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  • As God Is My Witness

    by Carol Ann Conlin
    A trust is stolen, betrayed. A time of innocence is gone. ?How could one say such terrible things to a child, not yet a teen, not yet a woman?? How could one commit to such horrific deeds? One carried a little lamb, a sleep to an evil lair. The little lamb awoke outside the entrance. Her body trembled from within, struggling to awaken from the monster in the night. The monster in the night laid her in his berth. The lamb begged to let her go, her coffin beaconing from afar. The lamb tried to... more

    by Rashida Costa
    Rashida Costa, an icon in the field of personal development, offers an exceptional and motivational book that examines the reasons for failures, demotivation, and how to get out of your own way and achieve the success you are deserving of. Far too often we fall short of pursuing our dreams and seeing them through to the end, the agendas and voices of others overpower the strength and confidence we have within. The environments and people we choose to invite into our lives are often the source of... more
  • Meditation: Important Things You Need to Know

    by Dr. King
    Meditation is a powerful means to not only to enhance general well-being, but also as a practice that can lead one to the peaks of human experience. But unfortunately, there is lot of mystery around it, and many practices propagated today don't have a clear explanation of how they work. Such clarity is needed to make meditation not only effective, but also safe and without adverse consequences. This guide provides lot of insights into various aspects of meditation, explained in an easy-to-un... more
  • Psychology Behind Yoga - Lesser Known Insights Into the Ancient Science of Yoga

    by Dr. King
    This book builds up the psychological basis behind Yoga, based on descriptions given in ancient texts such as Yoga sutra of Patanjali (~200 B.C.) and Sänkhya Kärika of Isvara Krshna (~300 A.D.). This understanding is essential to get a complete grasp of the Yöga process. The book clearly explains various states the mind can be in, and how by a step by step process the mind can be nudged into the ultimate desirable state namely the samadhi. As often mistaken, samädhi is not a single state but a s... more
  • How and Why of Yoga and Meditation (Economy Edition)

    by Dr. King
    How does Yoga actually work? There are as many theories as there are variants of Yoga! This book analyses Yoga in the most scientific manner to show how this ancient discipline propounded by Patanjali way back in 200 B.C. is completely scientific. Yoga is not some belief but a scientifically verifiable system. This right understanding is very much essential to clear lot of misconceptions and realize the full potential of Yoga.
  • Important Missing Dimensions in Our Current Understanding of the Mind (Economy Edition)

    by Dr. King
    This book portrays an interesting array of ancient philosophies ranging from ancient Greece to the Indian subcontinent dealing with various aspects of Mind and domains beyond Mind. These highly intriguing and well conceptualized philosophies shed light on some of the missing dimensions of our current understanding of the Mind. The arguments put forth by these philosophies are compelling enough to revise our current notion of science itself.
  • Ancient Wisdom- Modern Viewpoints: Interesting Picks from Ancient Indian Scriptures

    by Dr. King

    This book captures the essence of ancient Indian scriptures, analyzing them from today’s point of view. The scriptures selected are mainly the eleven Upanishads (parts of Vedic literature), Bhagavad Geetha (most important book of Indian philosophy) and the Manu Smrthi (one of the most ancient law books by Manu). All these scriptures were composed more than 2500 years ago and influence the Indian way of life even to this day. In addition to these primary scriptures, this book also cross ... more

  • Think and Be Enlightened - Inspirational, Informative Thoughts on Yoga, Spirituality and Indian Philosophy

    by Dr. King
    Many thoughts on Yoga, philosophy, spirituality that force you to see things from an altogether different perspective.
  • Buddha's Soul: Invaluable Insights from an Enlightened Master(economy Edition)

    by Dr. King
    This book explains some of the key ideas propounded by Buddha that makes us rethink on several things we take for granted. The way these ideas are presented is as if Buddha is sitting just in front of us and talking to us. They are invaluable! Unlike other ancient Indian philosophies like the Upanishads, Buddha’s words are simple, direct and delivered with full authority. They are like a handholding experience to an ardent practitioner who wants to make progress in the spiritual path. Whatever B... more
  • Mantra to Enhance Your Mental Capabilities

    by Dr. King
    or thousands of years, millions of people have taken advantage of one mantra which is believed to enhance the mental capabilities. Though it is used even today, it has become a prerogative of a small minority of people and seems to be going into the oblivion. The ravages of time has seriously rendered this potent mantra into an article of religious faith and deep rooted superstition, depriving the vast majority from realizing its benefits. This book opens up this mantra to all those who are desi... more
  • Meditation - Important Things You Need to Know

    by Dr. King .
    Meditation is a powerful means not only to enhance general well being, but also as a practice that can lead one to peaks of human experience. But unfortunately, there is lot of mystery around it and many practices propagated today don’t have a clear explanation on how they work. Such clarity is needed to make meditation not only effective but also safe without adverse consequences. This book provides lot of insights into various aspects of meditation, explained in an easy to understand manner.... more
  • It's Time to Come Home: With Kindness and Compassion, We Come Home to Ourselves

    by Stewart Blackburn
    \tThere is nothing that compares with feeling comfortable with who we are. It is the wondrous sense that we are at home in ourselves and happy to be us. Yet most of us have great difficulty getting into this delicious state of being. The way home is not through great sacrifices and endless hardships. It is a path through being gentle with ourselves, showing ourselves the kind of love and compassion that we would with any dear friend or beloved. \tHere in It’s Time to Come Home you will find wa... more
  • The Gentleman's Style Guide

    by Robin Austin Reed
    You don’t have to struggle to understand the complex world of fashion. Learn who you are as a man, develop your own unique image and then compliment that with great clothes that are comfortable and require easy care. Women decide if they can trust a man by how he cares for himself. Looking great gives you the confidence to have empowered relationships. Employers judge you based on your appearance in the first six seconds. If you can’t blend with their culture, you won’t land the job. I’ll ... more
  • Frei in die Zukunft - Leben als authentische Selbst

    by Monika Müller
    Zu wissen, wie mit Angst, Schmerz, Schuldgefühl und Aggression befreiend umgegangen werden kann, ist der Ausgangspunkt, um frei in die Zukunft gehen zu können. Bewusst als Teil der Natur zu leben, lässt eine Freiheit erfahren, die bei Ignoranz unserer Zugehörigkeit zur Natur unzugänglich bleibt. Aufmerksames Leben mit unseren fünf Körpersinnen und dem vielfach noch unbekannten "körperinneren Tastsinn", dem Energiefluss in unserem Körper, eröffnet uns den Freiraum jenseits der Dimensionen von ... more
  • Heilung durch Tantra - Sexualität als Weg zu Heilung und Transformation

    by Monika Müller
    Eine genussvolle, bewusste Sexualität ist ein unschätzbarer Beitrag zur Lebensqualität - das ist sogar wissenschaftlich erwiesen. Daher wird das Tantra, die uralte indische Liebeskunst in der modernen Welt wieder als natürlicher Weg zur erfüllenden erotischen Erfahrung entdeckt. Die Seele baumeln lassen und dem Körper zwanglos einen tiefen Genuss ermöglichen: Tantra ist ganzheitliche Lebenskunst im besten Sinne! Und wenn beide Partner ihr Inneres füreinander öffnen, erschließen sich dabei ungeah... more
  • Revealing The Excellence Within: The Neuro Way To Improving Astuteness, Behavior and Safety Awareness For Teens, Tweens & Family

    by Landon Michael Douglas
    Utilizing The 12 Cornerstone Character Traits for comparison, RTEW infuses Cognitive Neuroscientific Concepts while exploring real-world scenarios to build confidence with improved astuteness, behavior and safety awareness in children ages 8-18.