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Other Nonfiction

  • Fig Leaf Shorts: Understanding Adam and Eve's Wardrobe Fiasco

    by Joseph Barrale
    Adam and Eve's first wardrobe was a fiasco. What in the world were they thinking as they put this outfit together? What can we learn from their fashion nightmare? As funny as fig leaf shorts may appear in your mind's eye, mankind is still struggling, everyday, with the same logic that made Adam and Eve learn how to sew. FIG LEAF SHORTS is an inquiry into the ramifications of this fashion statement.
  • SnowSwift

    by Sarah Hampton
    The Great Story Of SnowSwift
  • Paul Revealed: Facts that Father Never Told You

    by Steve Herman
    Paul is a central figure in Christianity, and libraries have many volumes praising him. But these authors suppressed and misrepresented many unflattering facts. Paul Revealed helps remedy this problem. Paul’s own churches called him a liar who “used his gospel as a cloak for greed.” They were right. While Paul complained of his poverty, he ran a very expensive mission which no artisan could afford. Only the very elite could afford his Roman home. Paul invented his history, and his resurrected Ch... more
  • Atheism: What's it all about?

    by Larry S. Rhodes
    A book for the new atheist, or believers who are wanting to know the justifications and apologetics for atheism; and for the believer who has a loved one who has turned to atheism and can't understand why, and cannot find common ground to communicate with them on the subject.
  • Brain Snacks

    by Karl Albrecht

    . . . being a collection of peculiar ideas, curious questions, oddball observations, pithy quotations, factoids, lame jokes, quirky definitions, mysteries, weird news stories, rants, witticisms and nitwitticisms, strange speculations, and other stuff you didn’t know you didn’t know


    by David Israel
    David's book is unique in its genre in that it gives the reader the Bible story and church history in a concise format, followed by an exhaustive, comprehensive look at end-time Bible prophesy all in one convenient read. In addition, David exposes some major end-time prophesy misconceptions taught by some of his renowned competitors in regard to such topics as: the Antichrist, the Rapture, the Two Witnesses, Mystery Babylon, the Great Tribulation, the False Prophet, the Second Coming of Christ, ... more
  • Thoughts of an Unlikely Messenger

    by Carl Burton
    When I was young, I asked God if he existed and he answered. When I became a man, I asked God for the truth. What he showed me made me look at life, history, and what’s going on in the world differently. I saw how beautiful life could be but how an organized plan of control and conspiracies has robbed us of life. Conspiracies those in power have put in place for the agenda of creating a New World Order. In order to save the world, we must all have an opportunity to hear the truth about this worl... more
  • The Immoral Landscape (of the New Atheism)

    by John Gravino
    A defense of Christianity against the arguments of the New Atheists
  • Dancing for Fun: Group Dancing for All Ages

    by Mark & Helena Greathouse

    Dancing is part of being human. Our earliest ancestors moved their bodies to the accompaniment of rhythms and chants. This urge to move, together with sounds or music, is part of our human nature. Dancing for Fun, the second in the series, presents dances in which you can express your deepest feelings together with music—alone or with a group of any size.**Author Mark L. Greathouse, in collaboration with his wife Helena, offers original piano compositions and professionally written chor... more

  • scraps of wool

    by bill colegrave
    Scraps of Wool is an anthology/collection of the finest and most memorable passages of travel writing. It has been collected by Bill Colegrave in conjunction with many of the best regarded travel writers and reviewers alive today but covers 400 years of writing. In additional the reading public have been submitting their own ideas through : We aim to create the most admired collection ever in print.
  • Tribal Bible: Stories of God from Oral Tradition

    by Daniel V. Runyon

    These African short stories of God originate from the Genesis to Revelation narrative in the Bible and are translated into English. They model the new missiology of

  • Integrated Reading and Writing: Techniques, Essays, Arguments

    by Daniel V. Runyon
    The integrated approach of this college-level writing text recognizes that the best learning model is to read and imitate good writing. Written at the 8.3 grade level, it may be used in high school AP writing courses and accelerated home school settings. However, the text is targeted to composition courses at colleges and universities that integrate Christian faith with academic pursuits and promote the spiritual and intellectual development of servant-scholars with the ability to think and act ... more
  • Jazz: America's Gift: From Its Birth to George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue & Beyond

    by Richie Gerber
    Jazz: America's Gift: From Its Birth to George Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue & Beyond is the perfect marriage between Miguel Covarrubias's artwork and the colorful history of the Jazz Age. The interplay of Gerber's words and Covarrubias's images gives each page a rhythm all its own. . . . Who could ask for anything more? Music is both a unifying force and a deeply personal expression of the self. Over the millennia, melody and lyrics have served as a multilayered mode of storytelling and expres... more
  • Gay Marriage Considerations

    by Daniel V. Runyon
    This review of "After the Ball" unveils the objectives of the "gay manifesto" and how these goals have been achieved over the past 20 years leading up the 2015 Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage.
  • Cache Paris: A Guidebook to Discover New Places, Hidden Spaces, and a Favorite Oasis

    by Molly McCord
    The secret (and fast) entrance to the Louvre. The fascinating Parisian walk that guides you through centuries of French history in a single afternoon. Strategic advice for beating the crowds at Chateau de Versailles (and what days not to visit!). Three doable, worthwhile day trips from Paris. The best parks and little-known delightful neighborhoods to get lost in as you explore one of the world’s favorite cities. And shhhh….probably many new places, hidden spaces, and a favorite oasis that even ... more
  • To All Airline Passengers

    by Carlos Enrique Diaz
    Explanations and answers to questions that regular airline passengers have asked for and would love to know about what happens or may happen on a regular flight and why from an active Airline Pilot.