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Science & Nature

  • Who's Munching My Milkweed?

    by Smoky Zeidel
    When Ms. Gardener discovers something has been munching on her milkweed plants, she embarks on a fun and educational monarch butterfly journey that enchants both children and adults.
  • Religion in Medicine Volume II

    by John Dawson
    The purpose of this treatise is: 1) to draw attention to the presence of situations arising within medical practice in which religious beliefs play an important role. 2) to emphasize the fact that most students and many doctors are given insufficient training in such matters, which are of considerable import to a fair percentage of the public. 3) to provide a few examples of what is meant by a religio-medical situation, and a bibliography for further exploration by the initiate in such matters.
  • The Checkered War

    by Aunt Haggis

    When a war rages between three colonies and thieves, robbers, and slave hunters infiltrate his home, young and inexperienced Willy must figure out how to stop them and win the unstoppable battle… but how?

  • Physics and Reality

    by Ophir Mottes
    The theories of General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics are two main pillars of modern physics, yet they stay a mystery for many. These theories present groundbreaking perspectives of our universe but ones that do not connect well to our intuitive logic. This essay explains what both theories imply about reality, and in doing so, it shines the light on their revolutionary, elusive features.
  • Struth the Bloody Truth

    by Iarn Pernell
    This book describes how we?ve all been living according to a reality that exists only in our own mind?s creation of what we believe to be reality. It explains how the church has manipulated the purely natural human emotion of fear to instill a belief in their god. Just as each different religion has their god as the only true god, so too does every individual. ?Astrology? is a word used to describe the energies that permeate life on Earth and, as once believed by now-ancient civilizations that w... more
  • What is the Difference Between Similar Looking Alaska Animals

    by denise saigh
    This book has similar looking AK Animal displayed side by side on the same page with distinctive difference so anyone can delineate each animal. Physical features, song, diet, predators, lifespan, breeding, habitat and range, and winter migration for each animal is discussed
  • What Am I? Vegetables

    by John Benzee

    Can you guess what vegetable I am? A tomato? A carrot? Fifteen riddles about various vegetables ask the question, “What am I?” “Each short riddle is written in a fun, rhyming fashion with simple descriptions for each vegetable. Colorful and detailed illustrations of each vegetable provide the answer to the riddle on the preceding page.

    Kids will have fun trying to solve these riddles about vegetables that they may encounter on their plate, in the grocery store, or in a garden. Perfect f... more

  • The Limitations of God

    by Ted Johnson
    This book bridges science and scripture. One supports the other for a complete picture of who we are, how we started and why we exist.
  • Psychological Science (Fifth Edition) 5th Edition

    by Gazzaniga
    Reflecting the latest APA Guidelines and accompanied by an exciting, new, formative, adaptive online learning tool, Psychological Science, Fifth Edition, will train your students to be savvy, scientific thinkers. Psychological Science, Fifth Edition, is a dynamic introduction to psychology that reflects the latest APA Guidelines. With psychological reasoning at the core of this edition, students will learn to critically evaluate information and become better scientific thinkers. W. W. Norton’s ... more
  • Birds of Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona

    by Garry Rogers
    This book describes the birds seen around the author’s home in the center of Dewey-Humboldt, a small Arizona town. A desert stream, the Agua Fria River, passes through the town and across land owned by the author. At the confluence of two small tributaries, the river flood plain supports a 20-acre willow-cottonwood forest. Without houses or trails in its core area, the forest is a safe zone for wildlife. Thousands of birds belonging to more than 100 species stop to rest and forage in the small f... more
  • STUFF, The Fortunes, Foibles, and Fiascos of Those Who Sought to Understand Matter

    by George Graybill
    From Archimedes’s bathtub to Schrödinger’s cat, the reader follows the dramatic and humorous events in the history of the ongoing struggle to understand the basic nature of matter and, in the process, painlessly absorbs all the major concepts of middle school physical science. The structure of the book takes advantage of the fact that basic concepts about the nature of matter were discovered in roughly the same sequence they are taught. The book begins with the ancient Greeks, who first talk... more
  • THE DEFINITIVE SOLAR BOOK: A Very Comprehensive Anthology 721 Pages - 109 Articles - 454 Exciting Solar Photos

    by Tom Zatar Kay
    "Solar Energy is likely the best option to meet humanity’s energy needs in the future" - MIT Energy Initiative There is energy in sunlight. Solar power is the holy grail of energy. Solar Energy's time has come! When it comes to Solar Energy, the sky’s the limit. Right now we stand on the threshold of the A Solar Age. Solar Energy is changing our civilization. Almost all of the energy we use on earth is a form of Solar Energy. The remarkable Sun is our descendants' future. The Sun is our most abu... more
  • Alligators Make the BEST Moms

    by Steve Swinburne
    An informative introduction to the parental care by mother alligators.
  • Common Backyard Birds

    by Doris Dumrauf
    Award-winning bird photographer Doris Dumrauf introduces young readers to 20 birds frequently found in North American back yards, including: American Goldfinch, Tufted Titmouse, Northern Cardinal, and many others. Her vivid photographs depict birds in their natural habitat and typical backyard settings. The entertaining narrative highlights the simple steps required to attract birds to your yard.
  • Applications of Nanotechnology in Electrical Engineering

    Nanotechnology provides highly promising potential for the replacement of conventional energy sources such as fossil and nuclear fuels and Renewable energy sources like geothermal energy, sun, wind, water, tidal or biomass. Breakthroughs in nanotechnology have opened up the possibility of moving beyond our current alternatives for energy supply by introducing technologies that are more efficient, inexpensive, and environmentally clean. Nanotechnology increases the strengths of many materials and... more
  • Captain Blue on the Blue Blazes - The First Solo Thru-Hike of Ohio's 1,444 Mile Buckeye Trail

    by Andy Niekamp
    Imagine walking 1,444 miles with a backpack carrying the bare necessities of life, 26 maps, and a whole lot of grit. When three-time Appalachian Trail Hiker, Andy “Captain Blue” Niekamp decided to hike Ohio’s Buckeye Trail, he took on the challenge of his life. On this 88-day adventure, Captain Blue found things he didn’t know he had: a Buckeye Trail family who assisted and encouraged him; a home state rich with scenic beauty and history; the physical, mental, and emotional stamina to travel Ohi... more