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  • From Pigtails to Chin Hairs: A Memoir & More

    by Becky Lewellen Povich

    In From Pigtails to Chin Hairs: A Memoir & More, Becky Lewellen Povich takes us from her young Illinois childhood in the 1950s to present day life near St. Louis, Missouri. Each chapter is a scene from everyday life and/or unexpected events written in the way only Povich can, with humor and poignancy woven into them. She relates tales of Christmases, summertime fun, grade school antics, and long car rides visiting grandparents in her still favorite, much-loved small town: Greenfield, Iowa. Sh... more

  • The Road Has Eyes--A Relationship, An RV and A Wild Ride Through Indian Country

    by Art Rosch
    In 2004 Fox discovered that she was one half Chiricahua Apache. This confirmed a nagging suspicion that had haunted her for more than forty years. At this time Art and Fox resided in a cottage in the woods of Marin County.. They had purchased a used recreational vehicle for travel to the southwest. The couple could use the RV to explore their passions. Fox wanted to connect with her Native American heritage and Art wanted to go places where he could master his photography and study astronomy. ... more
  • Will Love For Crumbs - A Memoir

    by Jonna Ivin
    Raised by an alcoholic mother and without a father, Jonna learned at a young age to put her needs on the back-burner. After her mother dies of cancer, she goes on a spiritual journey looking for enlightenment and a purpose for her life. Eventually, she ends up as a volunteer in the relief effort following Hurricane Ike. There she meets a man who will forever change her life. In the swamps of Louisiana and the hills of Arkansas, Jonna follows her heart to build a life with an American hero - ... more
  • The Story of Control

    by Adrianna Taylor

    The story about my life as a young (27). attractive Dominatrix, mixed with my real-life experiences as a growing woman; my life and loves.

  • Fantastical

    by Marija Bulatovic
    It’s been said that the truth is stranger than fiction. Marija Bulatovic’s dazzling debut, Fantastical: Tales of Bears, Beer and Hemophilia, certainly underscores that adage. Fantastical, Bulatovic’s reflections on her Yugoslavian childhood, is a mesmerizing memoir that takes readers on a wild and unforgettable tour of a country that has vanished from the map, but lives on in this lively collection. With a pitch perfect voice, and a keen eye for capturing the absurd, the outrageous, the hil... more
  • Growing Up … In Words and Images

    by Joe Barry Carroll
    Joe Barry Carroll does not believe in the good old days, yet he has been successful at creating good new days. As the tenth of thirteen children Joe seemed “to not be enough of any one particular thing to be the right thing.” His father died leaving nine-year-old Joe a single inheritance—an old hand sewn quilt. After witnessing his mother’s defeat, as one after another dream died, young Joe resolved to make it all better one day. And he did. This is the true and evocative story of seven-foot-t... more
  • Oh! You're One of Those People...: A Whimsical Two Year Journey of Depression, Desperation, and Detainment

    by Glenn T. Schaefer
    It might be the person sitting next to you in the movie theatre. Could be the person at work with the perpetual smile. It's difficult to always recognize someone suffering with the perils of depressions or the humiliation of being homeless. These are not "diseases" that always select the socially downtrodden as is the public perception, but can alter the lives of anyone. Depression is not a choice nor is it a fault and it can cripple the strongest. Those suffering from depression don't al... more
  • 1502827530

    by Joe LaFratta
  • Ears

    by Lehel Vandor

    Ears, too many of them, catching any accidental voicing of free thought, the tragicomedy of spraying trees with green paint during the Leader's visits... The deadly denial of the existence of serious "imperialist" diseases, three hours of TV broadcasts per day, food rationing, power cuts... Then, the Romanian Revolution of 1989 - the swapping of communism with democracy, stability with chaos, external threats with internal tensions, power with corruption, religion with greed... ... more

  • Fire The Pretty Girl, Awkward Adventures in Business

    by John Morton
    A series of tragicomic autobiographical essays charting a career that ranged from making crab cakes in a plastic apron to advising and writing for the elite of the business world.
  • God and the Rubberband Man: Wrecked by Life, Redeemed by Love

    by Levi Gideon Shepherd
    Levi Shepherd survived pediatric cancer at age 4, only to lose his mother to a cerebral hemorrhage five years later, be placed in the mental wards of hospitals and drugged, bounce around the foster system, be abused by his foster father, and end up homeless. The Army Rangers program gave him a home and structure, but when his chute failed to deploy on his final qualifying jump, his broken body didn’t allow for further service. Desperate for a family unit, Levi entered the gang life, rising to th... more
  • Linton Hall Military School Memories: One Cadet's Memoir

    by Linton Hall Cadet
    Memories and discussion of Linton Hall Military School, a boys' Catholic military boarding school from 1922-1989, details the lack of privacy, regimentation, and cruel punishments, as well as the good academics and numerous opportunities for hiking and camping in a rural location.
  • Travels with My Father: Life, Death, and a Psychic Detective

    by Nancy Myer
    In this moving spiritual memoir, one of America's most important psychic investigators, Nancy Myer, recalls her evolution as a person with psychic abilities, her struggle to accept the intuitive gifts she was given, and her desire to lead a “normal” life raising three energetic children. But when the highest-ranking official in the Delaware State Police asks her to use her psychic gifts to help solve murder cases, her normal life is turned upside-down, beginning an unorthodox career in which she... more
  • Aria: Song of a Life

    by Riki Turofsky
    OPERA LEGEND REVEALS HER INCREDIBLE, TRUE STORY OF LOSS, BETRAYAL, GLAMOUR & TRIUMPH A captivating, emotionally charged memoir from one of opera’s most beloved performers, Aria: Song of a Life follows Riki Turofsky’s unlikely rise to stardom. But above all else, Turofsky’s Aria is a study of hope – and a stunning evocation of how truth can be far, far stranger than fiction. Opening with a foreword from veteran Toronto Star chief theatre critic and Variety’s Canadian theatre corres... more
  • Peeing On Hot Coals

    by Pat Montandon
    This can’t-put-it-down coming of age memoir is dramatic and heart wrenching, as young Patsy Lou takes us on a journey through the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma and Texas at the time of our nation’s greatest environmental disaster. You will keep reading to find out what more could happen to this sweet child of the Great Depression after she endures severe burns down there at age seven when she pees on hot coals and suffers a type of genital mutilation as a result. Patsy Lou grows up listening to scary ... more
  • Peeing On Hot Coals

    by Pat Montandon
    This-can’t-put-it-down coming of age memoir is dramatic-and-heart wrenching, as young Patsy Lou takes us on a journey through the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma and Texas at the time of our nation’s greatest environmental disaster. You will keep reading to find out what more could happen to this sweet child of the Great Depression after she endures severe burns down there at age seven when she pees on ashes that were hiding under hot coals. Patsy Lou grows up listening to scary sermons about The End of... more