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  • Discover U

    by Swiyyah Woodard
    This book was created to equip those who have a desire to live their dreams. Mr. Dederick Woodard does more than just talk about strategies, he empowers participants and readers to bring activation to those strategies. Mr. Woodard’s purpose and destiny is connected to transforming the readers of his message to become what he calls “DOERS.” He wants us to more than just dream our dreams, he wants us to live our dreams!
  • The Little Book on CBT for Depression

    by James Manning
    This book was initially called “Think About Your Thinking.” It started out as a therapy notes that we gave to our clients after sessions. We eventually collected these therapy notes together into a very small black book which we had printed in batches of a hundred or so at a local printers. We soon found that our clients asked for additional copies of the book for their friends and relatives. As time progressed people called us on the telephone wanting to buy copies. It seemed that every month o... more
  • Depression: A CBT Workbook for Depression

    by James Manning
    This book has been written to help you record your progress as you complete Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) exercises for depression. Many people don’t like writing in books, and in most of the CBT books I’ve looked at, the tables look good, but the pages are much too small to write in. I have made this book especially large to make it easier to write in. So please write in it! Write all over it if you like! If you are having CBT sessions take it with you to your sessions and use it to mak... more
  • How to Sell Overcome Fear of Rejection: Learn Time Management, Goal Setting & More

    by Owen Parr
    How To...& Much More Do you get distracted while you work? Do you jump from task to task & accomplish little? Have you heard about TIME A-B-C-D and how to use “your time” effectively? Do you know about POWER-BLOCKS? Just these two chapters are worth the minor investment in my self-help book. Learn: 1— How to overcome fear of rejection. 2— How to be persistent, without being a pain in the you know what. 3— The four different types of time & how to manage them. 4— How to add value to your ... more
  • CBT Worksheets for Anxiety

    by James Manning
    This book will be an ideal companion for those who decide to undertake CBT for anxiety. Full of useful exercises and blank CBT sheets, readers can keep all their CBT records in one place and look back on them whenever you need to. All the worksheets in this book can be photocopied so this book may also be useful for therapists working with their clients. This book is a sister book to CBT for anxiety written by the same authors. Each page has been written in a simple, straight-forward manner to h... more
  • Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges

    by Patty Wipfler and Tosha Schore
    Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges offers readers what no other parenting book does: a practical understanding of children’s emotions and their upset moments, and effective tools for easing the most challenging interactions they face each day. Listen shows parents how to build meaningful, relationships that last a lifetime. Five surprising things parents will learn: •\tYou don’t have to reward or punish willful children to get them to cooperate. •\t... more
  • From Apprentice to CEO: A Complete Guide to the Hospitality Industry

    by Louis Sailer
    This book is intended as a first volume of little treasures and grab book of advices for all aspiring hospitality professionals, who seek that extra advice before hand. These hard-won experiences, scenarios and insights shared, are meant to give a little advance to open one’s mindset before it is too late. Advices from the heart, to keep our luxury hospitality and golden era of travel alive, and assist in a successful luxury hospitality, restaurant or catering career.
  • The Little Book Of OCD

    by Dave Preston
    Everything you need to know about OCD in one, little book! Covers all the basics. Excellent for people wondering if they have OCD, for OCD sufferers, family members and friends or people wanting to know the low down about Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Includes sections on What is OCD, What are obsessions and compulsions, What to do if you know someone with OCD, CBT and ERP, how many people have OCD and so much more! Dave Preston is an ex-sufferer of OCD, having suffered for 40 years befor... more
  • Making Your Own Reality: A Survival Story

    by James Meade, Jr. , Ph.d.
    Making Your Own Reality is a collection of the experiences that guided James Meade, Jr. from being an animal-like survivor of a massive brain injury to being a Ph.D in Psychology and an internationally-known speaker who has shared with audiences around the United States and the world. Dr. Meade has worked with brain-injured individuals and their families around the world and has seen people create miracles that even other professionals thought could never happen. Dr. Meade does not cure people b... more
  • The Hot Seat: How to Meet the Challenge of a New Era in Job Interviewing

    by zachariah ballinger
    Today's Job market is more challenging than ever before. If you want to succeed in securing the job offer your seeking, learn how to present yourself in the most compelling , interesting, and professional way. Today's Job market is more challenging than ever before. If you want to succeed in securing the job offer your seeking, learn how to present yourself in the most compelling, interesting, and professional way. From discovering your true passion to understanding your body language to the... more
  • BlessBack®: Thank Those Who Shaped Your Life

    by Julie Saffrin
    Imagine if you and your memories held the power to create positive, lasting change both in your life and the world around you. In BlessBack, Julie Saffrin guides us to reflect, connect with, and thank the significant people who shaped our lives. With a blend of true stories and research, BlessBack: - Reveals the benefits of why giving thanks matters to you, both mentally and physically, as well as to your recipients - Explores how practicing gratitude creates a cycle of sustained happi... more
  • A Walk in the Valley: Christian Encouragement for Your Journey Through Infertility

    by Julie Arduini
    Everyone's journey through infertility is different. Even women who have the same physical problems will have different courses of treatment, different responses, and different emotional ups and downs as they walk this path. But we also have so much in common: the hurt, anger, frustration, pain, sorrow, hope and joy that we have experienced along the way. We are women who have experienced infertility. Some of us have gone on to conceive, others have adopted, and others remain childless. All of u... more
  • The Magical Guide to Bliss: Daily Keys to Unlock Your Dreams, Spirit and Inner Bliss

    by Meg Nocero
    It’s easy to get stuck in life, far short of where you wanted to be; and whether you feel trapped by tedium or pain, it’s hard to keep from despairing that this is all there is and that bliss is just a myth. Shining a glorious light into the darkness, author Meg Nocero’s The Magical Guide to Bliss leads you on a life-changing journey of self-discovery that helps you recover a sense of meaning and fully realize your personal passions. Organizing the adventure into 366 steps that correspond to o... more

    by Peter Davidson
    One of the hottest topics of conversation in America right now is Politically Correct vs. Politically Incorrect language, as demonstrated by the debate over some of the comments made by candidates running for political office. My new book, TRUMPED! – BEYOND POLITICALLY CORRECT, weighs in on this debate by presenting over 100 situations people face in real life along with the type of response a person might give if trying to be politically correct. Then, what a person would say if they have... more
  • Pages Of Praise

    by Dionne Fields
    On my 6th Birthday I received 3 amazing birthday gifts. A Birthday Card A Baby Doll My 1st magazine, called the believers voice of Victory magazine. And now 40 years later, that same magazine still arrive in the mail each month. My thanks to the Kenneth Copeland Ministries, for amazing journey in my life.
  • The Hidden Evils of the Biligramite Cult

    by Eric Demaree
    This brain-renovating book reveals that a revival of “Jeffersonian reason” and Biblical understanding will expose America’s cultural deformations. It goes on to explain that true religion, which arises from the human conscience, equals mercy. Heart-warmingly, it announces that spiritual joy is the pathfinder for what we ought to do! It also exposes the hypocrisy in “traditional religions” as everything that trivializes mercy. It contains the only published ideological counterweight to... more