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Science & Nature

  • Disco Balls of the Universe

    by Imani Ariana Grant
    Disco Balls of the Universe is a fun way to learn about the eight planets in the solar system from a child's perspective. Imani and friends meet the planets at a party in outer space.

    by RS Amblee
    Record Heat Wave Kills 33 in Quebec Summer Sea Ice in The Arctic Is About Half as Thick as It Was in 1950 Global Warming Is Killing Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. The headlines are constant, confirming the obvious. In this book I have put together a comprehensive and practical approach to accelerate the fight against global warming through the power of artificial intelligence, which can be mankind’s partner in this epic battle to reverse our carbon footprint. Is AI a double-edged sword... more
  • A Treatise on Solar Cookers

    by Ashok Kundapur
    The book has 12 chapters, covering history of solar cooking, parabolic, fresnel, plane mirrors, box, panel and funnel types of solar cookers. A chapter on solar cookers for commercial application. Full chapter on testing and reporting of solar cookers,. Ways to conserve and store solar heat, do-it-yourself projects and tips and finally and Epilogue including evolution of solar cookers, guidelines for further research. More details can be had from web page, more
  • How Does the Mind Work? (Economy Edition)

    by Dr. King
    This book provides an overview of the recent advancements in our scientific understanding of working of the mind. Starting from the fundamentals, the book gradually builds up this most intriguing subject – from simple neurons to consciousness. Making no assumptions about the prerequisites, it unfolds the fascinating story of the mind using simple analogies and easy to understand illustrations. Side by side it broadens the view by comparing the working of the mind with that of a modern computer a... more
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business

    by Steven Finlay

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are now mainstream business tools. They are being applied across many industries to increase profits, reduce costs, save lives and improve customer experiences. Organizations which understand these tools and know how to use them are benefiting at the expense of their rivals.

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Business cuts through the hype and technical jargon that is often associated with these subjects. I... more

  • Olivia Connects: A Guide to Modes of Communication

    by Melissa-Sue John
    Olivia Connects teaches children about different ways people communicate. Olivia Lauren and her friends discuss communication styles and explore ancient and contemporary modes of communication. Children will increase their vocabulary, grow in curiosity about communication devices, and enhance their understanding about communication abilities (blindness, speech impaired, hearing impaired, wheelchair bound, cerebral palsy). Recommended Age: 6 to 12
  • Olivia Lauren's Olivia Travels: A Guide to Modes of Transportation

    by Melissa-Sue John
    Olivia Travels is a fun story about Olivia and her family that teaches young children about different ways that people travel. Olivia takes her readers on a journey through her own experiences with transportation. Children will increase their vocabulary, be exposed to rhyme and rhythm, and learn about homonyms.
  • 101 Good Reasons to Believe

    by James D. Sideras
    This book presents a strong case for the Christian faith by using scientific evidence and philosophical reasoning. Although an abundance of Christian apologetic textbooks exist, most are not easily accessible because they offer long and scholarly treatments of subject matter that may not appeal to lay readers. This book differs in two ways. First, it presents the case for Christianity in a friendly scholarly prose, which enables readers to plainly understand each reason to believe. Second, these... more
  • What's on their mind?: Biological and Artificial Intelligence

    by Serge Van Themsche
    We all feel overwhelmed by the speed at which new computing technologies are being thrown at us, but we haven’t seen anything yet. With the upcoming breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence technology, today’s computers will look like prehistoric tools, within just a few years. Systems are likely to follow suit, bringing us closer to strong AI, a moment when machines will be as smart as any human being. The question many fear is what will happen if and when machines become much brighter than us?
  • Paddy's Forest Trek

    by Patti Gill
    “Paddy’s Forest Trek” is an engaging and informative narrative nonfiction story about a young porcupine and his friend who spend a fun-filled day on a forest adventure, learning fascinating information about trees. The characters develop a genuine friendship as they pursue their quest. The question and answer format along with specific kid-friendly vocabulary is seamless to allow essential information to be delivered in a concise manner to enhance comprehension.

    by Barry Boyce
    ASTRONOMY & NATURAL HISTORY CONNECTIONS: FROM DARWIN TO EINSTEIN A New book by Barry Boyce 2 dynamic, in-depth courses in 1 - Essential reading for the ever-curious in both sciences that are effectively, and thoroughly presented by a proven outreach teaching method – lectures in the field, under the sky, and on the ocean – not in a classroom. The coverage is thorough - check out the table of contents. This is a single-source reference book with entertaining yet thorough discussions on relativ... more
  • The Mad Cats in the City Police

    by Tyler G. Warne
    The creative, nonfiction tale contains the symbolic importance of an animal who represents protection, duty, and justice. The ideas taken from cats are interpreted into actions for people to adapt into their lives. Cultivation towards understanding the symbols in nature is the central focus of the list of ideas. Applications of technologies, methods, and logic present ways to develop cooperative communities furthering progress towards, peace, justice, and enlightenment.
  • Climate Zero Hour

    by Mathijs Beckers
    In an age of political expediency and ideological schisms it is best to consider the facts and let reason and science be the judge of what is right and wrong. Climate Zero Hour examines the world-wide energy dilemma from a position of reason and offers insight on how to move ahead on climate change and argues that a larger role for nuclear energy is required.
  • K.C. & Kayla's Science Corner: "Matter! What's the Matter?"

    by Carol Basdeo
    Smart mouth K.C. and witty Kayla are exploring the subject of MATTER. Their curiosity for science is taking them on a fun learning experience.
  • K.C. & Kayla's Science Corner: The Life Cycle of an Apple

    by Carol Basdeo
    The sibling duo is back at it again. Join the two fun and curious busy bodies as they explore the science behind the life cycle of an apple.
  • K.C. & Kayla's Science Corner: The Apple Experiment

    by Carol Basdeo
    K.C. and Kayla are a brother and sister duo. Join the siblings as they take on the task of understanding the world of science. They are two fun and curious busy bodies undertaking the task of the apple experiment.