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Self-Help & Relationships

  • Ego: The Ghost in Your Machinery

    by Louis D. Cox
    My book describes what an ego is, its purpose, and how it does its job within each of us, without our awareness. The book offers methods for making our egos visible and for stepping out of their constricting grip The book also identifies where to look for guidance instead of following the ego's dictates. It describes the inner resource, present in everyone, that gives us wise, trustable inner guidance for living moment to moment authentically, compassionately, and powerfully. Methods are provide... more
  • The Gift of Mystical Insight

    by Emmanuel J. Karavousanos
    The Gift of Mystical Insight provides the basis, the evidence and the logic of why mystical experiences occur. It gives a reader the impetus to reach for that unique, blessed experience so that the mystical state -- ultimate reality -- can finally be attained. Whether you are religious, an agnostic or an atheist, a priest, psychologist, scientist or philosopher, or you belong to the laity, you cannot but gain from its insights, wisdom, anecdotes and supporting parallel quotes. You may soon re... more
  • From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins' Guide to a Smoother Ride

    by Therapy Twins
    Intent on breaking the stigma of mental illness, Therapy Twins offer a look under their hood and into their lives. In From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins? Guide to a Smoother Ride, they reveal their own diagnoses with comedic twists while sharing traditional and nontraditional ?tune-ups? to guide you through a journey of healing. A survival guide in a Cliff Notes kind of way, Therapy Twins address a host of issues related to your well-being. Learn how to: ? rewire some of your worst experiences; ... more
  • Mental Illness: Mi Doesn't Look Like Me

    by Susie L. Landown-Clarke
    This is a story of intimate warfare among rivals, where friend and foe confront the spiritual suffocation of a woman suffering from complex mental illnesses and disorders. She was desperate to be unchained from layers and layers of emotional tyranny believed to have inadvertently transpired either at birth, after multiple brain traumas, or even from the daily hustle and bustle of ?having it all? (career, family, and affluence). Mental illness often emerges as a thief in the darkness, aiming to d... more
  • The Ultimate Dream Family

    by Richmond Donkor
    Are you happy in your marriage life? If you are happy, do you want to take your marriage into the highest happiest level? This book will help you to understand the secret behind every happy family. It is also good for pastors and marriage counselors for pre and post marital counseling. Adam praised Eve when he first saw her; but when troubles came, he blamed God for giving her to him. In Genesis 3:12 Adam said, "The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate" (ES... more
  • The Ultimate Husband: Discovering How and Where to Find the Right Husband

    by Richmond Donkor
    How do you know if a man is a player or a keeper? How do you know if a man you are dating is a potential husband? What makes a man a dream husband? Is it his appearance, his Career, his wealth, his fame, his spiritual life, his Social life, and his talents? People often ask me why divorce has become so prevalent in our society. Many people enter into marriage without realizing how complex marriage is. Proper preparation is crucial. Preparing doesn't guarantee everything will go exactly as we pla... more
  • The Call with Promise

    by Richmond Donkor
    In daily life, people always call you with a purpose. Anytime someone calls you, either the person informs you of his or her reason for calling or you end up asking why the person called. This is similar to the call of God. He calls us from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, and each and every one of us has something to accomplish for His glory. Some of us still don’t know the purpose of our calling, and perhaps we have given up our dreams and goals in life. When God called Abraham... more
  • Created to Lead: How You Can Be an Excellent Leader

    by Richmond Donkor
    Leaders are essential in an organization, a community, a family, and a nation. You may think you don't have leadership qualities based on your previous experience; your current condition; or what others think of you. Created to lead book will help you to discover amazing truth about leadership and how to apply them in everyday life. This book also answers very important leadership questions such us: Who is a leader? What is a leader? Are People born leaders? Why does leadership matter? Wh... more
  • Digital Maturity: Take a Journey of a Thousand Miles from Functioning to Delight

    by Pearl Zhu

    The purpose of the book “Digital Maturity: Take a Journey of a Thousand Miles from Functioning to Delight” is to envision the future of the business, articulate the very characteristics of digital organizations; reimagine the interdisciplinary and hyperconnected digital ecosystem; fine-tune processes and structures of the digital business; develop the best and next practices to charter the digital paradigm shift seamlessly; leverage information & technology as the... more

  • Bipolar Wellness

    by Michael Rose
  • Hello Beautiful: See Yourself Through the Father's Eyes

    by Eve M. Harrell

    Young women everywhere are seeking their identity in a myriad of places.

    Am I beautiful?

    Does anyone love me?

    Who defines me?

    What is my purpose?

    How do I face my fear?

    Can I escape self-hate?

    Where can I find balance?

    Can I really change the world?

    Questions that we have all asked at one time of our life- Hello Beautiful serves to answer these questions while encouraging young women to see themselves in their Father’s Eyes through t... more

  • Latest Resume Format To Enhance Your <a href=>Career

    by Aisha Adele
    Trends of resume sample viewed on the internet changes rapidly. At first it was head shots which changed to QR codes then to company logos, it’s unpredictable to tell which extras that will make your application noticed, and which saves you from the running.

    Anyway, Certain things shouldn't go out of style: When packaging your accomplishments, lively writing and briefness still boost your chances in a job shop. Also the use of good ... more
  • Happiness is a Grilled Cheese Sandwich: 21 Daily Recipes for Happiness

    by Butch Northwood
    A powerful, yet simple, guide to becoming Happier in 21 days or less. Practical step by step Happiness Recipes based on timeless wisdom, modern science, and real-life experience. A no-nonsense book filled with pragmatic and clear instructions on the nitty-gritty of making you happier. This book is for anyone who wants to be happier. *The 21 eternal truths and actions of happiness *How to make each day happier by following a simple daily action plan anyone can do *How to meditate, exercise a... more
  • Into the Bright Light of the Sun: The Dharma Path and Recovery from Depression

    by Michael Boyajian

    Join the author on his Dharma journey as he explores his treatment for depression with Western methods and Tibetan Buddhism. The late Lama Norlha Rinpoche of KTC Monastery once said that Buddhism could help with depression. The author explores the premise.

  • Healing Hearts The Journey from Grief to Grace

    by Valerie Lynn
    I am an ordinary woman, who lives an ordinary life, into which something extraordinary happened. My story is one of wrong choices, painful loss, redemption, and a new spiritual awakening to live once again. I have decided to share my story in hopes it will give other women a voice and a willingness to live again after a loss. I have discovered there is healing in my words. With this I hope my words of encouragement will lift your spirits and sometimes make you smile, and on some days even make... more
  • MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN (Islam is Toxic for Females)

    by James E. Horn
    MOSLEM MEN FEAR WOMEN Islam is Toxic for Females This (202 page) book is packed full of scathingly fundamental facts and truths that Moslems do NOT want Americans to know about. It starkly identifies why so many Moslem men actually hate women. In the forward of the book, Horn points out that: “There Are Deadly Consequences for precious, innocent, unwary western women: who risk becoming captives under terrible conditions. Accused of being a Moslem hater, Horn p... more