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  • Confidence Lost / Confidence Found: How to Reclaim the Unstoppable You

    by Kate McGuinness

    Confidence Lost / Confidence Found: How to Reclaim the Unstoppable You serves up 27 bite-sized chapters full of relatable stories and simple exercises that offer a road map for building and maintaining authentic confidence.

    The book guides readers through easy to understand exercises to increase eight attitudes to enlarge their confidence. These attitudes include assertiveness, self-compassion, and authenticity. The author also provides tools to minimize five self-sabotaging behaviors t... more

  • How To Heal: A Practical Guide To Nine Natural Therapies You Can Use To Release Your Trauma

    by Jessi Beyer

    The National Council for Behavioral Health estimates that seven out of every ten people you know will experience a trauma during their lifetimes – perhaps even you. When that happens, though, what do you do? For speaker and mental health advocate Jessi Beyer, it meant doing nothing and avoiding therapy like the plague.

    What she did not know, though, is that there were alternatives to talk therapy. You could spend time with horses, go on a walk through the woods, or dance your way throug... more

  • The Simple Seven (Body basics for vibrant health)

    by Marlene Veltre

    The way to vibrant health with ease. Medical experts agree that chronic illness and disease — heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, arthritis, and obesity — are preventable, and your lifestyle is key. The Simple Seven refers to seven Body Basics that seamlessly blend into your day and don’t require a big investment in time, money, or effort. The Simple Seven explains the why and how of vibrant health. The human body is intelligently designed to k... more

  • Metaphors in Psychotherapy

    by Kevin William Grant

    Kevin William Grant examines the cognitive processes that produce metaphors in psychotherapy. The “I-Ching Task” is the measure of metaphor production applied in this research inquiry.

    Two cognitive processes are hypothesized to be necessary for the production of a metaphor.

    The first hypothesized cognitive process is sensory-imaginal processing, where attention is concentrated into one’s internal experiencing and sensory awareness to form sensory impressions or ... more

  • Dreams Into Reality: Manifest Your Dreams Into Being Using The Law of Attraction

    by Thomas Calabris
    If you wish to harness the power of your consciousness to manifest your deepest desires and wildest dreams, then this book is for you. Through examples from humanity’s greatest spiritual teachers, as well as cutting-edge scientific studies, the reader will come away with a profound and deep understanding of this universal law of life, which has the power to transform the individual radically from being a victim of external circumstances to the conscious creator of their destiny. If you ... more
  • Grandparenting: Renew, Relive, Rejoice

    by Pam Siegel and and Leslie Zinberg

    Who doesn't want another shot at childhood? The key to opening that door is your grandchildren.

    Co-authors Siegel and Zinberg provide a concise, down-to-earth guide for both grandparents and parents. Each of the 52 straight forward nourishing practices provide methods of mindfulness, along with endearing real-life stories that grandparents can identify with. These bite-sized stories offer a rich assortment of simple ways to be present in our fast-paced lives and not miss the richnes... more

  • Blue-Collar Beauty

    by Michelle Emmick
    With close to two decades of experience in the field of aesthetics, Michelle Emmick also known as The Plastic Surgery Coach has performed over 10,000 patient consultations and trained over 3000 doctors and support staff. She shares a different perspective having represented everyday beauty. The go to work, drive the kids to practice, make a box of macaroni and cheese for dinner, take care of everyone else first beauty. The beauty that is rarely if ever represented in an industry that sells a dif... more
  • Think Like a Bartender:Recipes for Life

    by L.D. Morrow
    Think Like a Bartender, mixes two parts wisdom and one part comedy for a delicious cerebral cocktail everyone will enjoy! Even if you have never had an alcoholic drink, you will giggle your way through this personal, yet lighthearted perspective on living your best life! From learning how to cut people off to updating your personal menu and ingredients, you'll quickly see you have much more in common with this skilled professional than once thought! Think Like a Bartender, challenges us all to ... more
  • Break the Language Barrier! Improve Your English and Improve Your Life

    by Carl W. Hart
    Like it or not, every time you open your mouth to say anything, you are judged. From the way you speak or write, the listener or reader decides things about your education, your intelligence, your social level or your suitability as an employee or romantic partner. Maybe it’s not fair, but that’s life. Make a mistake in your English, and without even knowing it, you can be branded as someone who is not right for a new job, not right for a promotion, not someone whose thoughts and opinions are wo... more
  • The Rules: Reclaiming Your Freedom, Your Manhood, and Your Sanity

    by Brant von Goble
    The Rules is a philosophy and self-inquiry text designed to help readers develop mental discipline and set life goals. It does this by way of guided readings and open-ended questions.
  • How To Wear A Crown: A Practical Guide To Knowing Your Worth

    by Rachel D. Greenwell
    How to wear a crown is an easy to read guidebook that gives it's reader digestable content and step by step instructions to how to increase ones sense of self worth. This practical guide to knowing your worth will allow you to dive into the authors personal experiences with learning self love and gaining unshakableself worth. This witty but intelligent book will break down the intense process into 4 main steps:1.) Speak to yourself like royalty 2.) Treat yourself like royalty3.) Carry yourself l... more
  • Get Aligned Now: Free Your Mind Through Body Intelligence, the Path to Achieve Aligned Results

    by Bethany Londyn
    This book is about learning to accomplish your goals through body intelligence and alignment. By following the step by step process and listening to your body the whole way, you are guided to finally achieving that which you are here to do and also desire.
  • Every Drop of Water and Every Grain of Salt on the Way to Authentic Happiness

    by Armando S. Garcia

    This book is about how we create our fate, and how we can learn to change it: It is a book that makes a difference. Every Drop of Water and Every Grain of Salt on the Way to Authentic Happiness, is a nonfiction about how everything we do, or even intend, affects our mind in an accumulative manner, gradually and very directly altering our subsequent happiness. This occurs because human consciousness is essentially a Nothingness, a No-thingness, and thereof inadvertently bec... more

  • They Always Ask Why - A Look at Why People Snap & Kill

    by Wayne Hoss
    A boy at school walks in with an assault rifle and starts shooting other students, teachers, and everyone else in sight. A man walks into a movie theater and starts shooting people who did nothing wrong, they just wanted to go out and have a good time. A man enters a mall and opens fire on innocent people that did nothing to him. These shootings are almost becoming an everyday occurrence and people always ask the same question “Why?”. A child, just a little girl of a tender age, comes home from... more