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Other Nonfiction

  • The Schools Are Brokn: Stories from a Substitute Teacher's Odyssey

    by Bruce Liles
    This is a book of 70 short and very short stories. Some are only a few lines. It can be seen as a cynical companion of 'All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten' by Robert Fulghum. The stories are humorous, depressing, distressing, and delightful. The author believes that some will stay with you like the time he took a class of first graders outside for the first snow. Or the six year old girl with insight into life. Or the kindergartner and his cheese sandwich. And what's the big dea... more
  • Defeating Terrorism and Religious Evils: How We Can Make a Difference

    by Eric Demaree
    This book explains everything we need to know about the ultimate religious narrative, which is the only narrative strong enough to defeat terrorism propaganda. This narrative is based on the fact that the voice of Jesus (John 10:27) is the same as the human conscience with its directives of reasonableness, mercy and forgiveness. It includes the fact that Muslim theology is much more than the Koran and hadith. Muslim theology includes the supremely authoritative directives that the Creator has... more
  • Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo

    by Matthew Amster-Burton
    Everyone knows how to live the good life in Paris, Provence, or Tuscany. Now, Matthew Amster-Burton makes you fall in love with Tokyo. Experience this exciting and misunderstood city through the eyes of three Americans vacationing in a tiny Tokyo apartment. Follow 8-year-old Iris on a solo errand to the world’s greatest supermarket, picnic on the bullet train, and eat a staggering array of great, inexpensive foods, from eel to udon. A humorous travel memoir in the tradition of Peter Mayle and Bi... more
  • Angel & Adam

    by David G. Bickler
    How did life on Earth begin? Angel and Adam is a loving, fascinating exploration of the ways in which God sought to know himself/herself by dividing into new selves that could populate the world. It’s about God’s creations rediscovering God’s Love. It’s about the ways in which God discovers himself through the experiences of his creations. It’s an examination of Edenic innocence, and a meditation on what the purpose of evil really is. Inspired, mystical, and full of love, Angel and Adam is both ... more
  • Christmas Makes Me Wish, I Hadn't Been... So Bad!: The House of Ivy

    by Rebecca Ann Ivy
    This is a story of a very busy little boy who accidently got into trouble. It seems that Christmas is a most trying time as every child seems to worry about being good so Santa will come. With the excitement of the holiday, this boy becomes worried that all the trouble he caused will keep Santa away....his surprise for Christmas is one you don't want to miss...I hope you enjoy this beloved story. Merry Christmas! Faith, hope and love are reflected in this sweet rhyme about Christmas, fami... more
  • Eco World

    by Sasha Barac
    t is supposed to give everyone a quick reference to things that influence most people's daily environment. Whether on the boat or in the house, the things majority of us do to protect or harm our surrounding will be related to our precious selves - what we eat and what we throw away, with what we clean our bodies and our habitat, what we buy and wear – will be the things we can make the most impact with. Being conscious and considerate to our environment counts when only ourselves are ... more
  • Cruisers Exposed

    by Sasha Barac
    Sailing the oceans in the Australian Yacht Ednbal has enabled us to describe some marvels of the World we came across that we have then interwoven with stories of selected friend cruisers we met along the way. For those who wish to find out about the cruising lifestyle and for those who wish to decide if they would like to join the cruising community this book will be an eye opener. For all others our cruising and travelling book will provide an entertaining read filled with fun and frustratio... more
  • The COMPLETE Model for Positive Behavior Management: A Transformational Guide for Parents and Educators

    by Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib
    Are you catching children being good? Are you a positive and proactive parent or educator? The procedures presented in this book are those derived from the author’s educational practices within a positive, proactive and preventive behavior management approach that she has been implementing for more than fifteen years. These procedures present themselves as effective habits for the personal transformation of adults, as well as for use with children at home, and with students at school for the ma... more
  • Talking Back to the Bible: A Historian's Approach to Bible Study

    by Edward Simmons
    This is a collection of 38 conversations showing how to question and listen to the Bible from the perspective of a historian who is a Christian. The conversations are intended to be inspirational, provocative, and insightful. They represent a new twist to the historical study of the Bible and a confessional rather than devotional emphasis as a personal relationship with God is the bottom line, not just historical information. Half of the conversations are on the life and ministry of Jesus. The s... more
  • Traveling with Baggage: A Guide for the Hesitant Hiker

    by Sarah D. Tiedemann
    Follow Sarah D. Tiedemann on her journey from being a nervous wreck to walking cliffside along Kauai's most perilous trail, snowmobiling through herds of buffalo in America's oldest national park, and hiking to a wind swept summit in the dead of winter. Troubled by anxiety from an early age, Sarah knows just how difficult it can be to step outside your comfort zone. Do you want to travel to places you've only dreamt of? Do you want to navigate trails in breathtaking locations? Do you want to try... more
  • SURYA: The God and His Abode

    by Ranjan Kumar Singh
    There are more than a hundred sun temples dotting the length and breadth of India, while there are several others spanning the globe. Ranjan Kumar Singh’s latest book “Surya: The God and His Abode” depicts seven of these temples that include six in India and one abroad. The sun temples portrayed in the book are Arsāvalli (Andhra Pradesh); Deo (Bihar); Goalpārā (Assam); Katārmal (Uttarakhnd); Konārk (Orissa); Modherā (Gujrat) and Wat Arun (Bangkok, Thailand).
  • Releasing End Time Power

    by Renardo Newton
    Releasing End Time Power is a powerful book that teaches ancient bible principles of true worship. It describes the fundamentals of how to apply them to one's life, to successfully cope with the chaos that is "taking the world by storm," in these end times. This book is a direct instruction for the church. Although it is directly for the church, it is beneficial to everyone seeking the wisdom of God, on how we should worship to attain the Pentecostal power that is lacking in the church. This pow... more
  • Tales2inspire the Ruby Collection: Gifts of Compassion

    by Lois W. Stern
    Tales2Inspire ~ The Ruby Collection is a book filled with stories of compassion flowing not just from humans, but from some of our furred and feathered friends as well. For among all living creatures we see evidence of an emotional connection, and often a response, to others in time of need. The stories in this book were all written by winners of the Tales2Inspire global, annual writers' contest, anonymously selected by a jury of accomplished authors. Although often compared to the "Chicken Soup... more
  • Tales2inspire the Sapphire Collection: Echoes in the Mind

    by Lois W. Stern
    Tales2Inspire ~ The Sapphire Collection is a book of true stories written by winners of the Tales2Inspire global, annual writers' contest, anonymously selected by a jury of accomplished authors. Although often compared to the Chicken Soup For the Soul series, Tales2Inspire books offer two distinctive features that set them apart: Original photographs are included with each story to enhance the reader's experience, and each book is gift sized, to keep pace with our contemporary, fast paced life s... more
  • Tales2inspire the Topaz Collection: Awakenings

    by Lois W. Stern
    Tales2Inspire ~ The Topaz Collection (Awakenings & Aha Moments): Did you ever have an experience and know at once that the memories of that moment would last you a lifetime? Unlike fleeting memories, these are the 'Awakenings' moments we repeatedly replay in our heads. Since I have named each Tales2Inspire book for a different gemstone, I selected the topaz for this collection for a special reason- because it is the gemstone symbolizing the promotion of self-realization and confidence. Known for... more
  • Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection

    by Lois W. Stern
    Did you ever experience something that you felt couldn't have happened simply by coincidence - that perhaps an unknown force entered your life to take charge? Tales2Inspire ~ The Emerald Collection is filled with these kind of 'Beyond Coincidence' inspiring stories, written by winners of the Tales2Inspire global, annual writers' contest. Although often compared to the "Chicken Soup For the Soul" series,Tales2Inspire books offer two distinctive features that set them apart: Each book is gift size... more