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Other Nonfiction

  • The Doctor's View: Love, hate and justice

    by The Singing Doctor
    Apologies for any errors; this was captured directly to website. The overall outlook is South African and beyond to global social change. The inspiration is the teachings and examples of icons like Nelson Mandela. The process personifies society while its 'cells' are individual human beings; the collective no less capable of 'illness' ('pandemic' of modern depravity). As medical doctors the beneficence ethic doesn't permit an ignorance of the greatest cause of individual illness originatin... more
  • How To Buy The Home You Love In The Bay Area

    by Djuna Woods
    Home buyers learn how to win the war of multiple offers in the Bay Area of California by making the sellers WANT to sell to them.
  • Deadbeat Moms(it's not just about the money)

    by Naomi Brunner

    Deadbeat Moms is a compilation of stories that expose moms who neglect, abuse, and deny their children the basic care and nurturing of a mother.
    These stories are very real and cry out to readers and society as a whole to take notice and step in to make a difference. The children of deadbeat moms suffer and these children need to be protected.

  • Community Garden Revolution A Manual 2014 Edition

    by Mary K. Hukill
    "Community Garden Revolution" helps Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of the American Community Garden Association. I'm showing what one Group from each of the 50 States, in Washington, D.C., and Board Members of the American Community Garden Association is doing with various Community Garden projects in the United States. I show also some Contracts, Plot planning, various Brochures that Groups use to market their Community Gardens for Fundraising Events and for just some neat Fun times the Group... more
  • Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat

    by Steve Whitman
    Relocating Without Breaking A Sweat: Your Handbook For A Perfect Move is your invaluable helper during the turbulent times of transition. This book has it all: from tried-and-true organizational tips and useful ultimate packing guides to in-depth explanation of relocation costs. It contains a bunch of helpful moving timelines and proper ways to move locally, interstate or abroad with your children, pets or plants, plus a wide range of particular personal possessions; well explained great practic... more
  • Race Horse Training: Compared

    by Marion N. Seidel

    Follow the passion and the dream will come true… 
    Author Marion N. Seidel understands the power of passion and the reality of dreams coming true! Her first life dream was to work with horses. Realizing that dream as a jockey is all that she could ever imagine. Her second dream was to live in sunny South Florida which she accomplished a few short years later! Fantasy has no place in Marion’s life other than to create the beautiful canvas from which she paints her dreams.... more

  • From Race Horse to Trail Horse and Pet

    by Marion N. Seidel

    At some point in life there comes the time when the storm must become peace...
    Becoming a race horse is a grueling marathon training event. FROM RACE HORSE TO TRAIL HORSE AND PET is the non-fictional memoir of Billy, an ex thoroughbred racehorse, who's able to look back over a young but profound life and shares his deeply moving story!
    Retired from racing, Billy is exercised occasionally, but always groomed and fed... Until one day he's not shod and soon develops... more

  • Just Another Race Horse

    by Marion N. Seidel

    It's how you start out and how you end up... but never about getting off track, just how fast you get back on!

    Sonny is JUST ANOTHER RACE HORSE with a story to tell that will open a well of emotion in your soul and melt your heart as you read each endearing page of his young life! Sonny's first memory is of being born and seeing the warmth and love in his mother's eyes as she sees her newborn son for the first time. In the beginning, life is good. Son... more



    A mother becomes the victim of corruption and has to fight to bring her child back home

  • Pagan Writers Presents Samhain

    by Angelique Mroczka
    Samhain marks the end of summer and the preparation for winter. To many, Samhain is merely Halloween, but to Pagans, it is a day when the veil between the worlds is thinnest, and we can reconnect with our beloved deceased. Samhain is a joyful celebration where we invite the spirits of our loved ones into our homes to remember and honor them. Pagan Writers Presents Samhain is a collection of articles, poetry, and short stories. Forty Pagan writers have come together to express how we celebrat... more
  • Fat Quarter Style

    by It's Sew Emma
    Make a style statement with fat quarters! Fat Quarter Style features twelve unique fat quarter quilts. Each pattern has four size options, so you can create a quilt that is the perfect size for you.
  • What Wags the World: Tales of Conscious Awakening

    by Julie Clayton & Miriam Knight
    Have you ever had an experience that was so outside accepted reality that you questioned your sanity? What if it wasn’t coincidence or your imagination? What if the world works in ways that are stranger and more exciting than you thought possible? 37 authors share previously untold stories of their personal awakening, how they were affected by their experience, and how it profoundly changed their view of the nature of reality. Compelling true stories of dramatic and life-altering experie... more
  • Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home

    by Mike Tapscott

    Grand Prize Winner of the 2014 Great Southwest Book Festival - Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home considers the human mission to know the soul and navigate life experiences. Tapscott's book explores humanity in a way that is vibrantly vivid and personally accessible to the reader. Many questions that we have probably asked ourselves at one time or another are addressed: what is homelessness, why does it exist, are they just on drugs, how do I help, when is helping really enabli... more

  • Life is TOO Short to Hate

    by Rhonda Nagel
  • What Does It Take to Get to Heaven

    by Tim Burrow
    Timothy W. Burrow lost his wife, the love of his life, to cancer. On the night she died, he pleaded to Got to be with her some day in heaven. But he did not know how to get there. Having been disillusioned by conflicting answers on what it takes, he rolled up his sleeves to find the answer for himself. Trained as a lawyer to be thorough, for seven years he studied Scripture meticulously, met with ministers of various denominations, and considered opinions by some of the most respected theologian... more