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  • Can a Tree Be Blue?

    by Audrey Sauble

    Is an oak tree blue? Or maybe a birch tree? Of course not! Trees are green. Right?

    Well, have you ever seen a blue tree?

    Discover all the colors a tree can be with this entertaining picture book! In this book, children will learn about colors, as well as the ways trees change throughout the year.

    Plus, find more great details to observe outdoors with the scavenger hunt included at the end of this book!


  • What Wonders Await Outdoors

    by Justine Avery

    Listen to the birds, the breeze, the rustle of the trees so excited. All of Nature is calling. We’ve been invited!

    The core message of exchanging indoor activities for the adventure of the great outdoors drives the rhyming narrative, a journey of imagination and discovery mixing fantasy with reality in brilliant watercolor landscapes.

    We almost forgot to step outside! How could we? When we’re very very busy, time passes so quickly.

    What Won... more

  • The Tree of Life and the Origin of the Species

    by Philip Bruce Heywood
    More a reference tool than a bedside read, this is nonetheless a very readable work. Heywood examines the existing explanations of the origin of the universe against a backdrop of the first chapters of the Bible— the creation accounts of Genesis— and skillfully shows the scientific facts underlying what many in scientific and educational fields have written off as mere fable. Heywood does this by introducing facts and posing questions for which he then proffers a variety of answers, allowing us... more
  • Plant Fossil Atlas from (Pennsylvanian) Carboniferous Age

    by Thomas McLoughlin
    This book is a picture guide to fossil plants and a few fossil marine organisms found in close association with the coal measures in the central Appalachian region.
  • Hurricane Vacation

    by Heather L. Beal
    Preschoolers Lily and Niko get a crash course on how to handle the unexpected when their vacation changes from sand castles and swimming to lessons in hurricane preparedness. But as the kids prepare to evacuate with their cousin Emma and her family, Niko’s favorite stuffy gets lost. Will they find him in time to evacuate safely? Or will this fuzzy family member get left behind? Reading this book is a great way for parents, childcare providers, and caregivers, to talk to toddlers and preschoo... more
  • How to Apply to a Medical School

    by Subhajit Khara
    You have to go through a comprehensive admission process if you want to apply to a medical school. You can maximize your chances of securing a seat in a medical school if you complete all the steps required for application carefully and thoroughly. Moreover, it’s better to prepare everything in advance. Here is a description of the general steps involved in the application process.

    1.Take the MCAT:

    MCAT is the medical college admission test which is a mandatory requi... more
  • dear plant killers: a guide on how to be a good plant parent

    by Krista Esse
    you’re probably here because you have a hard time keeping plants alive. i’m here to tell you not to give up. plant care is not easy, but it’s absolutely worth it. it takes time, care, and research to keep every plant alive. it’s not always your fault if a plant dies... but most causes of death are avoidable. this book will help you understand the work it takes to keep a plant alive!
  • Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves?

    by Geoffrey Simmons
    There may be many reasons why we are here on Earth. Then again, maybe there are none. The reasons that are usually cited include glorifying God, having dominion over all animals, cherishing our parents, raising a family, helping the poor and the unfortunate, tending to the sick and lame, maintaining good health, relieving suffering, and striving to be happy.. One might add: becoming successful in life (whatever that might be). What’s missing, is whether we are also re-creating ourselves for ... more
  • Backsides: Zoo Animals

    by Lois M. Baron
    This photo book for young children lets them figure out which animal they're seeing from a new viewpoint—its backside! When they turn the page, they'll found out if they solved the mystery correctly.
  • Reef Fish Behavior - Florida Caribbean Bahamas - 2nd Edition

    by Eric Riesch
    The new 448-page edition includes 588 photos, emphasizes reef fish life cycles, reproduction, cleaning symbiosis, colors & camouflage, senses and sound communications, marine wildlife management plus 16 fish family overviews. Since the publication of the first edition exactly 20 years ago, notable advances in science have lead to greater understanding of reef fish behavior. DNA markers for tracking fish larvae have helped our understanding of larval transport and its crucial role establishi... more
  • Max Finds A Master

    by Joseph Olsen
    Max heads out of the wild to embark on a journey of finding his master.
  • Saving Our Seeds: The Practice & Philosophy

    by Bevin Cohen
    A how-to guide for eager seed savers laced with philosophical musings, stories from some of the country’s most inspirational seed keepers and breathtaking, full color photography!
  • Farming Industrial Hemp Not Your Daddy's Tobacco

    by Dr John OConnor PhD
    Dr. John O'Connor PhD provides a realistic look into the world of industrial hemp with his industry experience in fixing hemp fields across the country. Farming Industrial Hemp: Not Your Daddy's Tobacco showcases everything that can go wrong in a crop growth and highlights growing pains of the hemp industry in the U.S. This book is a must read for CBD oil users, growers, farmers interested in the industry, and law makers looking for realistic insight on regulation of hemp. It's the truth you nee... more
  • A B Sea Creatures

    by Craig Macnaughton

    From Anglerfish to Zebra Lionfish, say hello to the most diverse delights in the deep blue sea! First-time picture book author/illustrator Craig Macnaughton takes you deep under the ocean to your learn your A-B-C’s with a colourful collection of fascinating fish, impossible invertebrates and marvellous mammals. The playful illustrations and fun factoids are guaranteed to start more than a few bedtime conversations.

  • Lectures on Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics

    by Stefan Lindström

    Lectures on Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics is suitable for Bachelor's level education at schools of engineering with an academic profile. It gives a concise and formal account of the theoretical framework of elementary Engineering Mechanics.

    A distinguishing feature of this textbook is that its content is consistently structured into postulates, definitions and theorems, with rigorous derivations. The reader finds support in a wealth of illustrations and a cros... more

  • Climbing Higher: Answering the Big Questions

    by Robert Wheeler, PhD
    Not everyone climb mountains, however stories of climbing adventures provide insight into the adventure of life that we all share: overcoming obstacles and reaching out to something bigger and higher than immediate daily activities. History and psychology indicate that this is a strong human need that includes having a sense of meaning and purpose. Mountains can symbolize obstacles in meeting these needs, and experiences in climbing mountains provide a vehicle both actually and figuratively for ... more