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  • Hoofbeats in Africa

    by Nikki Scrivener

    Hoof beats in Africa

    This is a real story about how I woke up from a vivid dream and decided I really wanted a pony of my own. My mother was rather suprised and said I had to prove myself on Deborah the donkey first. Deborah the donkey knew lots of tricks like lying down and counting up to ten with her hoof and was far too clever for her own good and taught me a thing or two. I learned to antisipate trouble and the importance of perseverance and determination. By the time I could manage... more

  • Surviving Mental Illness: My Story

    by Linda Naomi Katz
    Surviving Mental Illness is a memoir of the heartbreaks and challenges of someone growing up with bipolar disorder and how she dealt with stigma and achieved recovery. The Road to Recovery – written from the perspective of someone whose life has been challenged by mental illness, this book offers help, hope, and inspiration to others struggling with psychological disorders. It provides information about mental illness in general—and mood disorders in particular—valuable tips about treatment a... more
  • From Generation to Generation: A story of intermarriage and Jewish continuity

    by Jane Larkin
    A Jewish woman’s decision to marry outside of her faith leads to an unexpected journey full of religious awakening, shocking secrets, and the power of love in Jane Larkin’s inspiring new book, From Generation to Generation. Faced with grim statistics claiming that Jews who marry non-Jews often lose their beliefs, disengage from ritual observance, and raise children who are less likely to associate themselves with religious tradition, Jane determined she would marry someone who shared her faith—... more
  • Those Who Remain: Remembrance and Reunion After War

    by Ruth W. Crocker
    A secret is revealed long after the battlefield death of a beloved and courageous army officer. His widow, in an act of love, climbs to the treacherous north face of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps with his ashes. She discovers years later that those who survived the war - his comrades devoted to keeping his memory alive - would bring the ultimate healing into her life. A compelling true story with a surprising revelation for those who seek to understand the sources of resilience and emotional trans... more
  • Over and Over the Road, a Truck Driver's Stories

    by V. W. Sheperd

    Over and Over the Road is a collection of short stories about my experiences and life as a forty-eight state over- the-road truck driver, my observations of the world around me during that time, and stories of different people I met. I drove more than a million miles over the same highways and so the book’s title, “Over and Over the Road.”

  • 978-1-61005-502-4

    by Ellen Murkison
    This is a story of two extraordinary brothers who experienced a true miracle. The book details the devastating and heartbreaking events caused by an accident that left a seven-year-old boy comatose from a traumatic brain injury. When medical interventions failed, the family made the difficult decision to move their child to hospice care, one week before Christmas. Faced with what appeared to be his impending death, the story takes a dramatic turn when a ten-year-old big brother’s unwavering fait... more
  • Eat Now; Talk Later: 52 True Tales of Family, Feasting, and the American Experience

    by James Vescovi
    Eat Now; Talk Later: 52 True Tales of Family, Feasting and the American Dream is a memoir containing stories I collected about my grandparents during the years I cared for them. It is a book consumed in delicious bites: The stories in Eat Now; Talk Later can be read before bed, on a lunch hour, or waiting in line. They can even be shared with friends who complain they have enough to read. Together they ask the question, “How do you make modern life run smoothly for grandparents who grew up when... more
  • My Leash on LIfe, Foxy's View of the World from a Foot Off the Ground

    by Lenore Hirsch
    Foxy shares his dog's eye view of humans, cats, and the world. He discovers the wonders of hotels, the beach, and wildlife. From abandonment to a loving family to the pain of loss, he follows his nose into one adventure after another. The reader is treated to his insights on chasing sheep, driving, and dog parks. Always on the lookout for a tasty morsel and reflecting with sarcasm on human foolishness, his tale reaffirms the devoted connection that makes people dogs' best friends.
  • Little Women of Baghlan: The Story of a Nursing School for Girls in Afghanistan, the Peace Corps, and Life Before the Taliban

    by Susan Fox
    A forgotten diary comes alive in this true account of an ordinary young woman who answers the call to service and adventure during an extraordinary time in world history. Peace Corps Volunteer Jo Carter is deployed to Afghanistan on March 21, 1968, with instructions to start a nursing school for Afghan girls. She keeps a daily journal, never dreaming her tiny handwriting will become a significant historical account. A half century later, her words are a window to the past—reminders that at one t... more
  • A Widow's Journey: Healing a Broken Heart

    by Paula M. Ezop

    The death of my husband tore apart my world. This book contains my innermost thoughts as I came to grips with his death. My writing helped me deal with my terrible loss. Chapters in this book were written at various times as I grieved.

    There is one recurring theme, and that is that we remain connected through our love. I call it the love connection. This love connection is what enabled me to survive after the death of my husband.

    As you read my words it is my hope that you too wil... more

  • MS Madness

    by Yvonne deSousa
    MS Madness! A “Giggle More, Cry Less” Story of Multiple Sclerosis \tYvonne deSousa’s diagnosis of relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis came with an insightful declaration from a new doctor (“MS Sucks”) and a brother’s helpful advice (“You could totally get one of those handicapped parking plates now”). \tWhat followed was a year of MS-adventures: “accidentally” kicking an officious male doctor in the crotch, becoming an undercover agent to pay for medication made from Chinese hamster ovary ... more
  • Moody

    by Kristy Moody


    This is the life story of an American blogger who chose the unlikely road. 
    The founder of has remained completely anonymous until now. Kristy Moody is a blogger and freelance writer with a true identity no one would ever guess at first glance. In the 1990s, she was raised like a middle class princess in the South Suburbs of Chicago. However, one pivotal moment in history changed her life forever. 
    Read Kristy's reality show without the m
    ... more

  • From Picas to Bytes: Four Generations of Seacrest Newspaper Service to Lincoln

    by Faith A. Colburn
    Second-place winner in the Nebraska Press Women's adult nonfiction book category. When Joe R. Seacrest died March 28, 1995, I knew I was on my own. I didn’t even know what I had in our one interview until I’d tracked down a number of people who could tell me about the newspapers. The project was originally aimed at revealing how the Seacrest family used technological innovation to keep a mid-sized daily newspaper in business while almost all the others closed their doors, but as I conducted the ... more
  • Threshold: A Memoir

    by Faith A. Colburn
    Award-winning series of creative essays about how our families and communities serve as the threshold we cross into our lives. This memoir is a series of twenty stories about one ordinary American family’s struggle to thrive across race and through time and space. From five-year-old Joseph Swope kidnapped and adopted by a war chief to Cecil Colburn blasting up U.S. Highway 41 with a turtle for a co-pilot trying to save a marriage, this memoir reveals what happens when communities fail and how t... more
  • The Pepper Tree Kingdom

    by Franklin Burroughs
    The book focuses on my unusual life "formed by unusual circumstances" and my quest for self-knowledge and a life-purpose . The account of my quest invites a reader to look behind the curtain and glimpse real life with its pains and struggle. It clearly shows how it is possible to find purpose and the "self" in unexpected places and through very different experiences.
  • A Star Is Born

    by Rajeev Lal
    Lollipop, a lovely white Japanese Spitz, came into our lives when our two sons were in their early teens. He became a member of our family, our furkid. He brought smiles and laughter to our lives every day, and was our good luck charm. He enriched our lives and also made us rich. From the day he entered our home, he was the center of attention. We brought him up the same way as we had brought up our two children, except that this time it was under their scrutiny. We soon realized that we had a ... more