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Other Nonfiction

  • Soul of a Lifter

    by Gino Arcaro
    Gino Arcaro’s journey from childhood obesity to natural health and strength was not made alone; he relied on the Soul of a Lifter. In telling this tale, Arcaro draws on life lessons learned from his careers as a football coach, police officer and college teacher to inspire and lead the reader in a soul-searching quest to reach his/her own potential. This is not your run-of-the-mill motivational book. Discover insights about what drives the soul… what happens when you listen and when you don’t!
  • 4th & Hell Season 1

    by Gino Arcaro
    You know when you’re telling a story and you can tell if you’re killing or thrilling the listener? Whenever I tell this story in person, it never fails to captivate the audience. We were David with a Canadian passport, failing miserably at winning just one football game against stars-and-stripes-draped Goliaths. It doesn’t matter who I tell – women, men, young, old, football lovers, and football haters. No one has ever been bored. They’re stimulated. They can’t get enough. They want more. Two re... more
  • "Teoría Evolutiva de un Eslabón Perdido..."

    by Ariel V.
    ..........Este libro se considera como los más cercano a un viaje a través del tiempo. Un portal hacia temas relacionados con la creación interplanetaria (Astronomía general), Arqueología, misterios del planeta Tierra, investigaciones sobre diversas culturas ancestrales, y los increíbles mensajes que dejaron para futuras generaciones; utilizando herramientas tan desarrolladas que simplemente no poseemos a pesar de la elevada tecnología que hemos desarrollado en el presente... ........Además ... more
  • Blessedness, the Greatest Miracle in My Life! (Second Edition): His Holy Apostolic Blessedness: A man after God's own heart!

    by Shirley A. Williams
    In this book, I shall present the messages of His Holy Apostolic Blessedness, then I will comment on them so that you can see the movement of God’s Spirit in my life through the messages of my father and Blessedness. I will also make commentaries on sermons from the “Whole Truth” magazines. Through these messages, you will see how I have grown under the tutelage of my Blessedness. Whenever you see a question mark behind a word or phrase, this means that I wrote what the tape sounded like; howeve... more
  • Words To Say Out Loud! -- A Safety Book for Children Around the World

    by Connie Myers
    Maintaining the safety of children in this predacious world is of the utmost importance, and should always be one of our top priorities. To that end, a remarkable new series of books has been written. The Words To Say Out Loud!® series focuses on empowering children with the skills and verbal weaponry they need to stay safe in what have become unsafe times. The heart of the system hinges on the idea that the key to empowering children lies in teaching them the ability to communicate clearly and ... more
  • On the Orishas' Roads and Pathways: Oshún, Deity of Femininity

    by Miguel W. Ramos
    Possibly one of the most complex deities of the Yoruba-Lukumí pantheon, Oshún is the epitome of beauty, motherhood, and femininity. No other orisha combines as many human and divine qualities as Oshún, the deity who teaches humankind how to live and love and enjoy life to its fullest. This book explores the roles and significance of Oshún. On the Orishas’ Roads and Pathways promises to be an insightful and extensive examination of Oshún, her presence in the Diaspora, and her position in the p... more
  • All Women Are Beautiful: A Guide to Perfect 10 Beauty

    by Diana Polska

    All Women Are Beautiful is the most comprehensive book ever written on how to improve female attractiveness, with over 1,000 scientific studies referenced. 

    No woman should ever feel inferior because of the way she looks; every single woman is beautiful. A plain woman is like a diamond in the rough that just needs polishing, and with cosmetic surgery, makeup, styling, and training, any woman can be a perfect 10. 

    False statements: 
    1.... more

  • Sparkly Bits of Spiritual Wisdom for Women: 29 1/2 Ways for Women to Get in Touch with Their Spirits

    by Paula M. Ezop

    After writing,"Sparkly Bits of Spiritual Wisdom," I began thinking that there is so much more that I would like to share with you that would help you put some sparkle back into your everyday life!  These are simple things, a gentle reminder from your inner child, a nudge from spirit to laugh, love, dream, and create...

    As women we want to have it all - we want a career and a family, and we want to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.  We work hard, we multita... more

  • Sparkly Bits of Spiritual Wisdom

    by Paula Ezop

    During one of the most difficult times of my life, (the death of my husband of 35 years), I was given a wonderful opportunity to write a weekly column (Following the Spiritual Soul) for a small South Carolina newspaper.  "Sparkly Bits of Spiritual Wisdom," is a collection of those monthly columns. 

    After my husband's death I was lost, I was alone, and I was heartbroken.  I had lost my high school sweetheart, my lover, my best friend, and my heart's inspi... more

  • Avoiding the Dodgeballs....At Work

    by E. Marie
    This is a career guidance book that prepares entry level employees for the world of work. It addresses a variety of subject matters including: project management, team work, managing your boss, performance evaluations, sexual harassment, difficult coworkers and networking. It is an easy to read guidance book with two main characters. One of the fictional characters is a female, a recent college graduate, who is preparing to enter the workforce. The other character is the narrator, who gives ... more
  • Lotto Losers: A Fun Look At Winners Who Lost It All

    by Ken Fritz
    Ever hear about someone who won a big lottery jackpot and then blew all the money? Are you curious to know what happened? This book explores not only the silly, stupid, criminal and just nasty happenings that sometimes surround good fortune, but also provides a humorous look at why we may feel good when we see big winners lose it all.
  • Donkeys Are Special and So Are You!

    Donkeys Are Special And So Are You! is a Silver Recipient of the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award. It also received an honorable mention at The New York Book Festival, along with being awarded two silver medallions at The Florida Authors & Publishers Annual Conference in Daytona Beach! Tom's purpose for writing this book is to share his love of miniature donkeys with children and to show them how situations in their lives are similar. These nine short stories depict how both children a... more
  • The Miracle of Africa 9781628397512

    by Helen Thayer
    The novel is set in 1911-12 and narrated by John Rivers, a science professor and devout atheist. His search for eternal fame and his love of hunting took him to Africa to hunt and to find Darwin's missing link. Action-packed adventure set to a backdrop of the wild African bush, blends River's discovery of Christianity with adventure. Readers are attracted to the story of page turning African drama and to a storyline that is capable of taking a reader to a new understanding of Christ and the gift... more
  • Knowing Where You're Going: New York City (The Ultimate NYC/ Manhattan Travel Guide Book with Maps, 2014 Edition)

    by Donna Schmitt
    One of the most unique & intuitive guidebooks to the Big Apple ever created. Simple and easy-to-read maps will have you quickly navigating the city like a native New Yorker. Shopping and restaurant districts are highlighted in full color, and reveal at a glance how each neighborhood is laid out. Along with each map is a full list of neighborhood attractions, shopping and dining information, fun facts, and seasonal events. Also included are detailed diagrams of some of New York's most confusing u... more
  • One Girl, One Team, One City: The Best of, 2006-2012: An eBook Anthology

    by Caryn Rose
    Writer and novelist Caryn Rose began blogging about baseball and the New York Mets in 2006. She had never written about baseball before, and had only recently become a baseball fan. What began as a personal project rapidly became an obsession as she learned about and fell in love with baseball. Her blog would become a well-regarded destination not just for Mets fans, but also for baseball fans of any team. Come along with Rose as she attends every home game of the 2006 post seas... more
  • Finding Faith in Slow Motion

    by Damon J. Gray
    Faith is neither static nor instantaneous. It is not something we stumble upon and instantly understand. Neither is it a monolithic, one-dimensional, singular entity that has but one face, one color, one fragrance. It is many-faceted, multi-dimensional, and appears differently depending on one's angle to the Son. In Finding Faith in Slow Motion, Damon Gray examines faith from myriad angles and through gut-wrenching life experiences, as he asks regarding faith, "What is that stuff" Spanning the e... more