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Science & Nature

  • Outlast the Machine: Understand the Brain, Survive the Future

    by Katrine Martel
    Outlast the Machine, a book teaching you everything there is to know about 21st century neuroscience, a book teaching you everything you need to know to make our robotic future worth living, written by ninja genie of the brain K.T. Martel, a woman with a vivid imagination and always full of surprises, a brilliant visionaire light years ahead of her time.
  • Mommy What is Eggcology?

    by Alice Hutchison
    In this beautiful picture book filled with flora and fauna from around the world, Emily mishears the word ecology as eggcology, She describes to her Mommy eggs and animals that she believes help explain the word eggcology.
  • Dreaming of Wolves: Adventures in the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania

    by Alan E. Sparks
    Part travelogue, part memoir, part natural and cultural history, Dreaming of Wolves presents a unique and thought-provoking story of adventure. Through a series of entertaining vignettes and informative essays, the author paints an intimate and intricate portrait of the lives of wolves, of the researchers who study them, and of the rural people who share their territory in a remote mountainous region of Eastern Europe – an exotic land that has remained largely untouched by modern trends and undi... more
  • Embracing the Wild in Your Dog

    by Bryan Bailey
    The ontogeny of anthropomorphism, where we attach our human traits to our pets, is the most damaging and paralytic problem associated with dog ownership today. Believing in a fairy tale world where dogs possess the same moral consciousness and a sense of altruism as attributed to humans has led to consequences that include a drastic increase in leash laws, dogs being outlawed in a rising number of city and national parks, some breeds being banned in several states, an alarming escalation of aggr... more
  • From the Big Bang to Your Cells: The Remarkable Story of Minerals

    by Ryan Kane

    In this exciting new book, Ryan Kane takes the reader on an incredible journey that breaks new ground into our understanding of minerals. From the creation of the universe to the cells of all living organisms, minerals have been around for billions of years and are responsible for almost every aspect of life’s existence. In this fascinating account, From the Big Bang to your Cells: The Remarkable Story of Minerals describes in striking detail how the minerals that were present during the orig... more

  • Effortless Intelligence: Using the Firmware of the Mind to Achieve High Performance

    by Rafael Maynez

    The book introduces Cognitive Process Alpha which is how evolution designed the human brain to operate. We demonstrate that the process is mental “firmware.” It is a fixed program in the mind that we cannot change or avoid. It is necessary for productive thinking and no relevant intellectual contribution has ever been made or can be made without it. The finding has three major implications:

    • Superior mental performance. Unwittingly, we all follow cognitive process alph... more

  • Two Versions of Symmetry: Figure 1 and Figure 2 (The Chronicles of Two Versions of Symmetry)

    by E. A. Hollywood-Tuck
    Have we misapprehended the symmetry concept? Is the symmetry concept deciding what we may observe? What effect would the wrong drawing of symmetry have? This book uses two ways of drawing the symmetry concept, Figure 1 and Figure 2, to answer these questions. By the end of this account the second version of symmetry emerges as the authoritative figure for demonstrating the problem introduced into systems by the popular model and also shows how our eyes have been deceiving us.
  • Buddy Comes to Breakfast

    by Dee Marvin Emeigh
    On a trip to Nevada to visit a friend, the author meets an adopted desert tortoise and learns about its habits and habitat. She learns, for example, that these friendly little creatures have been on the endangered species list as threatened for more than a decade. The story is illustrated with watercolors and photographs and an original easy-to-read poem about friendship continues throughout the book. Younger children can enjoy the pictures and the poem, while older children and even adults will... more
  • Southwest Science Guide: The Cities

    by Ray Kirk
    Southwest Science Guide is a 3 volume set of Kindle e-books containing information about over 500 locations around the American Southwest. For the purposes of the guide, the Southwest is defined as 6 states including Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah. The locations are representative of over a dozen different areas of science, and should be of interest not only to scientists, but to their families, friends and even the general public. The books have been designed exc... more
  • Travelling Seeds

    by Rebecca Bielawski

    BOOK 3 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books

    Discover how seeds travel from place to place. Our narrator excitedly tells us how she saw a pear fall from a tree in the meadow and how a cow came along and ate it. Then the seed began a journey. Where would the seed end up? Would it grow into a big tree with pears of its own?

    Using the pear and cow example we can stimulate more questions about seed dispersal and, like all the books in MUM... more

  • Bees Like Flowers

    by Rebecca Bielawski

    BOOK 2 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books.

    Watch our happy, helpful friend the Honey Bee, always so busy and buzzy and find out why bees and flowers are such good friends. Illustrations using vivid colours include many real flower species which children may recognise from their garden or have seen growing in the wild, 3 of them are named at the end of the book too. The narrator shows us what these fascinating bugs have been getting up to... more

  • Meet Bacteria!

    by Rebecca Bielawski

    BOOK 1 in the MUMMY NATURE series of children's books.

    Peek through the microscope and down into a fantastic world of teeny tiny shapes, amazing colours and little friends who want to say – Hello. Who are these bacteria? Where do they live and what do they do all day? Meet Bacteria! is for little kids brimming with curiosity. It gives them their first basic notions of bacteria; a very interesting topic for children, seldom dealt with in childr... more

  • There Is Still Time!

    by Peter Seidel


    Irrefutable evidence makes it clear that we are headed for massive human misery as our planet’s health rapidly worsens, yet we fail to respond 
in a rational, meaningful way. “There is Still Time” shows us how we can
fix this.

    We must look at the big picture. This means facing and dealing with the basic cause of most of our problems: ourselves. This book pulls all of the issues we need to deal with together, and looks at 
how they affect one another.

    Part One looks at us a... more

  • Go See the Eclipse: And Take a Kid with You

    by Chap Percival
    The United States (48 states) has not had a total solar eclipse in nearly 40 years. That will end on August 21, 2017 when one will cross the country from coast to coast, west to east. This phenomenon is spectacular. Chap Percival has traveled to see five of these events and wants to help people get prepared to view it in a meaningful way, especially school age children. Learn the what, where, when and how of this eclipse.
  • Apple Style Guide

    by Living Publisher
    style (stīl) n. 1. The way in which something is said, done, expressed, or performed: a style of speech and writing. 2. The combination of distinctive features of literary or artistic expression, execution, or performance characterizing a particular person, group, school, or era. 3. Sort; type: a style of furniture. 4. A quality of imagination and individuality expressed in one’s actions and tastes: does things with style. 5a. A comfortable and elegant mode of existence: living in style. b. A mo... more