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Self-Help & Relationships

  • An Rx to Get the Best From Life: A Lifestyle Checked by Your Pharmacist

    by Michael Unks

    Ask yourself the following question honestly: Am I getting the best from life? My guess is that the answer is no. If the answer is yes, I believe it's possible life can still become better than you ever imagined. Are you suffering from atelophobia (the fear of not being good enough)? I know I did in the past. I believe if we aren’t living out our dreams, we are all suffering from this to some extent.

    Throughout this book, I’ll frequently share where I was in the past. I ... more

  • A Stripper's Guide to Customer Maintenance

    by Tim Campbell

    Satirical parody, a 1950s-style "educational brochure" primer for new strippers.

  • Seven Steps to Fabulous

    by Ellen Frazer-Jameson
    Seven Steps to Fabulous - Upgrade your Life - NOW by Ellen Frazer-Jameson Follow the Seven Steps and see how you can turn your life from *Glum to Glam * Give yourself an image overhaul and *start living the Fabulous life you imagine in your dreams. Attract abundance, love and opportunities into your life. This revealing and inspirational guide can change your life. Start the Steps today and make yourself Red Carpet Ready. EVERYONE DESERVES FABULOUS!!!!!!
  • The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit

    by Alice Pinion
    The Essential Sporting Mind Toolkit will help you develop the sports performance mind skills for mental toughness, to optimise performance and fulfil your true potential. Even the most talented, fit and dedicated athletes fall short on training their minds. Alice Pinion explains the most common areas all sports people struggle with and simply shows how to fix your thinking to reap the physical rewards. This book is the result of a decade of tuning the minds of 1000’s of real people one by one wh... more
  • Oneirognosis, The Art of Dreaming

    by Stephen Barnwell
    In this book, you will learn the art of Dream Seeding, where you ask your dreams questions and receive answers in return. But it delves deeper than that. Oneirognosis explores concepts of where dreams come from, and what the mechanics of dreaming are. How do dreams work? How are these experiences created? This book is a poetic and lyrical exploration of the mystery of dreaming, and its essentially spiritual nature. Oneirognosis is not your usual book about dreaming because the author is prim... more
  • Love Pane

    by Stella Shen
    A must read for anyone who has ever faced difficulties in love and life. This guide offers you a way to get creative to get past your challenges and self-heal. Help yourself deal with devastating emotions caused by bad relationships, redundancy or loss. Express your anger, sadness, anxiety or fear through your own creativity. This guide presents the creative expression of haiku. Haiku is a beautiful form of Japanese poetry. Its simplicity and guiding structure make it easy to create. Eight s... more
  • The Awakening: Awaken and Shape Your Life

    by Sameer Ram
    Are you searching for the key to shape your life the way you want? Your search stops here! Revealed in this book are powerful techniques that will impact your life profoundly in many ways than what you can ever imagine; including your finances, career, relationships, recreation, charity, spirituality et. al. Are your ready for ‘The Awakening’? All you need is just 45 minutes daily to use this powerful tool. • Achieve Financial Freedom • March ahead in your Career • Strengthen ex... more
  • Never Pay Full Price! Financially Free by couponing

    by spirulina sims
    Are you Tired of Paying Outrageous Amounts of Your Paycheck at the Grocery Store? If you said yes, then this is the guide for you. With the price of groceries going through the roof, our family food budgets are stressed to the limit as we turn over more and more of our income each week. I know! I’ve been there. With student loans to pay back, the expenses of living in New York City and trying to make ends meet, I decided to do something about it! I learned everything I could about extreme ... more

    by spirulina sims
    Why does the phrase “living within a budget” have such a negative connotation? It shows restraint, determination, maturity, and responsibility, which should all build character and be positive. However, it may not be very much fun: forcing one to consume too much mac and cheese, decline cable access, and limit extracurricular activities. Well, Living the Good Life at a Cheaper Price blows the doors off all the preconceived notions, providing insights for better, more fulfilled living at a fr... more
  • The One That Got Away

    by Brigitte Knowles
    When Brigitte meets Johnny in West Palm Beach, she falls in love against her will, with a man notorious for using women for their money, their assets and their lifestyle. A gigolo that breaks hearts, destroys lives and leaves a trail of broken souls in his path, Johnny meets his match in Brigitte. The story reveals what all women should know about love and money and their dangerous mix.
  • Courageous

    by Corey Jay Johnson
    Courageous is a story loosely based on the life of Avon “Flubber” Johnson Sr. In this story a young man from the streets of Baltimore is raised by a single mother and a family of proud hard working Carolina folk who have a lot of Faith and Pride. As he begins to stray away from the public school system at an early age, Flubber finds himself very much attracted to the street life of robbing, stealing, and drug dealing. He recruits a group of life long friends who take the journey with him as he ... more
  • The Primal Contradiction: My Escape from the Pitfall of Self-Delusion

    by Daniel St. Clair
    The Primal Contradiction is the memoir of Daniel St. Clair. As a young boy, he grew up believing that his observations were sound, that interpretations and classifications were important. He was overflowing with personal opinions, committed to upholding a system that he employed to evaluate everything that was experienced in life. However, at one point when he was a young adult, the hard-and-fast manner in which he had always perceived was suddenly and completely transformed by a power he had ne... more
  • Being Home: The Art of Belonging Wherever You Are

    by Rebecca Ross

    Home is more than an address. It’s a place you belong, one that reflects who you are. This feeling of belonging comes from your being, as well as where you are.

    Recognizing that relationship between you and your environment opens a door. When you understand the link between these two, you can step across a threshold and make your home a place that works well and feels right.

    Being Home teaches you how to establish this link between you and the outs... more

  • The Observation Hive Handbook: Studying Honey Bees at Home

    by Frank Linton
    It takes a lot of knowledge to keep a colony of honey bees healthy and productive, and the colonies of backyard and urban beekeepers often fail. \tThe Observation Hive Handbook empowers these beekeepers to become better stewards by enabling them to easily study their bees. It shows them how to keep a colony of honey bees in a glass hive where they can observe their bees without disturbing them. \tKeeping honey bees in a glass observation hive is not difficult, but it is different from keepin... more
  • Family Matters: Lessons on Living, Dying and Leaving Our Stuff Behind

    by Ann Marquez

    The day her father died of cancer, author Ann Marquez swore she would never again step foot inside his house. Two years later, after receiving a call that her Step-mum had passed away, she realized the need to serve as alternate personal representative to the ongoing probate of his estate. And the need to return.

    She had assumed that with cooperation from others, the estate would “quickly and efficiently” close. Instead, confronted with secrecy, mystery, and hostility f... more