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Science & Nature

  • UFOs

    by A. R. Roberts
    ?UFOs: What Is the Government Really Covering Up? is not just another book about the 1947 Roswell crash. Ingeniously, Roberts takes a step back and o ers an in-depth survey of the UFO phenomenon as a whole. Using familiar case studies of alien encounters as examples, he casts a wide net that shows a clear pattern of extraterrestrial visitation and the ensuing cover-up by US and world governments. In the end, the reader cannot help coming away with the same conclusion?that something is going on ... more
  • God, Darwin, and the Problem of Evil

    by James J. Garber
    The problem of evil has troubled theologians and philosophers since antiquity. Multiple solutions to this problem have been proposed over the centuries, but none has fully answered the question of why God allows evil into our lives. Author James J. Garber offers a systematic explanation of the problem of evil in his book God, Darwin, and the Problem of Evil. Garber?s answer is based on evolution as developed by Charles Darwin in the nineteenth century. Evolution, as explained by Darwin, has come... more
  • Rescue Your Mom

    by Pradeep Kumar Singha
    Intelligence has made us, homo sapiens, the most dominant species on this planet. But with absolute power comes responsibility. In the pursuit of the golden dream, we have abdicated our responsibility to the environment, to nature, to other species of life. Can we continue to regard this as the domain of a handful of climate summits, environmental scientists and activists, or is it time for each of us to take a cold hard look at the reality rushing towards us and act now! Rescue your Mom make... more
  • Groundhogs Across America ISBN 9780935343441

    by Barbara Birenbaum
    Groundhogs abound, are known by many names, with some distinguished among the "Who's who?" of weather seers. Groundhogs Across America gives credibility to those 21 groundhogs including Punxsutawney Phil that foreshadow the coming of spring across the United States. Each story is uniquely presented including habitats, summer and winter festivals, species, distinguishing features of these marvelous marmot critters and how climate plays a role in their life-styles. Their trails and tales take twi... more
  • Post Secular: Science, Humanism and the Future of Faith

    by Marc Schaus
    How modern life has transformed major faiths worldwide in the twenty-first century – and what breaking new research in neuroscience, human genetics and the socioeconomic trends of today can tell us about upcoming spiritual beliefs of the future.
  • Quanto-Geometry: Overture of Cosmic Consciousness or Universal Knowledge for All

    by Joseph Jean-Claude
    Quanto-Geometric Theory is a new modern-physics theoretical model aimed at the interpretation of physical matter dynamics beyond Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. It affords a natural and simple path to the long-sought effective unification of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity. In doing so, the Theory stunningly derives the fundamental Quantum parameters, the Speed of Light and the Newton Gravitational Constant from one single mathematical-physics formalism. Furthermore Quanto-Geo... more
  • Honey Bees: Fascinating Facts (Insects--Fascinating Facts Book 2)

    by Wendy Martindale
    A non-fiction picture book written in simple rhyme, this book provides an excellent introduction to honey bees for your child, or for a classroom study of honey bees. It teaches about honey bees: their life cycle, anatomy, importance to the pollination of flowers, the reason for their endangered status, and what even just one child can do to help. Written by a science teacher, this book is meant to teach children to love and appreciate the wonders of nature at an early age.
  • The Foetal Circulation

    by Dr. Alan Gilchrist
    The Foetal Circulation is the culmination of many years of interest on the part of the author in the foetal circulation. Information is presented in three parts, all generously illustrated with drawings and diagrams made by the author. The first part describes the events which led up to his discovery of a foetal heart in the mortuary, a discovery that inspired years of work and research. The second takes the reader around the plan of the circulation and analyses its sections. The last discusses ... more
  • Why I Love Dogs

    by K. A. Masters
    Why I Love Dogs is about the love story between people and their beloved pets. It is meant to be a conversation piece for families, to help them share the entire cycle of joy, love, and loss that come when a family opens their hearts to a pet. This book brings up questions that I had when I loved and lost a pet but does not pretend to know all of the answers. It also gives a great sense of hope that the experience of sharing the love of a pet is more than worth the sorrow that happens when the p... more
  • Chronicles of the Kwedake Dikep

    by Robert J. Thayer
    The Chronicles examine the possibilities of an addition, not an amendment, to the American Constitution for establishing a freedom that could not have existed before the 21st century. The six values of the Preamble are studied as a basis for a new Article because its 52 words held too much wisdom to be random entities of Creation. The Chronicles of The Spring on the Hill are a modern systems analysis of the U.S. Constitution on adding a "right." TL of 2014 looks at the domain [WB] operational se... more
  • California Goes Green: A Roadmap to Climate Leadership

    by Michael R. Peevey & Diane O. Wittenberg
    CALIFORNIA GOES GREEN, A Roadmap to Climate Leadership describes the energy and environmental progress of California over the past decades, and lessons learned that can be transferred anywhere for building long-term environmental policy.
  • The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers' Big Book of Farty Facts

    by M.D. Whalen

    How much do you know about farts?

    Fish fart. Astronauts fart even more. Even dead people fart. Farts can destroy the planet, but smelling farts is good for your health.

    Ancient fart jokes. Fart-worship religions. Farts that started wars. Human farts are illegal in Africa and cow farts are illegal in California. The fartiest foods, the gassiest animal, and much much more.

    Crack open a can of beans, and laugh out loud from both ends at this zany-but-true encyc... more

  • Gaining the High Ground Over Evolutionism

    by Robert J. O'Keefe
    The controversy surrounding the origin of the universe, earth, and all living things is an ongoing debate in the public sphere. In Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism, author Robert J. O?Keefe presents analysis leading to the realization that to obtain knowledge of origin is also to discover the origin of knowledge. Gaining the High Ground over Evolutionism recognizes the ideological nature of the topic of origin. It steps out of the realm of science and begins to deal with the question b... more
  • ALL FISH FACES Photos and Fun Facts about Tropical Reef Fish

    by Tam Warner Minton
    Photography and Fun Facts about tropical reef fish, ALL FISH FACES will entertain people of all ages! Getting to know our underwater world is a fascinating journey into the unknown and the way to appreciate the value of our oceans! 10% of profits will go to the Marine Megafauna Foundation so they can continue their scientific research to protect our oceans and ocean giants.
  • Prairie Landscapes

    by Faith A. Colburn
    A mash up of Ted Kooser’s Local Wonders, Roger Welch’s Shingling the Fog, and the author's lifetime of environmental journalism, Prairie Landscapes represents the rambling of one mind prowling around on the Great Plains. With its focus on families and landed communities, it brings you face to face with the land and its creatures.
  • Medical Apologetics

    by Kris French
    Exploring the scientific and philosophical evidence for the existence of God and weighing the data using medical diagnostic criteria. It is a journey through the universe and time all the way down to DNA and botulinum toxin.