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Other Nonfiction

  • Blessed Inspirations: The Greatest Is Love

    by Q. M. Herrera

    This book was divinely inspired to bring peace, light, love and inspiration to all, regardless of religious denomination, age, race or gender.  During this special spiritual journey, the author drew upon her life experiences in order to relay her innermost feelings and reflections on faith, hope, love, life.  The author also expresses her deepest gratitude and appreciation for all of God's blessings.

    May the blessings and meditations contained herein ... more

  • Way of the Real Faith: A Choice, a Journey, a Destiny

    by D. A. Singh
    This book takes a simple approach to explain the main themes dealing with eternal destiny, without taking any particular doctrinal position, and steering clear of religious debates. More than 1,150 verses from the New International Version of the Holy Bible have been incorporated into the text to eliminate the need to turn to any external sources. The book answers many questions that people are asking today: Who is God, and how can someone come to Him? What makes Jesus unique? Why is there evil,... more
  • Anointed to Sing the Gospel: The Levitical Legacy of Thomas A. Dorsey

    by Kathryn B. Kemp
    Anointed To Sing The Gospel is the story of Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey- successful blues and jazz artist who left the secular world to return to the sacred one of his youth. He is known as the "Father of Gospel Music" for introducing the gospel blues to the black church. His life is told from childhood through the organization of the first gospel music convention - The National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses. Interviews with gospel griots and those who knew him personally are also includ... more
  • Make a Joyful Noise! a Brief History of Gospel Music Ministry in America

    by Kathryn B. Kemp
    Make A Joyful Noise traces the origin of African American gospel music from its Biblical roots; "code songs" and Negro spirituals, to the gospel music created by Dr. Thomas A. Dorsey and Rev. James Cleveland. Interviews with gospel griots are a highlight of the book. Information on the gospel music organizations : National Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses of Thomas Dorsey-NCGCC and the Gospel Music Workshop of America-GMWA of James Cleveland is included.
  • Book of Decamot

    by Stanley Jackson and Gavin Jackson
    This ingenious book tells the story of how a simple family game based on telling a story using ten unconnected words grew into a unique creative writing programme. Packed with illustrative stories and screenplays, it will entertain and inspire you in equal measure as you discover that Decamot can be used to cure writer’s block, promote collaborative writing, and enhance typical book club activities, or if you happen to be a teacher, to create clever competitive educational courses for students. ... more
  • And Then Came Hope - Reflections on a Journey toward the Light

    by Joan Brown
    And Then Came Hope is a story for anyone searching for peace and hope, and it is a story for those whose journey has already begun. And Then Came Hope is the story of Joan Brown’s life, her challenges growing up during the Depression and coming of age and grace, of marrying and raising a family, and of battles with cancer and Parkinson’s disease. And in the midst of this, it is the story of a woman who found God. Walk with Joan as she learns to live in the present moment, to walk with Jesu... more
  • The God Notion: A Non-Religious Guide To Believing In God

    by Stuart E. Elwell

    How can we possibly believe the old ideas about God in the face of modern scientific understandings? ...But it doesn’t have to be God vs. science, or God vs. evolution? This new book explains why.

    These are the biggest questions humanity has ever asked: Why are we here, what is the meaning of life, and who, or what, is God? It all boils down to asking why there is something more than nothing? But even nothing means nothing, unless it is not being something... more

  • Meet the Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors on Earth

    by Miguel Mendonça
    Meet the Hybrids explores the lived experience of eight individuals who understand that they are part-human and part-extraterrestrial. Guided by their star families and other entities, they are dedicated to personal missions which contribute to a larger process involving the flourishing of human consciousness, and the protection and evolution of life on Earth at this critical time. Based on over 100 hours of interviews and conversations, this book gives each of the hybrids their own voice. They ... more
  • The Art of Fact Investigation: Creative Thinking in the Age of Information Overload

    by Philip Segal
    Investigation is as much art as it is science. This book helps lawyers, investigators and others to get the information they need for litigation, due diligence and finding assets. New York-based investigative lawyer Philp Segal shows through real-life examples the way a good investigation actually works. Which techniques of searching, database use and interviewing are the most effective? The Internet has made searching for facts faster but has also made investigation more complicated: Within the... more
  • Little Music Masters Reading Music Book 1: Meet the Notes

    by Elias Berlinger and Lianna Berlinger
    The Little Music Masters Series is a completely new way for children to learn music. Reading Music Book 1: Meet the Notes, invites readers into a world of music with vibrant illustrations, engaging stories, friendly characters, and exciting activities. It teaches while entertaining!
  • MAKAR SANKRANTI/PONGAL (Indian Festivals Series Book 1)

    by Lalitha Chitttoor

    MAKAR SANKRANTI/PONGAL, first book, in a one-of-a-kind planned series 'Indian Festivals Series'm describes how Makar Sankranti is celebrated in its myriad forms and under different names in India and brings out the fervor and excitement of the 1 billion people celebrating the festival through pictures.   It also explains the science behind the festival and provides a small dose of astronomy to the readers.. 

    My 4 year-old daughter loves it.  

  • Conversations With My Dead Rock Star Best Friend

    by Susan Daley

    After 20 years as bass player for Tom Petty, Howie took his role as 'Heartbreaker' too far, now he's dead.

    This left me bereft, he was my best friend. Mercifully, he got back in touch the night of his funeral, which is excellent because I had a lot of questions, and he has to tell the truth, lest he be deported to the netherworld.

    Here lies a collection of conversations and memories, good and bad 

  • Kings and Giants (Wayang: Stories of the Shadow Puppets Book 2)

    by Martini Fisher
    Martini Fisher is back with the second installment of "Wayang: Stories of the Shadow Puppets" with stories of the first giants. Living with the giants were also the first kings, descended from the gods themselves, trying to build their own places on earth, claiming a little bit of the world ruled by their forefathers. And throughout their lives, the gods weaved their divine presences, changing the mortals destinies as they see fit.
  • The Three Realms (Wayang: Stories of the Shadow Puppets Book 1)

    by Martini Fisher
    The Three Realms is the first book of the series "Wayang: Stories from the Shadow Puppets". It is a story of the creation of the demigods and their heavens according to the Javanese culture, so recognized and beloved that they are accepted to the hearts of the Javanese people especially through wayang ("Shadow Puppets") performances. In an attempt to immortalize these stories that have been passed down through generations, Martini Fisher undertakes to delve deep into the heart of the Javanese c... more
  • The Pursuit of Wisdom

    by Dean Chavooshian
    Over the centuries we have been witness to transformational changes that have altered the way we think and live. The chapters in The Pursuit of Wisdom are dedicated to heroic individuals throughout history who have attempted to de-mystify the unknown in the secular world of Science and the venerable worlds of Philosophy and Science. Their vision has transcended what we have been taught, what we have read, and what we thought we knew. Chronicled in the pages are the essential discoveries each sou... more
  • History of the Apocalypse

    by Catalin Negru

    If religion is the opium of the masses, then the beliefs about the end of the world are overdoses. The belief in the imminent end of the world is one of the most powerful and radical motivations of the human psyche. It is the overspill of adrenaline of the religious beliefs that combines urgent passions with deep megalomaniac tendencies. Fatalistic beliefs have the ability to generate incredible powers by setting into motion large masses of people and converting their feelings into a collecti... more