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Science & Nature

  • God's Word or Human Reason? An Inside Perspective on Creationism

    by Jonathan Kane
    In God's Word or Human Reason?, five former young-Earth creationists explore the topics of science and Biblical exegesis with the goal of showing that the scientific method does more to glorify God than to denigrate Him. Instead of providing a broad-level overview of the evidence for evolution and an old Earth, this book takes a new approach that considers the detailed expanse of creationist technical literature. The six main chapters provide an in­ depth examination of these arguments in a few ... more
  • Buzz, Ruby, and Their City Chick

    by Wendy Drexler
    Buzz, Ruby, and Their City Chicks is an illustrated and compelling nonfiction nature story for children ages 5 through 11. It recounts the saga of a widely watched pair of red-tailed hawks who raised and fledged three chicks from the fourth-floor ledge of an office building in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2010. Enhanced by vibrant color illustrations derived from actual photos of the birds taken on site by four acclaimed wildlife photographers, this story captures a hawk family’s daily peril... more
  • Not-So-Hot Tomatoes: Growing Delicious Tomatoes in Cooler Climates

    by Claire Splan

    You can grow a bountiful, delicious crop of tomatoes even if you don't live in a hot climate! Success depends on selecting the right tomato variety and then providing the right growing conditions--and maybe employing one or two special tips that can make all the difference between wimpy, flavorless tomatoes and juicy, flavor-packed ones. This book will show you which types and varieties will grow best in your cool climate and how to give them the TLC they need to produce the best crop. Wh... more

  • California Fruit & Vegetable Gardening

    by Claire Splan
    California abounds with edible selections to grow in the diverse conditions of the state. California Fruit & Vegetable Gardening addresses the critical elements of climate, soil, sun, and water that affects growing success. More than sixty fruits, vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers are highlighted, and helpful charts and graphs for planning and planting the garden are included.
  • Residential Solar Energy: Your Guide to Whether Solar Will Save You Money

    by Vince Hough
    Solar energy is the fastest-growing source of clean energy for the home. Today, almost 1,000,000 American homeowners reduce their carbon footprint and fight climate change with solar energy. They are rewarded with significant savings on their home energy bills. But does that mean you can also save money by going solar today? The answer is—it depends! In this book, the author shares a range of insights that guide you through the residential solar market and cut through the complicated aspects o... more
  • ANCIENT CITIES ON MARS: lost civilizations of the red planet

    by Dylan Clearfield
    This is a book for researchers and Mars enthusiasts alike. In it you will find both true science and far-reaching imagination. Be advised: many of the photographs in this book are so revealing that you may be convinced by them that intelligent life exists on Mars now or else once did. Some of the images will clearly show: a portion of an ancient highway system once used on Mars, the close up of the metal remains of a destroyed alien vehicle on the surface of the planet, the front entrance and ... more
  • Self consciousness: There and back again

    by Liam Keating
    Philosophy and theory on the working of the brain
  • Where There's Dark...: An Alternative Model of the Universe

    by David John Smith
    This book questions the standard theory that the entire universe was created at a single point in space and time as a "Big Bang" and has been expanding ever since. It looks at the evidence that has been used to support this theory and suggests that there could be an alternative explanation.
  • Alien Threat From the Moon

    by Dylan Clearfield

    We may be in danger from our own moon. Hostile aliens have established numerous bases there and exercise complete control of this nearby neighbor. Using information found in secret alien files and never before seen photographs, hot spots of extraterrestrial activity on the moon are revealed in this book and close ups of extraterrestrial structures and UFOs are shown. 


    One of the most striking discoveries on the lunar surface is a graveyard which appears to contain a se... more

  • Wind Energy for the Rest of Us: A Comprehensive Guide to Wind Power and How to Use It

    by Paul Gipe

    Wind Energy for the Rest of Us straddles two—or more—worlds. The book is about wind energy. It’s not just about small wind turbines. It’s not just about large wind turbines. It’s about the depth and breadth of wind energy, encompassing more than either type of wind turbine. It includes water-pumping windmills and sailing ships. It’s a sprawling book, one minute discussing how to install small wind turbines safely, the next explaining how farmers in Indiana ... more

  • Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's Beemore Breakthru

    by Oneeka Williams MD

    “The honey bees are dying, the honey bees are dying!” Gordon the Gullible Globe urgently alerts Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo, Girl SUPER SURGEON, who can fix any problem with her supernaturally powerful and gifted hands. Dr. Dee Dee’s Uncle Beemore wants to put beehives in every garden on the Island of Positivity to help the bee population. What can Dr. Dee Dee do to save the bees?

    Join her in the amazing BREAKTHRU and learn all about the honey bee.

  • Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's Saturn Surprise

    by Oneeka Williams MD

    Born with supernatural powers from electrical energy, she jets around the Universe fixing problems with her gifted hands. Dr. Dee Dee’s, and cousin Lukas’s, visit to the Island of Positivity Planetarium is interrupted when Gordon the Gullible Globe sounds the alarm that Saturn’s rings have disappeared. Dr. Dee Dee is skeptical but mobilizes her team of assistants and instruments for a mission to Saturn. Oh boy! Is she SURPRISED when she arrives at Saturn!

  • Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's Meteorite Mission

    by Oneeka Williams MD

    Asteroids, meteoroids, meteors, meteorites! What in the World! Gordon the Gullible Globe hears Astrid Asteroid wailing because a piece of her rock has broken off, followed shortly by a loud BOOM! Matty Meteorite has collided with Earth and there is trouble. Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo and her team whisk off in Freeda the Flying Ambulance to Chelyabinsk, Russia, to repair the damage. Can Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo reunite Astrid Asteroid and Matty Meteorite?

  • Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's Mission to Pluto

    by Oneeka Williams MD

    When Gordon the Gullible Globe sounds the alarm that a sad Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet, Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo is positive that she can use her surgical skills to help him. Join Dr. Dee Dee as she rallies her team and jets through the galaxy in Freeda the Flying Ambulance to perform surgery on Pluto. Will Pluto become a planet again? 

  • Your Guide to the National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 59 Parks

    by Michael J. Oswald
    This award-winning guide, completely updated for the 2017 edition, includes more than 450 new photographs, 160 revised maps, and 50 hiking tables, making it the only guidebook you'll need to explore the United States National Parks. An all new design with the same intuitive layout keeps the step-by-step itineraries,kid-friendly activities, and most popular ranger programs at your fingertips to help plan your next family vacation. Thousands of hotels, restaurants, and attractions beyond the pa... more
  • Your Guide to the National Parks: The Complete Guide to All 58 National Parks

    by Michael J. Oswald
    More than 530 color images, 140 easy-to-read maps, and 55 hiking tables make this guide to America's most scenic wilderness areas─all 58 national parks─the most appealing, comprehensive, and indispensable book of its kind. Your Guide provides step-by-step itineraries, kid-friendly activities, and all of the most popular ranger programs to help plan your family vacation. Thousands of hotels, restaurants, and attractions beyond the parks, as well as 11 suggested road trips make it the ultimate ... more