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  • What Is Divine Energy: The Power of Managing The Science of Everything by Vipin Gupta

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews & Promotion SERVICES
    “What is divine energy” is an incredibly profound but straightforward exposition of the “science of everything.” In this landmark work, Dr. Vipin Gupta begins with the investigation of the quintessential questions for understanding divine energy and managing life joyfully. Who am I? What is the soul? What is the spirit? Who is God? What is religion? What is the purpose of our life? What happens after death? Do we become a star as children’s books tell us? What is dark matter? What is black ... more
  • Penetration Testing in Maryland

    by Optimum Cyber
    Are your assets at risk? Have any new applications or hardware introduced into your environment increased your attack surface? Optimum Cyber, LLC offers you Penetration Testing in Maryland. That can help you protect your company’s network and data assets.
  • Who's Yawning Now?

    by Nicki Geigert

    This book is about a variety of individual wild animals and even some birds, caught yawning. Describes a few facts about each animal, where it lives, and if it is an endangered species. Also included is some information on why some animals yawn, such as when they feel stressed.

  • Family Trip to Magical Madagascar

    by Nicki Geigert

    Family Trip to Magical Madagascar and Beyond is about a family that went to Madagascar and then on to Zimbabwe. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, and hosts a huge array of lemurs, fossas, aye-ayes, many species of plants, chameleons, and insects. The experience of traveling together with family to see new places and new things is such a pleasure. Travel together can add lifelong memories and bonding experiences for each individual family member.

    This book is for anyo... more

  • Evil Robots, Killer Computers, and Other Myths: The Truth About AI and the Future of Humanity

    by Steven Shwartz
    Today’s artificial intelligence systems are miracles of modern engineering. They can drive cars, recognize faces, translate languages, and enable us to talk to our smartphones. This amazing progress leads many of us to wonder where it will all end. Will intelligent robots usurp all our jobs or take over the world? This book separates the facts from the tropes of apocalyptic science fiction and explains •\thow AI really works in simple terms and why it cannot evolve into the AI of science... more

    by Jasmin Smith
    Are you looking for assignment help services? If yes, then you are at the right place. Online assignment services are booming. We understand that you are quite busy in your life and would not be able to complete the assignment on time.
  • BUGS THAT LOVE! The Amazing Western Conifer Seed Bug (& Shield Bugs Too!)

    by Lori- Michele
    BUGS THAT LOVE! The Amazing Western Conifer Seed Bug (& Shield Bugs Too!) is a wonderful book for middle grade readers, 8 to 12 years old and everyone who is young at heart, still exploring and learning! This book gives us a closer look at an overlooked species, The Western Conifer Seed Bug, that has not been talked about, studied or explored enough. It also dispels myths and untruths about the Shield bug. Both types of these bugs show, give and accept love! Expert educator, Lori-Michele, ... more
  • A Climate for Denial

    by Arek Sinanian
    Climate Change has become one of the most polarizing issues of our time. Despite overwhelming evidence and fundamental science, some people still don’t accept that climate change is real and that human activity is contributing to it. Is it because the science is not being understood? Is it because it is difficult to accept that humans can change the climate? Is there a link between climate change skepticism and ideology? Is there a link between belief in the science and belief in God? If y... more
  • Canadian Pest Control

    by mason henry57
    canadian pest solutions brings 16 years of experience to serving Windsor, Belle River, Amherstburg, Essex, Harrow, Kingsville, Lasalle, Leamington, St. Clair Beach, Tecumseh, Wallaceburg, Blenheim, Ridgetown, Dresden, London, and Sarnia. Based in Tilbury, we are locally owned and operated, also as family run. We work with all kinds of pests, including bed bugs, mice, rats, spiders, cockroaches, and more.

    by William Patrick Slattery
    Nieuw Amsterdam Advisors is an international life sciences consultant practice focused on discovering an elite group of best in class therapeutic, diagnostic and med tech firms that are truly game changing. Our global team is passionate about being on the forefront of providing the expert multilevel support needed to bring this next generation of breakthrough discovery class to the world stage and be a positive force in world health.
  • Why Science Is Wrong About Life and Evolution: 'The Invisible Gene' And Other Essays On Scientism

    by Ted Christopher
    The book discusses both particular and general problems facing the scientific vision of life. The book also discusses some of the unfortunate fallout associated with that vision largely by critiquing some works of Steven Pinker and Sam Harris. In doing so the book's terrain includes some extraordinary behaviors; the unfolding mystery of heritability; Pinker's undue optimism; Harris' unenlightened take on meditation and transformation; and finally the possibility of objective support for religi... more
  • Water Is...

    by Nina Munteanu
    Internationally published author, teacher and limnologist Nina Munteanu explores one of the most important--and mysterious--elements on Earth. Part history, part science and part philosophy and spirituality, "Water Is..." combines personal journey with scientific discovery that explores water's many "identities" and ultimately our own.
  • Terrific Tongues

    by Helen Holder
    The animal kingdom is full of amazing critters with terrifically interesting tongues. Curly ones. Backward ones. Ones for smelling. Ones for cleaning. Even ones for eating ice cream! This book is packed with totally weird facts about those terribly unique tongues, including the flamingo tongue, which really isn’t a tongue at all! Suitable for ages 4 to 8 years.
  • Zen and the Art of Caring for Pets

    by Donna Kelleher
    Zen and the Art of Caring for Pets is a heartfelt and inspiring story of overcoming the challenges of pet care. This book will help veterinarians, animal rescue volunteers, animal shelter workers, veterinary technicians, environmental advocates and anyone who has a special place in their heart for animals. Elaborating on a variety of holistic modalities, this book addresses some of the common obstacles to optimal pet care such as unhealthy food ingredients, over-vaccination and weakening genetic... more
  • Sea Level Rise: : Are We Ready ?

    by Sudipta Chakraborty

    This book is daunting in its depth of research regarding SLR Se Level Rise. At times I found myself j