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  • The Wisest Wisdom

    by Zachery McGivens
    The Wisest Wisdom is a collection of 300 thought provoking, inspirational, humorous and enlightening quotes from one of the greatest philosophers and minds of the 21st Century. Zachery McGivens, has written a truly refreshing and wonderful book. Simply put, it's a must read and will be a great addition to your collection. This book is a revelation, Period!
  • Wisdom from the Dojo and Other Tales

    by Larry Barr
    The martial arts aren't about fighting; they're about how to live your life. Wisdom from the Dojo and Other Tales is a how-to-manual about becoming a black belt in life. You don't have to be a martial artist to benefit from the philosophy and knowledge in this book.
  • Ugly Love: A Survivor's Story of Narcissistic Abuse

    by Laura Charanza
    In Ugly Love: A Survivor’s Story of Narcissistic Abuse, former journalist and two-time survivor of narcissistic abuse Laura Charanza details her decades of traumatization at the hands of loved ones, and shares her personal account of mental and emotional abuse, as well as her long, yet inspiring, road to recovery. Whether you’re currently in a relationship with a narcissist, or know someone who is, Ugly Love can guide those suffering through their own pain and help them begin their path to heali... more
  • Leaving the Matrix

    by Nina Heikkila
    A practical guide that teaches you how to use the Law of Attraction, and the other Universal Laws influencing your life, to achieve your goals. By examining what you have been taught and releasing your negative beliefs, you can transform your life and live your potential. The exercises and meditations in this book teach you how to effectively co-create with the Universe and manifest the life of your dreams.
  • My Mother Is Losing Her memory And I Am Losing My Mind

    by Kathleen Bjork
    My Mother is Losing Her Memory, and I Am Losing My Mind is the true story of a mother’s journey through dementia told through the eyes of her caregiver daughter. Related with compassion and humor, it details the mother’s fight to keep her independence and the family’s decisions to keep her safe. Loss of control of her finances as well as her car is met with anger, and a fall which results in a broken hip and rehabilitation confirms that she cannot live alone. A concession to let her return to li... more
  • Champion English: How to Speak English Fast

    by tamilla palmer perera
    What do you do when you’re an English teacher with a large class and while your back is turned, suddenly a new student walks through the door who hardly knows any English? That happened to me in my middle school ELD Class and that’s why I wrote this book to bring you the same relief that I got after I was organized! Champion Beginner English Level 1- Buy one book today and receive 16 hours of free* YouTube LIVE lessons! Suitable for all ages! This book has directions on each page in English, Chi... more
  • Murture (Awaken Your New Creature of Well-Being to Mature Through Holy Nurture)

    by Susan Frink Anderson
    Stop living a false identity. Awaken your full image as God created. Delve into false beliefs in a dynamic system to find true self. Awaken from sleep. Be nurtured and partner perfectly with God’s unconditional Love. Open your mind to Truth. Get the path to fulfill your destiny. Heal wounds, gain self-confidence and live in Higher Consciousness. These promises are found in the pages of "Murture".
  • Is God in That Bottle Cap? A Search for Truth

    by John D. Sambalino

    Is God in That Bottle Cap is the detailed account of the quest for spiritual enlightenment by an author who has meditated two to three hours a day for over 40 years. Proven methods and profound revelations are discussed in great depth as he seeks to uncover that mystical, Ultimate Truth that is the very essence of ourselves and all that surrounds us. His search examines both science and religion, and includes travels to India, Bhutan, Nepal, and Egypt.


  • #DearDionne

    by Dionne L Fields
    Dear: Dionne New Advice Column, from the anchor. Dionne L Fields, also Web News Reporter. Receive advice for free. What is your Million Dollar Question for today?
  • Self-Control: Increase Your Inner Strength, Willpower and Self-Confidence with this Guide to Mastering Self-Control and Self-Di

    by Nick Alexander
    The power of the mind is probably our greatest tool, but how many of us are not equipped to use it to its full extent? This book will teach you how to use your mental strengths to achieve a better life. Increase your confidence and willpower and the world lie at your fingertips. Make stress and tension a thing of the past with a handy guide to the stress-free life we all deserve. Take these steps and benefit from your new positive mental attitude and your personal and professional self will t... more
  • Self-Love: How Practicing Compassion And Acceptance Leads To Self-Worth, Self-Respect, Self-Confidence, And True Happiness (Self

    by Nick Alexander
    It is quite interesting that we are usually quite ready to compliment someone, congratulate a friend on a promotion, and encourage someone when they are going through something tough, yet we do not do the same to ourselves. Actually, if we are being quite honest, we are usually very critical of ourselves. We set unrealistic goals, come up with impractical standards for ourselves and are too harsh on ourselves when we fail. While you may not realize the importance of self-love right now, you shou... more
  • Let's Help Each Other *can You Relate to These Stories*

    by Lakyshia Shelton
    Let's help each other *Can You Relate to These Stories* is a book about Aids, Rape, Suicide, HIV, depression, pain of betrayal, Abuse... Etc. I'm trying to reach out to the young kids and anyone who may need help and trust me I’m not done yet. I take you deeply into personal feelings and emotions as your reading this novel you can actually picture what I've seen and dealt with. There is a lot of things people don't want to hear about and scared to speak on, but let me be the voice to speak for t... more
  • Leading in the First Person

    by Shawn Abrams

    Leading in the First Person is a must read for those in leadership positions and those who would embrace it. This book will explore why leaders fail. Develop and improve your team’s performance by improving your relationships with them. Identify ways leaders sabotage their success.The cover of this book holds the 5 Lead statements that leaders should concern themselves with on the way to success. Reading this book will allow you to: Recognize critical leadership mistakes and how to reco... more

  • Stop Picking on Me: Make Peace with Yourself and Heal Nervous Habitual Obsessive Compulsive Skin Picking

    by Mary-Margaret (anand sahaja) Stratton
    Stop Picking on Me is the definitive guide on Excoriation (Skin Picking) Disorder (SPD) How to Make Peace with Your Critical Self & How to Change your Lifestyle To Finally Heal the Phenomenon of Nervous, Obsessive, Compulsive and Habitual Skin Picking. This is the most comprehensive life-saving book ever written on the topic. You will gain overwhelming Understanding, Answers, Courage, and Hope. Learn about what you “do” and why you do it. Then learn how to eradicate breakouts, and stop your c... more
  • Kiss Addiction Goodbye: The Twelve Step Diet to Aid Recovery and Help Heal Addictive Compulsive Behavior

    by Mary-Margaret (anand sahaja) Stratton
    In 1939, a revolutionary book was released. Alcoholics Anonymous, aka the Big Book, has literally helped millions of people... ...except for those millions more it has not helped. Kiss Addiction Goodbye is an Essential Read for Anyone who still suffers from Addiction, And for everyone else who knows an addict, and wants to understand WHY? Mary-Margaret Stratton, Essene Minister, Certified Raw Food Nutritionist, Instructional Designer, and a 'veteran' of 12 Step philosophy, discusses how... more