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Self-Help & Relationships

  • I would, but my DAMN MIND won't let me!: a teen's guide to controlling their thoughts and feelings (Words of Wisdom for Teens Bo

    by Jacqui Letran
    Your past can cause you to believe that making positive improvements requires a miracle. In Letran’s award-winning book, I would, but my DAMN MIND won’t let me!, you will learn the simple steps to overcome your obstacles and struggles. Once you understand how your mind works, you will have the knowledge and power to take control of your thoughts and feelings. The power to challenge your old negative patterns and create the exact life you want is in your hands.
  • Your Soul's Partner: Seven Steps to Attract Love and a Relationship of Bliss

    by Ra Heter & Mu Skher Aakhu
    Your Soul’s Partner is a book on healing and awakening practices to help you attract a partner for this life, sustain a relationship with him or her, and evolve spirituality. This work first outlines the seven aspects of the self and how they are connected to the seven chakras, the role of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual communities in shaping who we are, and how early experiences with love shape how we love and continue to evolve. It explains how such experiences cause energetic ... more
  • Understanding Me, Understanding You: An Enquiry into Being Human

    by Manoj Krishna
    We are educated to understand the world around us but not ourselves, and this is responsible for many of our problems. This book enables you to understand yourself clearly, and with this clarity of insight, problems can dissolve. Understanding ourselves helps us to empathise and connect with others because, despite our apparent differences, and hidden from our awareness, the human mind functions in the same way in everyone. This realisation can transform our relationships and also lead to freed... more
  • God's Divine Help

    by Kenneth Lee
    A self-help guide to rinding spiritual peace through any of 73 subjects with Old and New Testament devotions and prayers.
  • Happy to Be Me!

    by Patrice Lee

    Little Onya wakes up "happy" and goes to bed "happy" every day.  She is one "happy" little girl who truly loves life. One day she meets someone who is not-so-very-nice., but, Onya knows just what to do to.  One great theme - on happiness with a happy ending.   Picture book includes workbook for children ages birth to 2nd grade.   

    htt... more

  • Top Secret: 37 Laws of Political Power

    This book is a guide to every aspiring leader who desires to succeed in politics. You will learn how to seize power in less than 30 minutes. Illustrated with real-life examples of how others succeeded. It aims to equip the leader with vital tools to succeed where others failed and to safeguard the reader against possible pitfalls schemed by custodians of power. Some of the principles explained in this book can find useful applications even in other public sectors where power is desired With its ... more
  • To Think is to Grow, Quotes to provoke the Mind

    by Alberto Cappas
    This is my first book of original quotes. I was provoked to write these quotes based on my interaction and personal experience with the public, especially with young people. As a Puerto Rican poet, writer, publisher, and community activist, I’ve conducted numerous workshops and speaking engagements in the schools and in community settings. I’ve found that living-day-to-day, without any thoughts of tomorrow, or an understanding of their personal relationship to the universe, is the norm for ma... more
  • So You Want To Climb Mount Lovemore... Here's 99 Rules to Survive 'I Do'

    by A. Hubby
    \tAre you pondering matrimony? \tHave you already walked down the aisle? \tDo you think ‘single-o’ is the way to go? \tIf you answered yes to any of these questions, Mount Lovemore is already part of your life, and you need to be aware of the rules. \tForget what you thought you knew about marriage because it’s wrong! You need to read this book, so you’ll be able to correct all those pesky bad habits. \tSpousey will be proud!
  • The Art of Now: Creativity in the Present Moment

    by Tim Ljunggren

    To say "I am an artist" - and to believe it for the very first time (or, the very first time in a long time) - is the necessary pivotal step in becoming what you already are.

    It's the recognition of your own powerful, creative force.

    It's the acknowledgement of the vast artistic potential that lies deep inside of you, waiting for a moment to spring forth.

    Waiting for this moment. ...

  • 9781631523045

    by Alice McDowell, PhD

    Do you long to live a more authentic life but feel you might be getting in your own way? In Hidden Treasure, author Alice McDowell reveals five personality patterns that cause unnecessary suffering and block individuals from living a full and radiant life. These patterns can be so ingrained that they influence body shape and even who a person thinks they are.

    Through a series of exercises, compelling true stories, fun cartoons, and spiritual insights, McDowell offers indiv... more

  • Living in Light, Love & Truth: Change Your Life Positively

    by Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos
    Living in Light, Love & Truth provides insight in how to balance the spiritual (inner) and physical (outer) aspects of ourselves as an individual and in the life we live. It breaks down life events, and it attempts to identify the ego by examining truth. Living in Light, Love & Truth explores topics such as our life purpose, the ego, energy, free will, intuition and gratitude. It also offers the opportunity to reflect, understand and cleanse fear-based energies that inhibit you from holistica... more
  • How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space

    by Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos
    In How to Create Positive Energy in Your Space, author Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos explains how you can assess your physical environment and its energetic imprint by looking at the location and structure and harmonising it by crystal gridding and Himalayan Salt placement to combat discord and electromagnetic smog. She also reveals the impact that previous residents, neighbours, and the past have on the present and describes ways to shift discordant energy by decluttering, cleansing, and interior design... more
  • 10 Secrets to a Bestseller: An Author's Guide to Self-Publishing

    by Tim McConnehey
    Calling all writers! 10 Secrets to a Bestseller is the self-publishing guide you’ve been looking for. Whether you’ve dreamed of writing the Great American Novel or are drafting a self-help book, you know in your heart of hearts that you’re a writer. You know it because you have always felt the drive to write; because you have something to say to the world . . . The only problem is getting the world to listen. That’s where 10 Secrets to a Bestseller comes in. Thoughtfully crafted by Tim Mc... more
  • Why are you Sad?

    by Allison R. Troy

    "Why are you Sad?" is a gripping children's story that has young readers asking not only others but asking themselves why are they sad? By allowing the reader to become the book's narrator or main character, this new release explains to young children that although they may not know why they feel sad often, feeling sad for no reason is completely normal.  

  • Peaceful Moments: Creative Affirmations for Your Heart & Soul

    by Aliza McCracken

    We are delighted to share this life-affirming book by beloved artist/author, Aliza McCracken. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just beginning to find your path, we invite you to awaken your passion and discover more peaceful moments everyday. In this lovely book, enjoy a personal collection of Aliza's art and affirmations designed for quick inspiration.  They make wonderful gifts for yourself and everyone on your wish list!

    High-quality * Full color * Coffee-tabl... more

  • Being the Best You!

    by Fayth Thomas