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  • I Told My Kid To Fight Back: Examining Generational Differences In Bullying Yesterday and Today

    by Monica McLaurine
    In I Told My Kid To Fight Back: Examining Generational Differences Between Bullying Yesterday and Today will examine how the traditional go to solution “fight back” used in previous generations will just not suffice in today’s day and time. You will read real-life bullying stories from all ages and how they dealt with it according to generational standards. Due to changes in culture and new technology bullying is more complicated than ever before. After reading this book, hopefully you will be a... more
  • Why Waiting Works

    by Rob B. Kowalski
    Why Waiting Works is the most practical book ever written on the subject of waiting to have sex until marriage. While books have been written, few, if any, have ever broken it down as clearly. Why Waiting Works deconstructs the myths and misconceptions associated with the often misunderstood, but vital to understand subject. It’s the common sense approach to dating and finding true love. Have you ever wondered, WHY WAIT? WHAT’S THE POINT? WHAT SENSE DOES THAT MAKE? Maybe you think the idea o... more
  • It Is Time: Inspirational Answers for Everyday Life Issues

    by Levi Stubbs
    IT IS TIME is a quick start guide to the ultimate operator's manual of life, the bible. This book is not by any means written to replace GOD's word, but gives inpirational references from the bible and provides simple messages, examples, and instructions that are easy to read and follow. This book was written with the purpose of passing along wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to help make the tirals and tribulations of life manageable. Knowing how to get through life's everyday obstacles, tur... more
  • Mind Files: Perception, Perspective, & Problems

    by Penny Hodgson
    Mind Files explains the mind's process of collecting, assessing, categorizing, storing and referencing information through each and every experience. Our perceptions become our perspectives, and our perspectives can go on to create problems in our life unless we reassess them at our current level of understanding. Find out, step by step, how to review, reassess and remove or rewrite the conclusions stored in the files in the filing cabinets of your mind.
  • Order from Chaos: The Everyday Grind of Staying Organized with Adult ADHD

    by Jaclyn Paul
    Break the cycle of disorganization with Jaclyn Paul, the writer behind the popular blog The ADHD Homestead. Discover the root causes of your past organizing failures and figure out how to achieve long-term success. Written for adults with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and those who love them, Order from Chaos will appeal to anyone seeking a more peaceful, orderly life. Part self-help memoir, part quick-start guide, Order from Chaos is the first step to ditching your shame... more
  • Beautiful Disaster

    by Natasha R. Robinson
    Have you ever noticed how when disaster strikes, we panic? In life these disasters come with and without warning. They strike, we panic, and then we begin to rebuild. Beautiful Disaster illustrates Natasha’s story of panicking, accepting what was, and rebuilding. Natasha was blind to the beauty until she reached her breaking point emotionally, mentally, and physically. She had reached her limit, or what she thought was her limit. Her pride was broken, her hope shattered. What was she to do? She ... more
  • The Five-Year Marriage: Shifting the Marriage Paradigm

    by Annmarie Kelly
    Marriage needs a makeover – and the Five-Year Marriage is it! With the nearly 50% divorce rate and the number of couples choosing to live together instead of being married, the old-school model clearly isn’t working. The Five-Year Marriage: Shifting the Marriage Paradigm shows couples a logical way to recognize and respond to life’s changes within the marriage partnership – changes that happen in you, your life, your relationship, and your marriage. It explains how couples can, in doable fiv... more
  • Life as Process

    by Philip S. Salisbury
    This book is about observation and process. It addresses what we observe, how we observe, and the value and consequences of how we observe. It also explores the terms of value and meaning, the attribution of value and meaning to observation, and the process of existence. Second, this essay examines time and change and how we observe both. It discusses the concept of ?living in the now? or ?living in the moment? and examines their relevance to a life well lived. Third, the essay proposes a framew... more
  • I Want a Pet

    by Warren Bolton
    I Want a Pet: A P-E-T was born out of a dad?s sincere but fun-loving attempt to help his sons cope with not being able to have a cat or dog due to one of them having allergies. Dad devised a game the family could play when riding along in the car, waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant, or sitting in the confines of their living room. That game led to this wonderfully illustrated book. The book?s catchy cadence and simple, repetitive rhyme will charm young minds. It unlocks the imagination a... more
  • Countdown to Greatness

    by Michael Carter Griffin
    “Countdown to Greatness” “(C2G)” is designed to ignite and re-ignite an individual’s awareness of their potential. The book reminds us that all individuals have greatness within them, and that we all have the ability to make a positive difference in the lives of others. By helping others, we help ourselves to become better individuals, and move closer and closer to our own potential and to greatness. When we understand the internal emotional reward of helping others, we begin to see not only... more
  • The New Age Bible

    by Erik Cloud
    This magical literature full of religious logic, metaphysical common sense, and supernatural wisdom has given way to a new astrological star chart reading fashioned formidably from a keyed up individual?s molded mind, body, and soul all the while exposed to everyday occurrences such as light and dark, positive and negative, genetics and environment, ECT. Th e key used for utility coded in our modern day western zodiac, four basic elements, and three states confronts many everyday problems such a... more
  • Evaluation of the Positive Behavior Support Program on Fourth-Grade Student Discipline Infractions

    by Dr. James A. Bracy
    Prior to implementation of this the program, students with increased antisocial behaviors were becoming more disruptive to the learning environment on a regular basis. Because much of the instructional time is being spent correcting these behaviors, the academic progression of students has been decreasing. To limit distractions, disruptive students need to be remediated and counseled on problems and solutions. The Positive Behavior Support (PBS) program is an alternative to giving students negat... more
  • My Amazing Transformation of Love, Courage, and Wisdom

    by Marty Cole
    Marty Cole began his journey Sept. 17, 1953, when he was born in Santa Monica, California. At six years old, he entered military school, and from age six to eleven, he was verbally, physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically abused. Sometimes, he was beaten so badly, he bled. When he returned home at age fifteen, it was tough to adjust to home life after nine years away. He asked his father if he could get his own apartment. ?No problem, son. I?ll get you your own place to live,? he ... more
  • Forget Me Not

    by Sherryjean Richhart-Rorick
    This is a collection of my poems written over the years. These are thoughts about things in life that happen to all of us. These are feelings and emotions perhaps of the writer but also the reader. The paintings reflect our moods?joy, sorrow, love, conflict. It is meant to make you happy and appreciate your own life.
  • The Lessons I Learned

    by Paul R. Becker
    The book is to inspire our young generation to take charge of their careers and understand the path previous generations have taken to succeed. It?s about communication and taking time to reflect and understand how different our lives can be with simple communication. I want to touch managers who are struggling with staffing issues and hiring practices to better grasp how the future generation will impact business. We need to take control and guide our future leaders and those who will step in o... more
  • God Had a Plan

    by Orlan E. Thomas
    God Had a Plan begins with a genealogy patterned much like the ones found in the Bible, with some early family history interspersed as was available. Once the genealogy is established, the author offers an examination of the ?seed,? referring to the ?look see? into the lives of those who produced the offspring in review. The life and times of the author and his beloved wife Marcella are explored from cradle to adulthood, journeying through his teaching positions and her position as soprano soloi... more