: A New York Story

    by Judith Glynn
    The Street or Me: A New York Story, is a true story that proves an ordinary citizen can rescue a street person. Judith is divorced and struggles to support herself in her adopted city when she meets drunk and homeless Michelle Browning in her neighborhood. Previously a beauty queen in Italy, Michelle nears death after six years of street life. At first, Judith gives Michelle food and clothing; never money. Despite setbacks, an unusual street friendship develops that leads Judith to put her life ... more
  • An Improbable Journey: A True Story of Courage and Survival During World War II

    by Susan Schenkel, PH.D.
    Through an extraordinary chain of events, a German Jew and a Polish Jew found themselves in Central Asia. They met and fell in love. Together, they struggled to survive hunger, homelessness, deadly epidemics, a black market economy, and Soviet police harassment. After the war, they managed to get from Central Asia to a displaced persons camp in Southern Germany. Along the way, they had a baby. Incredibly, in the DP camp, this Jewish couple developed an enduring friendship, which defied the hatre... more
  • Glad You're Not Me

    by Jonathan Harnisch
    Book Five of the groundbreaking bestseller Jonathan Harnisch: An Alibiography, Glad You're Not Me, takes the act of transgression to another level. Harnisch, the author himself, discovers he has been fictionalized as a character in an old friend's chapbook, and decides to come out of the woodwork as a real person, The Mentally Ill Artist, in this explicit transgressive reaction chapbook.
  • Freak

    by Jonathan Harnisch
    Book Two of the groundbreaking bestseller Jonathan Harnisch: An Alibiography, Freak, explores Ben's days at Wakefield. School is too traumatic, so Ben lets Georgie attend and take the abuse. The book explores Georgie's relationship with the original Claudia Nesbitt, the girlfriend of the jock Ozer, who tormented Georgie mercilessly. Claudia befriends Georgie and loves him for who he is. The other good part of Wakefield is Heidi Berillo's philosophy class, in which Georgie excels. Heidi encourage... more
  • The Oxygen Tank

    by Jonathan Harnisch
    Book Four of the groundbreaking bestseller Jonathan Harnisch: An Alibiography, The Oxygen Tank, shows Georgie back in his morning routine of breaking coffee cups, falling in the shower, and of course, meeting Claudia for the first time. Georgie's house grows in size and grandeur with every dream. Claudia has an affair with Sir Tony Halldale and is caught by Georgie. Claudia is hit by a car and paralyzed. She then drowns when Georgie takes her boogie boarding on his boat. Georgie tries to kill hi... more
  • Porcelain Utopia

    by Jonathan Harnisch
    Book Three of the groundbreaking bestseller Jonathan Harnisch: An Alibiography, Porcelain Utopia, explores Dr C's interactions with Georgie and Ben. She thinks that dredging up Ben's past will somehow fix his present. Ben describes what went down at the holdup with the cell phone "bomb." He describes being booked into the psychiatric ward. Ben develops a strong obsession with Claudia/Heidi. Ben describes his first sexual encounters at age 10, in the Boy Scout treehouse. Ben describes some of his... more
  • steady as she goes

    by john molloy
    There are many ingredients necessary to make an adventure. For example take one young and enthusiastic Irishman, a thirst to visit far places, a love of the sea and a capacity to observe life and the adventure can begin. John Molloy in 496 well written pages takes the reader around the world on a journey to great ports, and out of the way places through freezing Atlantic waters to sometimes placid waters of the Pacific Islands. As his journey through life begins, so does the understanding of the... more
  • The Blameless Victim: Our Ten-Year Legal Battle Against Zurich American Insurance and American International Group

    by Harold Rhodes
    On January 9, 2002, there would be no predicting that a forty-ton tractor-tanker carrying liquid asphalt would crash into Marcia Rhodes’s stopped car, leaving the wife and mother paralyzed from the waist down and with extensive secondary medical damages. The Blameless Victim is the story of the Rhodes family’s decade-long struggle against the devastating consequences of this crash—horrible medical traumas, an unending financial struggle, a daughter’s deep depression and alienation, as well as... more
  • Love Lost, My Story

    by Christina Lockett
    If you are facing challenges in your life and you are grasping for hope...this book will help you envision and build a path to healing and recovery. This book is especially helpful for those who are experiencing the pain of failed relationships and divorce. If you are facing health issues and heartache you will also find renewed hope and inspiration in this book. Minister and educator Christina Lockett bravely and transparently shares her personal story of heart break, health issues and unexpe... more

    by Joan Kantor
    When her mother begins her decent into dementia, Joan Kantor faces a daunting task—a complex role fraught with personal triumphs and challenges. As her mother’s memories fade in and out of focus, Kantor’s recollections of their relationship gain unexpected clarity: “I know you meant well, / but just like you, / I learned to be afraid / of myself.” Fading into Focus: A Memoir is a unique collection of poetry that candidly recounts a daughter’s journey of discovery as she struggles to untangle ... more
  • TWO STEPS FROM GLORY: A World War II Liaison Pilot Confronts Jim Crow and the Enemy in the South Pacific

    by Maj. Welton I. Taylor with Karyn J Taylor

    African Americans enlisted by the hundreds of thousands during World War II, swelling the ranks of the U.S. military by more than a million strong. And as they had in every U.S. war from the War of Independence on, blacks signed up with two goals in mind: to fight for the country they loved and to earn, on the battlefield, the respect they’d been so long denied at home.

    For the majority of black soldiers, however, those goals remained elusive. The U.S. Army believed blacks il... more

  • Wolfer: A Memoir

    by Carter Niemeyer
    His plan was to stay in Iowa, and maybe get a job counting ducks, or do a little farming. But events conspired to fling Carter Niemeyer westward and straight into the jaws of wolves. From his early years wrangling ornery federal trappers, eagles and grizzlies, to winning a skinning contest that paved the way for wolf reintroduction in the Northern Rockies, Carter Niemeyer reveals the wild and bumpy ride that turned a trapper - a killer - into a champion of wolves.  With an introduction by Nic... more
  • Kick Her Again; She's Irish

    by Mary O'Reiley
    Marie O’Reiley is outside screaming at the world. Her children watch through the living room window as the police come and arrest her for disturbing the peace, leaving them alone in the house. Thus begins the astonishing true story of a family always living on the brink of disaster. The story unfolds, told through the eyes of Marie’s children. Not only are they impoverished, but they are dealing with Marie’s erratic and often bizarre behavior. Through it all shines Marie's sense of humor and her... more
  • Is It Me? Or Is It The Wine? Confessions Of A 30yr Old SWF

    by Kate C. Wright
    I am 30 years old, still single, following a dream, wallowing in self pity; yet I manage to briefly mask my self-loathing with wine, random flings with B list celebrities, professional athletes, dating men that are full blown sociopaths, and basically being a well known socialite. Unlike most relationship/non-fiction books about random people’s lives, I am the voice of every 30 something woman, who just hasen’t quite figured it out yet. This is about finding love, losing love, finding yourse... more
  • Harebrained

    by Meg Myers Morgan

    Here are the collected ramblings of a tired mother, happy wife, grateful friend and busy professor. Hang on as she wanders through childbirth and graduate school. Settle in as she shares her unique perspectives on raising strong-willed daughters and teaching strong-willed students. This collection contains more than thirty humorous essays, plus a three-act play and a silly poem for good measure. This book is bound to make you laugh. But hey, if it doesn’t, you’re out less tha... more

  • Eating of the Forbidden Fruit

    by Ernest Kolowrat
    Ranging over a century of intimate foibles and world events, "Eating of the Forbidden Fruit" is a lighthearted firsthand account by an unwitting victim of the seductive perils of our time.