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Self-Help & Relationships

  • B07XZNRPH7

    by Aidan McNally
    Layman's Handbook, in life. Simple tools to change how we live. we can consider it that we struggle in life or we find day to day life a little difficult at times. Layman's Handbook, a journey to self, takes a look at life scenarios and simple tools to practice and reinforce ourselves to achieve and reach more times of contentment, a clear view at what or how we are molded by society. there is no feeling or thought that can completely consume us.
  • Carried by Grace: a guide for mothers of victims of sexual abuse

    by Debra L. Butterfield
    Part memoir, part devotional, readers will find a friend and confidant to share their journey of healing. Written in a quick to read format, this is godly and practical advice readers can apply immediately. Speaks directly to the mother seeking to help her abused child, yet also aching to heal the wound of her own heart.
  • Love Has a Name

    by Mary McDermott
    I wrote this book for all the sexually abused girls and boys out there. I too, was a victim. I didn't go to therapy till I was in my forties and luckily I found a woman, who after our first session, asked me if I had been sexually abused "in that way" starting me on the path to healing. She was a wonderful woman and has since passed on to heaven. She also told me I had angels watching over me when I was a child, which I somehow intuitively knew. I would love to talk with each and everyone of you... more
  • With No Regrets: Getting Older: Face It, Live It, Love It

    by Jane H. Goldman
    Do you remember that moment you looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the face? Do you feel like time is flying by and you’re caught in its wings? This honest, straight from the soul book, will resonate with every woman who’s struggled with growing older. A witty and sharp observer of life, Jane H. Goldman reveals her fears and thoughts about growing older and freeing herself from the expectations of others. She looks within and realizes how often she lived her life being what others wanted ... more
  • The Happy Minimalist

    by Peter Lawrence
    The Happy Minimalist is an easy read that is both timely and timeless. Written by someone who actually lives the life he advocates and consequently enjoys the many benefits of it. The author walked away from a well paying job well before the normal retirement age. He does not depend on any drugs — prescribed or otherwise. These and many more are the benefits of being a minimalist.
  • 9781088436387

    by Kevin William Grant
    This volume is the companion guide for the "Recovering From Workplace PTSD Audiobook" (on Audible and iTunes) and supplements the audiobook with additional context and detail. The "Recovering from Workplace PTSD Audiobook" paired with this "Companion Guide" will unpack contemporary workplace realities, educate you about PTSD, and help you build your personalized recovery plan for transformation and recovery. The core purposes of this recovery program are to: (1) Validate your current si... more
  • 9781077665293

    by Kevin William Grant
    Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, bullying, and burnout have all become "accepted realities" of the modern workplace. This recovery workbook will help you unpack your workplace realities, educate you about PTSD, and help you build your personalized transformation and recovery plan. Each exercise in the workbook walks you through a process of self-reflection and self-discovery to help you understand and make sense of your situation. Recovering from PTSD is a step-by-step process. Whether... more
  • 9781074776862

    by Kevin William Grant
    Stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, bullying, and burnout have all become "accepted realities" of the modern workplace. This book will unpack contemporary workplace realities, educate you about PTSD, and help you build your personalized recovery plan for transformation and recovery. This recovery program has six core purposes: (1) Validate your current situation. This recovery program begins by validating your experiences and breaking through any denial you may be experiencing by examinin... more
  • What Are The Purposes of Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services?

    by Arron Alton
    What Are The Purposes of Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services? A clean place is considered to be a sign of optimistic energy while a messy or dirty place demonstrates the negativity. Cleanliness is the most important which cannot be ignored. There are many Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services Fresno providing excellent cl... more
  • Working Well

    by Stephanie Berryman
    Working Well is the stress-management book for people who are too stressed out and busy to read books. It’s fast, funny and practical. You’ll learn: •\tSure-fire strategies to help you stay calm in any situation •\tApproaches to change your hard-wired stress response and handle your stressors like a Buddhist monk •\tBrain-based methods that will skyrocket your productivity •\tA model for having difficult conversations with ease •\tTools to build a foundation for a relaxed, happy life Fill... more
  • Creating Positive Change

    by Nicholas Gambacini
    The tools of Creating Positive Change, in any situation, in any circumstance. Delve into a world of science, concepts, realms, and more as "CPC" explores what it truly means to take hold of the reins, and create a better outcome to individual longevity.
  • YOU GOT THIS: How to Wean Off Opioids, Street Drugs and Prescription Medication With Little to No Withdrawal Symptoms

    by Dan Knudsen
    Is there an answer to the opioid, street drug, prescription medication and suicide epidemic? Yes, there is an answer. People have successfully weaned off abuse or addictions to opioids, street drugs, suboxone, methadone, benzodiazepines, SSRIs, and AEDs with the natural herbal remedy Kratom, a natural plant from Asia which is being used by millions of Americans for its helpful qualities. By reducing withdrawal symptoms by 85% or more, it opens pathways to healthy lifestyle changes. This is exact... more
  • Heartbeats

    by Wes Hollis
    This is my story about recovery from the disease of alcoholism and addiction, the good, the bad and the ugly, and the hope I carry for a better day that has been unselfishly handed to me by thousands of courageous recovering people over the past twenty seven years. If you, or a loved one, are suffering under the lash of addiction please know that there is hope for a better life for you, so never give up on yourself, no matter what, and hopefully my book can help to point you in the right directi... more
  • God's Mantra

    by Jimichael Engels
    God?s Mantra: by peace brother Jimichael Engels A four-part spoken oratorio and verse drama, GOD?s Mantra, Gradus ad Paradisum (Latin for Steps to Paradise), A Circular Song is a conversation among the three persons of the Trinity. The first voice to speak is the spirit, addressing the source that subsequently responds, not however without the intervening of the spouse who speaks with two voices: I and we?such is the human situation, not one but two voices, singular and plural. God?s mantra, the... more
  • To Love in Spite of it All: Familiar Twin Souls Strangers (The Search)

    by Iris Aguila
    In the course of our life journey, we begin ‘THE SEARCH’ of its meaning. Iris Aguila’s ‘To Love In Spite Of It All’ puts aside the typical Hollywood notion of “love” and relationships, to instead embroil readers in a tale rooted in new age fable and medieval myth. Through a journey that will have readers redefining their own lives, Iris leaves her audience wondering where the other half of their soul may be, if they’ve already found it – and what it means to truly love someone. As anyone who h... more
  • Feral: Returning to the Wild

    by Kyle Cooper Shrivastava
    We admire animals for their mindfulness, ingenuity, bravery, and resilience, yet we fail to find these qualities in our own lives. Instead, we feel increasingly trapped, tamed, and domesticated. We even associate the word “wild” with illogical or risky behavior. But wild animals don’t pointlessly stress, hate, lust, kill, or lament. They aren’t caught up in the past or distracted by the future. They live in ways that directly address their psychological needs, which we, as humans, too often fail... more