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  • Healing Depression

    by C. Daley
    Healing Depression is a guide for dealing with a negative mindset and depression. Real, actionable strategies designed to help readers shift their mindset and enjoy the benefits of mental and emotional wellbeing, this handbook arms readers with the knowledge they need to take charge of their happiness and build a happier, healthier future. With an in-depth and honest look at depression and the science behind it, along with an exploration of the common myths and misconceptions, readers will also... more
  • Name, Place, Animal, Thing

    by Lux Narayan
    “So...What do you do?” It’s a question we’ve all answered, not too well. Don’t you wish you had a better answer than your job? Join Kai’s life-changing journey in this modern fable by entrepreneur, stand-up comedian, and TED Speaker Lux Narayan. Soul-searching at that all-too-familiar crossroads in life and career, Kai learns to outgrow an impending sense of personal crisis when a series of eye-opening encounters reveal the building blocks of a fuller life. Interestingly, they are all... more
  • Sacred Life

    by Bedri Cag Cetin, Ph.D.

    Discover the ultimate direct path to Truth, Healing and Awakening by this inspirational self-help guide, which takes its readers into the fascinating realm of the INFINITE MIND.

    Sacred Life is a soul story (memoir) infused with an original spiritual teaching making it an essential guide for anyone seeking to reach deeper levels of consciousness and experience an equally deeper levels of healing, happiness, and i... more


    by Nihar Pal
    "Dare to be a Centenarian" focuses on two key areas of healthy vibrant living: how to attain healthy youthful longevity and support spiritual quest as one advances to senior years. For healthy youthful longevity, the book focuses on the three key areas of vibrant living: aging management to slow down the aging process, wellness management to live a healthy life, and disease awareness for diseases in senior years and old age. For spiritual quest, the book focuses on societal topics, such as genes... more

    by Jill Beytebiere
    You Can Overcome Anxiety and Depression is loaded with practical tools to help anyone fight and win against two of today's most crippling emotional health issues, particularly in these post- Coronavirus days. It also contains helpful tips for anyone trying to come alongside a loved one who is feeling suicidal. This timely book is a quick and simple read, but has great potential to change lives for the better in the realm of mental health.
  • Far From Fearless

    by Rebecca K. O'Connor
    Beautifully illustrated and deriving inspiration from nature, Far From Fearless explores the pitfalls, perils, and joys of creativity. Whether struggling with beginnings, self-doubt, unexpected setbacks, or finding the courage to embrace possibilities, each essay delves into the creative process with heartfelt honesty, humor, and encouragement.
  • The 48 Laws of Happiness: Secrets Revealed For Becoming the Happiest You

    by Dr. Rob Carpenter
    UNLOCK THE SECRETS TO HAPPINESS •\tDo you want to discover the untold secrets of happiness in a fun and uplifting read that could change your life? •\tHave you ever been told you should choose to be happy but then not taught how to be happy? •\tIs becoming the happiest possible version of yourself something you would like to achieve right now? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have looked in the right place! In The 48 Laws of Happiness, Dr. Rob Carpenter will teach... more
  • WildWood Magic: A Guide to Walking as a Sacred Path

    by Collin Stuart Chambers
    Are you ready to feel empowered, lose weight, or find real magic in everyday life? Collin Chambers’ book, WildWood Magic: A Guide to Walking as a Sacred Path, is a complete step-by-step guide to finding peace, happiness, and purpose through the simple act of taking a walk. Collin offers personal insight and practical strategies to our increasing need to be outside in nature and move our bodies. By integrating walking as a spiritual discipline with all the details of adding a daily movement ... more
  • Just Say "$%#&! NO!"

    by Heather and Karen Tobin
    This is a humorous, illustrated, self-help book about saying no. The book began as a poem written by one sister to another who was going through some trying times. The idea then blossomed into an illustrated guide for others having similar problems. It is meant to be light-hearted and fun, but containing a real message.
  • How to avoid the chains of Coporate Slavery

    by Christy Obidigwe
    Its a book that offers long term solutions on how to be independent with regard to career, and working conditions.
  • Forces of Life Psychology: What Creates Success or Failure in Ourselves and our Children

    by David Lloyd Shepard
    What is it the greatest minds in psychology and those who are the most successful in life know about success and failure? How can we use this knowledge to prevent problems and increase success? Knowledge is a key to success and to surviving failure. “The only defense against the world is a thorough knowledge of it.” John Locke. We could easily use the existing educational system for a program of preventive psychology based on principles of psychology by the best minds in psychology. ... more
  • The Lifetime of the Sikes Girls

    by Tina Pittman
    The humorous and great life of my sisters and I.
  • Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar: How to Achieve Your Dreams Despite Your Upbringing

    Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar is a true story of how your attitude absolutely determines your aptitude. Determined to escape the poverty he was born into, Thomas Wideman realized that education was his way out. Once he made up his mind, nothing could stand in the way of his ultimate goal. From experiencing friends become bullies and drug dealers to witnessing his favorite uncle become a victim of the crack epidemic, along with his own mistakes, Thomas was adamant about becoming a model husband, ... more
  • CJ's Big Moment

    by CJ Watson
    CJ is captain of his basketball team and everyone looks up to him, well everyone except the school bully. When one of CJ’s teammates keeps getting picked on, it’s up to CJ to come up with a solution and be the leader. Will CJ help his friend and stand up to the bully once and for all? Find out in CJ’s Big Moment.
  • Making Marriage Happy: Hard-Won Wisdom from Real Couples

    by Claire Vande Polder
    Why are some couples happy when so many others are not? Is it just the luck of the draw? Or do happy couples actually do things that make their happiness possible? In this lively, encouraging, and occasionally irreverent book, author Claire Vande Polder interviewed real couples in happy marriages to learn what they do to make it work. What she discovered is collected here in short, readable segments on topics from romance to "roommate issues" like housekeeping and chores, conflict, money, li... more
  • Calm & Sense

    by Wendy Leeds
    Calm & Sense is a practical, well-researched resource that specifically targets womens' concerns and needs about anxiety. It includes: sound psychological approaches, physical techniques to ease anxiety, and simple life-style changes that can help avoid anxiety triggers.