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Self-Help & Relationships

  • NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, A Teenager's Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex / ISBN #: 978-0-9995736-0-0 - Paper Back/ISBN #: 97

    by Dr, Kela Henry
    BTH Creations, LLC is proud to announce their debut book release NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex. The book is aimed at teenage girls and their parents, and it chronicles the adventures of its engaging African-American heroine Nia Ferguson through puberty and beyond. Written by Dr. Kela Henry, an Atlanta family physician, the book is designed as a user-friendly guide for the adolescent girl, to help her learn about the changes occurring in her body as ... more
  • Why Being Happy Matters

    by Peter Jennings
    "Why Being Happy Matters" is a game changer: a compelling book that presents author Peter Jennings showcasing 37 inspirational people from Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia. Each shares with Jennings what happiness means to them, how it improves their outlook, adds value to their days and enhances their peace of mind. The author also talks with several Ph.D.s who reveal why being happy is so important in a world often influenced by unhappy events along with heightened levels of stres... more
  • The Dream

    by christopher taylor
    It is a story of my journey of self-discovery, healing with sacred plants and the power of conscious dreaming, and my battle with cancer. I write about my travels in Peru to Machu Picchu and the Amazon to work with sacred plants and my studies with a shaman in the art of conscious dreaming in Mexico. I hope you find it inspirational.
  • Mind Control: Change the Way You Think So You Can Live a Limitless Life

    by Justin Key
    When you realize that everything you have ever wanted in life is achievable just by the changing the way you think, the world will never look, feel or be the same. This new way of thinking and seeing the world will dictate the energy you put out and the new, exciting and motivating things that will now be even more attracted to you. Your circles will become more specialized and like-minded, the opportunities will become more abundant and specific and your contributions to the world will expand s... more
  • A Better Human: The Stoic Heart, Mind, and Soul

    by George Bradley
    Of all the religions, creeds, and self-help manifestos the world has produced, most concentrate on how to achieve salvation in aspects other than the here-and-now, with our lives merely transitory testing grounds for a higher realm or our actions guided so that we maximize life in a state of 'enlightened hedonism,' consuming rapaciously but really achieving not much at all. But there's one philosophy that provides a concrete foundation for living well, for living 'a good life' in this world. ... more
  • Spark the Flame

    by Orlando Fernandez
    This book is a collection of inspirational aphorisms that is meant to uplift the reader in the moment, and to share a mix of wisdom and understandings which show us that we should move forward with positivity to bring positive results into our lives, and that no matter what has occurred, there is always hope.
  • The Soul Hacker: A Revolution of the Mind

    by Eve Picard
    The book is split into two parts. Part I provides the fundamental principles as to why we do not live lives that match our potential (at least, not in all areas of our lives). It explains about conditioning, ego and the role that fear plays in blocking us from our potential/power/creative genius. Part II provides a series of 'Soul Hacks', which are self-coaching tools to identify where we are operating from ego/conditioning/fear and are not able to access our true potential and inner genius/con... more
  • Fighting Windmills and Depression with Tibetan Buddhism: The Battle Against Yourself

    by Michael Boyajian
    The book helps you fight depression with Tibetan Buddhism in what amounts to a battle against yourself. Fighting depression is like fighting windmills, half the battle is against yourself and the author shows you how to use meditation to help with your regular medical treatment to overcome your illness.
  • Journey into Health: Heal Yourself with Meditation and the Aid of Your Spirit Guides

    by Katrina Blecher
    Journey into Health is an intriguing, upbeat book that employs hypnosis/meditation and other holistic healing methods as a conduit to self-healing. These techniques come from the author?s spirit guides, who were asked how to heal a particular medical or psychological issue. Readers are encouraged to employ the healing exercises described in the book. Journey into Health also introduces the reader to ways wherein they can meet their own loving, wise, powerful spirit guides. If you suffer from occ... more
  • Two Journeys: Father and Son Wresting Meaning and Hope Through Suffering, Forgiveness, and Prayer

    by Daniel C. Nelson
    This book is about the spiritual journey of two people, a father and his son, who found purpose and meaning in their lives through their individual episodes of suffering, their struggle to forgive, and their faith in the power of prayer. As Daniel journeys with his son Christopher during the fi nal weeks of his short life, he acknowledges the profound spiritual learning that he experiences as he witnesses the courageous and truly Christian behavior of his son. The experience is so utterly powerf... more
  • Practical Mandarin Conversation

    by Frank Lee
    China is one of the world's oldest and richest continuous culture countries. Along with the rapid expansion of Chinese politics, economy, and other fields, China has acquired hold of balance in international affairs. Mandarin is the national language of China. Practical Mandarin Conversation is a book that contains only 20 topics which focuses on the teaching and learning materials of Chinese language and culture. The features of this book are: 1, Each Chinese character is marked with Chinese Pi... more
  • Reverse Speech In Theory & Practice: How To Use Your Unconcious Mind To Predict The Outcome Of Future Events

    by Joshua Schmude
    Reverse Speech in Theory and Practice was written over a 4 year period and details how one may use their Unconscious Mind to predict the outcome of Horse Races, or any other venue they desire. Written by Joshua Schmude, a student of David John Oates and certified Reverse Speech Analyst, this book takes the reader on a spiritual quest, discovering the latent powers residing within their own Soul.
  • Simplicity: Cultivate a Life of Freedom, Focus and Joy.

    by Gretchen Stewart
    In this revolutionary and refreshing personal growth book, author and philanthropist, Gretchen Stewart, simplifies how to take an intentional and intellectual approach to this increasingly complex world. Using personal anecdotes, real life letters, and a common sense perspective, she tackles the complicated struggles of the modern era. Each chapter is designed to help you: -Decrease the stress of daily demands and increase focus -Learn to live unapologetically with intention and authenticit... more
  • Truth To Triumph: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth

    by Lily Sanders
    Truth to Triumph: A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth is the story of how she found her truth, how she forged a new relationship with her higher self and the Divine to be a beacon of love for those to follow. Her book is far more than a chronicle of her life and her transformation…it is filled with guidance, wisdom and advice for anyone who is struggling to find their way, to find peace, love, contentment and prosperity. It is steeped in insights, hard truths, gentle encouragement, insp... more
  • Heart of a Woman (After the Storm Publishing Presents): Motherhood, Marriage, Ministry, and Money

    by Sherabim Joy
    Woman of God you are absolutely fabulous! You are one of the most unique gifts that God has blessed the earth with. However, let’s be real. The gift of womanhood encompasses a myriad of responsibilities that can leave us feeling overwhelmed, underappreciated, forsaken, and drained of vigor, energy, and passion if we fail to allow God to sit on the throne of our hearts in all matters. Author Sherabim Joy addresses the things that matter the most to women which are, motherhood, marriage, ministry,... more
  • The Two-Minute Secret for Staying in Love: Simple, Powerful Ways to Make Your Marriage Last

    by Chanté McCormick, Audiobook Narrator
    Marry the one you love, and love the one you marry. It sounds simple enough. But staying in love turns out to be a whole lot different than falling in love. In a world of constant distraction, marriage experts agree that the little things matter a lot. How to Have an Amazing, Fantastic, Loving, Playful, Intimate, and Happy Marriage in Two Minutes a Day explores the little things couples think, say, and do to stay in love for the long haul. Supported by expert studies, interviews with happily ... more