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Self-Help & Relationships

  • THE ART OF GOOD ENOUGH: The Working Mom’s Guilt-Free Guide to Thriving While Being Perfectly Imperfect

    by Dr. Ivy Ge
    THE ART OF GOOD ENOUGH: The Working Mom’s Guilt-Free Guide to Thriving While Being Perfectly Imperfect reveals how any woman can learn the secret to living her best life guilt free.
  • Prepare to Be Wise!

    by Marc Podeszek
    This book is about life in general. What you need to know. What you need to do. What things you can do to protect yourself and your assets.
  • Relax Your Mind: Simple Meditation Techniques to Relieve Stress and Quiet a Busy Mind

    by Thomas Calabris
    In "Relax Your Mind", Qigong Instructor and Health and Wellness Coach Thomas Calabris discusses what stress is, how it affects your mind and body, and presents a step-by-step approach to stress relief and relaxing your mind through meditation.
  • Insider's Guide to Quality, Affordable Healthcare: Practical Strategies to Navigate Our Complex System and Save Money

    by Jeffrey Foster

    The Need for and Aim of this Book

    In an April 2019 report on Americans’ biggest worries, Gallup found that “fifty-five percent of Americans worry ‘a great deal’ about the availability and affordability of healthcare.” Rapid changes in the U.S. healthcare system and escalating medical costs are causing uncertainty and financial stress for consumers.           

     The authors Lawrence W. Lazarus, M.D. and Jeffrey Foster, M.D. aim to help their readers become k... more

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  • Light up Your Soul: Healing from Anxiety and Depression Through Art

    by Alex K
    Are you ready to change your life to be happier and waking up with a zest for life every day? Then this book Light up your soul is for you. Fasten your seat belt as this book is transforming your life into happiness in a creative way. This book teaches you how to use mixed media art with an easy to follow, step-by-step guide that makes being creative daily fun and heals you at the same time. It only requires one happy hour a day.
  • My Terrifying, Shocking, Humiliating, Amazing Adventures In Online Dating

    by Ben Arogundade
    Author Ben Arogundade embarks upon an eventful journey through the world of online dating apps. Along the way he offers singles the secrets and best practices they need to know to boost the quality of their matches, and presents the latest strategies, research-based guidelines and innovations to take their online profiles to new levels of excellence.
  • The Soul's Journey into Light

    by K.E. Hansen
    K.E. Hansen takes readers on an enlightening excursion of scripture in her work The Soul's Journey Into Light." BlueInk Reviews. This groundbreaking book brings an inspiring, transformative, biblically based commentary on Revelation that will help you reach your soul's destiny. The Soul's Journey Into Light brings profound spiritual truths, revealing an inner level of Revelation, that "is a divine blueprint for your life to help you dismantle any barriers to fulfilling your life purpose and unc... more
  • Seeking Personal Validation

    by Anece F. McCloud
    This book is a memoir written by an African American woman who grew up in the rural South during the late 1930s and1940s. Being poor and having to confront three types of prejudices?racial, color within the Negro race (some perpetrated by her own relatives), and poverty?affected her self-esteem and feelings of self-worth. She dreamed of being a different person, and in at least one instance while in grade school, she tried to change her personal appearance in a nonsensible manner that could have... more
  • Acting Today: A Guide to Hollywood's New Era

    by Christian Campos
    Beginning your new acting career in Hollywood can be a challenging journey, but with ACTING TODAY you can take the right steps to develop your skills and achieve your goals to be a successful performer. Christian Campos, Los Angeles native and professional, bilingual actor and model, shares the details of the business and breaks down over fifteen years of industry knowledge, techniques - as well as experience in film, television, commercials, and print campaigns. This book offers insights on ACT... more
  • Secret of Healthy Hair : Your Complete Food & Lifestyle Guide for Healthy Hair with Season Wise Diet Plans and Hair Care Recipes

    by La Fonceur
    If you are seeking a permanent solution to your hair problems, then Secret of Healthy Hair is for you! Hair problems are something that everyone experiences at some point. They can severely hurt one's self-confidence. What you eat, how you feel and how well you take care of your hair hugely affect your hair's health and growth. Different people have different hair problems, but what causes these problems? Why can't some people grow their hair after a certain length? How can you influence your ... more
  • Single That

    by Acamea Deadwiler

    Single, that does not mean broken, lonely, or desperate. Even if for extended periods, being single does not mean that you are hard to love. These are a few of the myths that Single That puts to rest while empowering women to refuse being defined by whether or not we have a significant other. 

    Whether dating, divorced, in a relationship, or learning how to be alone, you will receive an empathetic yet assertive nudge toward the belief that yo... more

  • Personal Wisdom: Making Sense of You, Others and the Meaning of Life

    by Robert Brown
    YOUR BEST LIFE IS IN REACH Your best life requires your best decisions. To do that you must be independent of outside forces and develop your own perspective. Human performance consultant Bob Brown shows you the way. To be the best you, you must acquire your own wisdom, not everyone else's. Personal Wisdom answers critical questions about life and provides unique skills and ideas for you to live yours. Achieve personal wisdom and the ability to better connect with others. Discover these... more
  • I Don't Want to Bully Anymore: A Young Person's Guide for the Bully and the Bullied

    by June Rousso
    Written for both bullies and their victims, I Don’t Want to Bully Anymore helps bullies to build confidence and character strengths like kindness, self-regulation, social intelligence, perspective along with others. Twenty-four character strengths are presented based upon the VIA Institute on Character classification. I Don’t Want to Bully Anymore is written as a young person’s anti-bullying guide and is presented in a colorful and poetic style to engage readers. Thought-provoking questions ... more
  • From Depression to Contentment: A Self-Therapy Guide

    by Bob Rich, Ph.D.
    Depression to Contentment: A self-therapy guide is a course of therapy in your pocket. You can be your own therapist in changing the way you see yourself and your world. This saves lots of money, and is 100% confidential. The book starts with first aid, gives an understanding of the nature and causes of suffering, instructs you in research-based techniques for dealing with your problems, and finally teaches you an actual cure for depression. Reviewer Theresa Hortley: “All of Bob's novels I've ... more
  • B07XZNRPH7

    by Aidan McNally
    Layman's Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live. we can consider it that we struggle in life or we find day to day life a little difficult at times. Layman's Handbook, a journey to self, takes a look at life scenarios and simple tools to practice and reinforce ourselves to achieve and reach more times of contentment, a clear view at what or how we are molded by society. there is no feeling or thought that can completely consume us.