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  • Living, Learning, Healing: Inspirational Stories from the Heart

    by Diane L. Dunton
    Diane Dunton marries artful storytelling and magnificent Maine nature photography in this collection of true, heartwarming and inspirational essays. Through words and images, she invites readers to let go of limiting thoughts and behaviors and embrace possibility. Includes personal journal space.
  • Do: The Path of Continuous Growth

    by Genaro Torres Celis

    Do: The Path of Continuous Growth a new self-help book by author Genaro Torres Celis aims to help readers:

    - Embrace a higher personal responsibility while you are truly enjoying your Do (in Japanese pronounced “doh”); your path, your truth.

    - Become aware of your gifts, your purpose, your passions, and embrace a higher personal responsibility to achieve your goals.

    - Develop a martial mindset by learning profound and practical concepts from “Budo” (T... more

  • Broken Liver: Musings on Leadership

    by Dr. Shawn H. Robinson
    Broken Liver is a continuation of Six Heads with a focus on maintaining one's sanity while in leadership positions and not harming oneself irreparably. This book continues to describe the author’s experiences and observations that he feels are connected to leadership. In this book, his frame of reference is overcoming adversity, making course corrections, and truly turning the corner on past errors and bad choices. This book focuses on being observant about one’s self, so as not to abuse one’s s... more
  • Six Heads are Better than None: A Guide for Leaders

    by Dr. Shawn H. Robinson
    Six Heads is written to reach anyone involved in leadership. Whether you are aspiring to take on a leadership position in an organization or need to reinvent your leadership style, this book can help. Six Heads gives you hints and suggestions on how to improve your value as a leader through anecdotes and humor.
  • Widow's Walk How My World Ended And What Happened After

    by Paula Baysinger Morhardt
    This is not a self help book. It is not full of web sites and famous people telling you what to do; nor does it have doctors of any kind telling you how you should feel. It is one woman’s story of losing herself and the daily, infinitesimally small cell by cell attempts to find herself again. To drag herself out of the hole she had fallen into when her world ended. One year, in which she discovered that some days she was not as strong as she thought she was followed by days where she was stronge... more
  • Daily Self-Blessings

    by Karenina Ana Murillo
    Daily Self-Blessings: Simple Coloring Meditations for Inner-Kindness Practicing loving-kindness through self-blessing has been directly linked with heightened levels of gratitude, a state that comes accompanied by elevated feelings of contentment, hope, and an overall sensation of positivity. In this workbook you will be using the Coloring Method to develop your blessing practice. The Coloring Method is a mindfulness tool used for establishing conscious presence by incorporating awareness-... more
  • The Fix Yourself Handbook

    by Faust Ruggiero
    THE FIX YOURSELF HANDBOOK - SYNOPSIS Either you can apply it, or you can't. That's what sets the good self-help books apart from the rest of self-help mediocrity. Until even the most brilliant teachings and so called life changing discoveries can become applied, they represent little more than irrelevant mental exercises. The Fix Yourself Handbook is provocative, intellectually stimulating, and emotionally challenging as it both expands the parameters of present day personal growth perspec... more
  • Secret Cat Business Volume 1: Seven Steps to a Meowingly Good Life

    by Esther L Daniell
    A self-help book for cats . . . and cat lovers! ‘This is my world; I just allow others to live in it.’ — Chester Chester the Cat is talented, handsome and charming—think of a feline Jason Bourne who is so gifted he makes Albert Einstein look stupid. With his street-smart business acumen and catnip-induced superpowers, Chester has overcome his less-than-perfect start to life to create a cat empire. He is director of Chester’s School of the Feline Arts, where he instructs other cats on how to ta... more
  • The Sensory Compounding Workbook: Using Your Five Senses to Create Inner Peace and Calm

    by April Nelson
    Your senses connect you to the world. Each sense organ takes in physical information from the environment and sends signals to the brain for processing. The brain takes the sense signals and processes them in some really complex ways. We might have a strong memory of past holidays when we smell turkey. A certain color might make us feel happy. The sound of thunder might trigger a memory from childhood as well as make us feel afraid. These associations are what we’re working with here. Sensory Co... more
  • What should be the Major Characteristics of Great Realtors?

    by Wilson Alton
    What should be the Major Characteristics of Great Realtors? The common public looks to consider that real estate agents are all equal. On the conflicting, all real estate agents are not similar. There is a huge difference between a realtor and a real estate agent, and the benefits people can get by using a realtor rather than trying to vend their house on their own. As a home purchaser or vendor, working with a realtor should provide a relaxation that will receive reasonable and proper treatmen... more
  • A Glass Half Empty? ...or Half Full?

    by Dan Schuck
    The Question of Pessimism vs. Optimism is often misunderstood, or worse yet, misinterpreted. But by taking a childlike and playful approach, we can explore one of humankind's most ancient riddles and learn some of the deeper lessons that The Question can teach each of us. The Question exists, in some form, in every language across the globe, and its origins are as ancient as the human spirit. But does this simple question really tell us if one is a Pessimist or an Optimist? Doesn't it ma... more
  • Life Operated from Within

    by Rajdeep Umesh
    People often hold fate accountable for all that happens in their lives; they may not grasp the way that traits deep within the consciousness can influence their perception. Life Operated from Within seeks to change the conventions people harbour in their minds when evaluating the circumstances of their lives. It examines the typical way of looking at and reacting to life experiences and explores ways in which you can deal with issues proactively in order to resolve negative conditions. Author... more
  • The Happiness Practice: tools for cultivating more joy

    by Bailey Gehrke
    The Happiness Practice will give you tools and empower you to shift your thinking to cultivate more joy! The 9 key practices discussed in the book will help you transform your life into something even more beautiful. You will learn how to clear away old thought patterns, make space for new habits, and experience growth. You will discover “the seeds” that will help you build a deeper and more powerful relationship with yourself, your partner, family, friends and the magnificent world around you.... more
  • The Secret of Nature's Alchemy

    by Menete Hashipala
    The book tackles the quotidian problem of poverty by appealing to arcane secrets and the wisdom of the ancients. It is just the tip of the iceberg of the knowledge.
  • Broken Liver: Musings on Leadership

    by Shawn Robinson
    Broken Liver is written to reach anyone involved in leadership who needs help or who is interested not succumbing to the power of leadership and losing the balance within their life. Whether you are aspiring to take on a leadership position in an organization or need to reinvent your leadership style, this book can help. Broken Liver is a handbook to help readers learn and remember ways to keep themselves from losing themselves and remaining true to themselves and why they chose to become lea... more
  • Six Heads Are Better Than None: A Guide for Leaders

    by Shawn Robinson
    Six Heads is written to reach anyone involved in leadership. Whether you are aspiring to take on a leadership position in an organization or need to reinvent your leadership style, this book can help. Six Heads is a handbook to help readers learn ways to identify their leadership styles, learn ways to motivate those they lead to reach common goals, and learn to use their own personal experiences to develop and enhance their brand. You will laugh and learn as you read stories on leadership in ... more