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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Roses of the Angel

    by Kalee Marshall
    On a Halloween night, a robbery unfolds at the store, leaving high school student Eve unconscious and a secret admirer to reveal himself. Eve searches for her secret admire who saved after robbery attempt, and deals with adversity along with her friends on school bullying.
  • Secrets to a Happy Life

    by Star Noble
  • The 7 Principles of Faith-Based Parenting: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children in the Twenty-First Century

    by La Shawn Wells
    “The 7 Principles of Faith-Based Parenting” is a step-by-step guide for parents seeking to raise successful and well-adjusted children. By emphasizing the importance of a strong family foundation, author La Shawn B. Wells helps to counteract the consequences of a society with weakened family systems and generational gaps.
  • The Faceless Reflections of Bullying

    by Normandy Piccolo
    WARNING: BOOK CONTAINS STRONG CONTENT. "The Faceless Reflections of Bullying" shows how a person who has been bullied feels, sometimes to the point of wanting to end their life because of it. The book begins by showing the anger, the sadness, the depression and the never ending pain, before transitioning into feelings and thoughts of overcoming the horrible experience. Positive feelings, self-empowerment and self-confidence to live and defeat the bully are highly suggested as the solution to put... more
  • The Crazy and The Damned: An OCD Memoir

    by Robert Lanni

    "The Crazy And The Damned - An OCD Memoir" is written by Robert Lanni. It chronicles his experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder, how he coped with the disease prior to treatment and how his life changed for the better after intervention and proper care. 

    The Crazy and The Damned puts the reader in the passenger seat next to the OCD sufferer and offers a first-hand view of the sufferers thought process. This viewpoint makes the book a ... more

  • Kindness Wins

    by Galit Breen
    If kindness wins, accountability rules. The need for this mantra is never clearer than when scrolling through posts and comments online. Approximately four out of ten kids (42 percent) have experienced cyberbullying. When we were young, our bullies weren't usually strangers. They were the kids who passed mean notes about us in class, the ones who didn't let us sit at their table during lunch, and the ones who tripped us in the hallway or embarrassed us in gym class. Cyberbullying isn't all th... more
  • Echoes of Silence: Letters to a Drug Addicted Mother from the Woman Who Took Her Place

    by Gwen Miller

    Gwen Miller is a woman who is approaching the independence of middle age as the last of her children completes college. Suddenly, faced with the most difficult decision of her life, she is forced to choose between her own freedom and saving three neglected and abused young children. With their lives at the mercy of the foster adoption system, the choice was made and Gwen’s moment of parental liberty vanished as she and her husband, Charley, took custody of her niece’s children.... more

  • Thought Forms

    by Bob Makransky
    Astronomical and astrological explanations of Mercury’s synodic cycle – its cycle of phases as it circles the sun, with tables 1900-2050. Complete delineations for Superior and Inferior Conjunction, Greatest Eastern and Western Elongation, Stationary Retrograde and Direct, and their intervening phases in the natal, progressed, and transiting horoscopes. Explanation of the astrological / magical view of mind (the theory of Thought Forms): what consciousness is, how it arose, and whither it... more
  • 978-1499279337

    by Bob Makransky
    Winner of the Sacramento Publishers’ Association awards for Best Nonfiction and Best Spiritual book, Reader Views Reviewers Choice Award, and National Indie Excellence Award Finalist, Magical Living is a collection of essays which give detailed, how-to instructions on channeling spirit guides, communicating with plants and nature spirits, developing your psychic vision; together with inspirational essays on managing love relationships, handling oppressive people, and dealing with hurt.
  • 9781499279412

    by Bob Makransky
    Magic is a spiritual path which is not very well understood in our society. This is because the theory and practice of magic have never before been explained clearly and convincingly, in a way that makes sense to intelligent and thoughtful people. Written in a sassy, irreverent style, What is Magic? discusses how such otherworldly concepts as demons, casting spells, and bewitching are just the hidden underside of everyday society – the skeletons in everybody’s closet. What is Magic? answers t... more
  • The Ambitious Woman

    by Esther Spina
    While many people may have a negative view of what it means to be ambitious, author, and women's movement leader, Esther Spina is not one of them. The Ambitious Woman shows that Ambitious Women are found in all walks of life- the famous and not-so famous. They embody characteristics such as inspiration, empowerment and motivation to help people accomplish their goals. Using profiles of people such as Diana Nyad and Barbara Walters, The Ambitious Woman offers contemporary illustrations of peo... more
  • Love End after Nepal Quake

    by Sagar Bhatta
    Two good friend turn into the love after one year ...due to earth quake the person who couldnot care her properly and love end with quake...all story and conversation are realistic which is based on real chat.
  • Life and What It Tells Me (Spiritual Poetry)

    by Clay Jefferson
    My primary goal and focus in expressing my personal opinions and expressions about life are the way I feel. I hope that anyone who reads my book can relate to some part of my experience. I just want people to realize they are not alone and there is purpose why things happen to us all. Most of all I hope this book gives faith to others, who may be going through hard times.
  • Offended

    by Nicholas Andrew Stewart
    A self-help book that aims to provide people with helpful thoughts when dealing with the affects of offensive talk
  • Fit for Love: find your self and your perfect mate

    by Olga Sheean

    Fit for Love is a fully illustrated guide to creating healthy, happy, fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life: in your friendships, work, partnerships, family—and with yourself. You will learn how to: heal and enhance your existing relationships; communicate honestly, openly and powerfully; become emotionally healthy, whole and magnetic; resolve conflict and create healthy boundaries; attract your ideal partner; and create the life and the love you want. You will also discove... more

  • The Alphabet of Powerful Existence: an A-Z guide to well-being, wisdom and worthiness

    by Olga Sheean

    This is a practical guide to self-empowerment, featuring 52 themes (one for every week of the year) and offering simple, transformative steps for resolving conflict, positively reprogramming your mind, making powerful choices, and creating more love, money, ease, success and fulfillment in your life. Each theme is divided into three sections: the definition of a key quality (such as acceptance, respect, trust etc); why it's difficult for us to practise this important quality; and the prac... more