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Other Nonfiction

  • Idea Farming: A Science Guy's Read #1 ...on Writing (A Science Guy's Read on) (Volume 1)

    by C. R. (Chuck) Downing
    As the subtitle state, this is "A Science Guy's Read on Writing." Over 8 chapters, the booklet explores how to find and idea and develop it into everything from a short story to a novella to a novel to a book series. Using the analogy of various types of gardening and farming, author C. R. Downing presents personal experience and advice gleaned from others over his writing career. Written in a conversational style, the booklet is designed for budding and experienced writers from teenagers throug... more
  • Help Your Child to Thrive: Making the Best of a Struggling Public Education System

    by Liane Brouilette
    Contemporary public schools focus intensely on academic success. Social-emotional development is given only incidental attention. Families must be prepared to take up the slack. Otherwise students' emotional growth may be impeded, resulting in diminished social skills, motivation, and ability to cope with stress. This book describes how public schools have changed and provides strategies for helping your child to thrive.
  • Renovate, Remodel...Relax!

    by Kathi Fleck
    Make 2015 The Year You Make Your Dream Home A Reality! AN EMPOWERING AND INDISPENSABLE GUIDE FOR STUNNING HOME RENOVATIONS FROM START TO FINISH Big, small or somewhere in-between, anyone who’s ever embarked upon a home renovation knows there’s much, much more to the process than glossy HGTV shows would lead one to believe. From unreliable contractors to disjointed creative visions to inconvenient delays, in the blink of an eye, remodeling can become a veritable minefield of uncertaint... more
  • Dancing Through History: In Search of the Stories that Define Canada

    by Lori Henry
    Some people travel to discover a country’s architecture; others to sample its cuisine, or experience its nature. For author Lori Henry, travel is a way to discover a country's dances. In Dancing Through History, Henry crosses Canada’s vast physical and ethnic terrain to uncover how its various cultures have evolved through their dances. Her coast-to-coast journey takes her to Haida Gwaii in British Columbia, where she witnesses the seldom seen animist dances of the islands’ First Nation ... more
  • Parenting 2.0: Think in the Future, Act in the Now

    by Tricia Ferrara
    An indispensable guide that shows parents how to provide their children with a framework to reach their full potential and discover that growth can be an invigorating two-way street. In this rapidly changing world in which divorce, mental health issues, aggression, and promiscuity among children are on the rise, and education, economic prosperity, and life satisfaction are declining, families are in search of a new parenting script. In Parenting 2.0, professional counselor and parenting strateg... more
  • In Your Dreams

    by Ant Richards

    Jack Parsons, Chief Editor at THE GREAT ESCAPE is living the dream.  
    Actually, more than one dream.  
    When a colleague calls out to him at an airport, a woman he’d never met before asks him for a cigarette and an old acquaintance who once brought out the very worst in him turns up unexpectedly, Jack begins to question where dreams end and reality takes over. Maybe it’s time he took a break. 
    While visiting an old f... more

  • "Would You Mind Repeating That?"

    by Richard A. Delia
    A compendium of the wit and wisdom of 15,000+ Americanisms, adages, aphorisms, bromides, clichés, colloquialisms, epigrams, figures of speech, idioms, maxims, platitudes, proverbs, tongue twisters, spoonerisms and memorable doggerel to entertain and amuse lovers of the creative use of the English language.
  • "Would You Mind Repeating That?"

    by Richard Delia
    A compendium of the wit and wisdom of 15,000+ Americanisms, adages, aphorisms, bromides, clichés, colloquialisms, epigrams, figures of speech, idioms, maxims, platitudes, proverbs, tongue twisters, spoonerisms and memorable doggerel designed to entertain and amuse lovers of the creative use of the English language.
  • Grantsmanship: Program Planning & Proposal Writing

    by Barbara Floersch

    Updated and expanded, this new version of The Grantsmanship Center’s seminal publication on how to win grants gives essential information that’s crystal clear, easy to understand, and loaded with lots of concrete examples. This is the format that most successful grantseekers use to develop proposals and that many funders use for application guidelines. Named the “grantseekers’ Bible” by the New York Times in 2006, the original guide has been used in over... more

  • The Great Mother Bible: or I'd rather be gardening....

    by Mare Cromwell
    Mare Cromwell was awakened at 5 AM in November of 2013, and given specific instructions from the Great Mother to set aside that winter to listen and write The Great Mother Bible. Out of that spiritual call has come this revolutionary and humorous book of spiritual wisdom that speaks to the wondrous sacred realms in which we live. With teachings ranging from the role of aliens on Earth, the Christ Consciousness, and the need for balance between the Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine, the Great ... more
  • Salt of a Sailor: The true origins of a durable, but not-so-dainty sailor

    by Annie Dike
    Salt of a Sailor explores the true origins of a durable, but not-so-dainty sailor. "Had I ever sailed? No. Did I think that mattered? No. But I had endured enough uncomfortable and arguably dire situations that I felt I had whatever grit and guile I needed to handle this silly sailing stuff. I parachuted with a sheet, drove a car that started with a screwdriver, swished with hydrogen peroxide. I rode horses, climbed rocks, leapt off cliffs. I spent summers in the sleeper of a big rig. I... more
  • Keira in the Mirror

    by D. C. Donahue
    All of us at have a curiosity of things we don't understand at first glance. Keira is a curious child who loves to explore and discover things, especially about her environment. This delightful story follows Keira, on her journey, of self realization. Every child can remember a time they were startled by their own reflection and taking a deeper look into themselves in that moment. I hope that feeling of self discovery was captured within these pages.
  • How to "Find us on Facebook": An Essential Guide for Indie Authors Wanting to Optimize Their Internet Presence

    by Chariss K. Walker
    An Essential Guide for Indie Authors, Bloggers, or anyone else who wants to optimize their Internet presence. Learn to: •\tOpen a Facebook account •\tSet up a profile •\tCreate a “Page” •\tConnect that “Page” to your personal account •\tUse the “About” section to your advantage •\tFind Author Apps to enhance your “Page” •\tUse “Notes” to share your work •\tAnd other tips to optimize your Author presence Plus, these additional Bonus Features!
  • Forced to Flee: Visual Stories by Refugee Youth from Burma

    by Erika Berg
    Bearing witness to the real-life stories of children forced to flee violent conflict and persecution in their native land, Forced to Flee: Visual Stories by Refugee Youth from Burma illustrates how a single narrative image can tell the story of a thousand words while building bridges of understanding. This poignant, timely and visually-arresting book honors the stories of refugees denied their rights, stories of trauma, resilience, courage, perseverance and irrepressible hope. In Forced to Flee,... more
  • The Internet is Infected! The Ultimate Cyber Security Guide for Small Business and Home Computing

    by Kirk A Ellis

    Any Home Computer User or Small Business Owner can now learn how to truly use the infected Internet effectively, privately, reliably, safely, securely and wisely. The collection and distribution of your Internet activity and personal information is a business/crime that is out of control (on amphetamines). Hackers/crackers, thieves, scorned lovers, corporations and your government are employing extraordinary means and billions of dollars in hardware to gather, exploit and sell information abo... more

  • The Baseball Haggadah: A Festival of Freedom and Springtime in 15 Innings

    by Sharon G. Forman
    This sports oriented guide to the Passover seder portrays the story of the Exodus as a lively baseball game. With Moses as the team captain for the Israelites and Pharaoh heading up the Taskmasters, the lineups struggle for dominance. God throws the ultimate "splitter," making way for the Israelites to cross the Sea of Reeds. Values taught at the seder, such as love of freedom, kindness to strangers, and concern for others are celebrated in this user friendly Haggadah with particular sensitiv... more