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  • The Art of Living: Self-Management — How to Survive and Thrive in the 21st Century

    by Youssef El Baba

    What’s on your mind?

    Chances are there are many things occupying your mind.

    That’s not surprising given the 21st century world we live in. A frenzied pace of life and a pandemic lack of time have become typical, defining and systematic features of our modern times. And as you can expect, pressure on your time directly translates into pressure on your mind, on your attention, and finally on your nerves.

    Given the fundamental functioning of the human... more

  • Let's Talk...about Making Your Life Exciting, Easier, and Exceptional

    by Art Rios
    Has Life Gotten Less Exciting? Too Much Work and Way Less Fun? Unwind, Relax, Take a Load Off. Let’s Talk … When, where, why, and how did life stop being exciting and straightforward? We’ve taken on so much stress and worry. All the time. But why? For what? In the first book in the Let’s Talk series, bon vivant Art Rios talks about how to make life exciting, easier, exceptional, and filled with pleasures—right now. It’s straight talk about modern times. Simple ways to unwind and enjoy... more
  • The Transition: Do Shit, Get Shit Done!

    by Lee Bridges

    Lee Bridges can teach you how to do s**t, and get s**t done - if you want to take charge of your life and find the courage that you have long forgotten, Lee’s techniques and no BS approach will enable you to transform your life and learn how to totally master it. Lee presents you with all of the support you will need to take charge and absolutely own your now, and your future!

  • An Unexpected Road to Motherhood

    by Sabine Garvey Campbell
    Most little girls dream of meeting their Prince Charming, getting married, and becoming a mother like something they read in a fairy tale. For some lucky girls, life goes just as planned but for others, the fairy tale gets rewritten into something that reads more like a mystery. And then, there are girls like me whose story turns out to be a little bit of both. Like the fairy tale, I met my Prince Charming and we got married, but then my road to motherhood became unexpected, complicated, and unp... more
  • The Power to Persevere

    by EK Jasmine
    The Power to Persevere is uplifting. The style is personal, but you can relate. We all have abilities far beyond what we use and what we think. We have minds capable of building spacecraft to take us to the moon or satellites to see far into the galaxies. However, some of us have yet to tap into our minds to produce the success we want. The same mental faculty that came up with lemonade designed spaceships.
  • Better Living Through Selective Apathy

    by M.C. Alexander
    Better Living Through Selective Apathy is your helpful guide to achieving a healthy and balanced life. Making a conscious decision about what is worth caring about helps us to understand the reasons why we have stress and anxiety in the first place, and how to avoid the majority of stress-causing variables in our daily life. We are bombarded with "daily atrocities" from every direction. Every one of these are molehills we are expected to turn into mountains, but doing so only strands us in a ... more
  • The Daily Playbook

    by Kaden James, Author & Wellness Coach
    The Daily Playbook was written and developed by Kaden James (Life coach to CEO's and average Joe's) sharing methods and daily goal setting strategies that business leaders, top earners, celebrities, spiritual leaders, and many of the greatest minds use to aid them in creating happy and meaningful lives. Much like coaches have playbooks for plays they use with their teams, this is your personal guide and playbook to plan, strategize, and organize your days to WIN at life. Within this specializ... more
  • Be Gentle

    by Donald Gallehr
    Be Gentle teaches simple lessons that will hopefully inspire the reader to bring peace to this world. Developed through years of meditation, Gallehr has found a way for people to live more gently on this earth and to coexist with others peacefully.
  • I Have ADHD, So What?

    by Michelle Bradshaw
    Hi! My name is Brayden, but you can call me B. I have ADHD, and that’s okay with me. Follow along with Brayden as we discover what makes him different also makes him special.
  • Make Your Marriage Your Business

    by Sammy Negron Jr.

    Discover how to strengthen your marriage by treating it like a business.

    Written for couples in all stages of their relationships, be it long-time marriages which are losing steam or young couples just starting out, this powerful and insightful book examines how treating your marriage like a business can drastically change the way you look at your relationships. Marriage and business share a surprising number of similarities – hard work, determination, communicat... more

  • Awakening the Soul of Power: How to Live Heroically and Set Yourself Free

    by Christian de la Huerta
    Awakening the Soul of Power, the first book in the Calling All Heroes series, rethinks what heroism means in the 21st century and reveals practical tools to help you embark on a journey to personal freedom. If you long for healthier relationships and a life filled with meaning and purpose, this book holds the keys to unlocking the secrets of personal empowerment and unleashing your inner hero.
  • Journey to the Ecstatic Self

    by Kae Strouse
    What would it be like to be emphatically you? What if you owned yourself in your entirety—your bold heart, your hidden wounds, your untamed spirit? This guidebook walks you through the realms of soulfulness, shadow exploration, and identity dreaming to arrive in a land of wholeness. Through exploring these exercises, stories, and meditations with Kae, you will uncover your wild, radiant self — the intrinsically aligned person that you were always meant to be. The “you” that already exists de... more
  • Dad's Great Advice for Teens

    by Marc Fienberg
    All the great advice a teen needs to get happy, be successful, and make good decisions. Includes 25 short pieces of Great Advice, filled with humor, wisdom, and inspirational quotes. It's the perfect self-help survival and success guide for teens looking to build positive habits and get an edge up. A great gift from Dad, Mom, or anybody.
  • The Universe Sends Help

    by Manpreet Komal
    During Crisis, we are faced with situations that call for great bravery and courage. These times of uncertainty and fear can be scary. We might not even know there is a place to look for answers and heal ourselves therefore we internalize what we don't know anything about. During the time of Coronavirus, the world has been in shock faced with life or death and unexpected emotions. Manpreet wrote this book to support those who are feeling powerless, helpless, hopeless, afraid, sick, and fac... more
  • Success Reinvention

    by Harvey Castro, MD
    ABOUT THE BOOK: Success Reinvention will take you behind the scenes of one of the foremost thought leaders of our time. As an innovative entrepreneur, a brilliant medical physician, and visionary leader, Dr. Castro's recipe for success will allow you to break through even the most difficult obstacles and setbacks in life. When you read this book and take action, you will find that your dreams manifest into reality, and your success is always in your control to invent and reinvent at every st... more
  • The Secret to Everything: How to Live More and Suffer Less

    by Neel Burton

    Self-help, with a twist.

    The Secret to Everything has been known to mystics and scholars for centuries and millennia, and, today, is increasingly being confirmed by both philosophy and science. Socrates certainly knew it, as did the Buddha, and more recently, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, and Emily Dickinson. It is a secret not because it is hidden as such, but because it is so difficult to see, running counter to so many of our most basic assumptions.

    Each of the b... more