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  • How to Write Your Book: ...from an Idea to Your Published Story

    by Francine Barish-Stern
    Do You Write or Want to Write? Have You ever said, "I want to write a book?" If so HOW TO WRITE YOUR BOOK may just be what you've been waiting for. We've turned the "dry" subject of learning how to write, into a fun, step by step interactive journey, with 3 Wise Guides to see that you get to YOUR FINISHED STORY! These Guides, the writer, Ms. Iwanna B. Writer, the editor, Ms. Edi Tor and the publisher, Mr. I. M. Publisher, all travel with you sharing their expertise. Each Chapter maps out a... more
  • Law Of Action: A Rationalist Approach To Self-Help

    by T C Thomas
    Have you ever tried self-help, only to find that it did not work? It did not matter how hard you believed or how closely you followed the information in the book, it just did not do what the speaker or book promised that it would do. Whether you are new to the world of self-help or you are experienced with the disappointment that often comes along with realizing that most self-help techniques are full of crap, this ends now. You see, I agree with you. The world of self-help is far from helpful... more
  • 360 Living: Practical guidance for a balanced life

    by Jacquelyn Salvador
    Ever feel burnt out? Missing a deeper meaning? Inexplicably unhappy? Sometimes life gets off-balance, but with the right steps, we can find the personal path to authentic happiness and balance. This guide will help you define your unique path to better living.
  • Remarriage & Adultery (In the Bible)

    by Michael Sayen

    There have been 1,000's of books about Divorce and Remarriage, but this is the first of its kind. It explores divorce and remarriage from the Graeco-Roman perspective in the first century against the Jewish unilateral perspective of the Bride Price (as well as other Jewish Traditions). The general thesis is that we (Gentiles) have been looking at divorce and remarriage through our bilateral, cultural view which is not comparable with Old Testament Scriptures. Dr. David Instone-Brewer has ... more

  • The New Working Woman's (r)Evolution

    by Cristina Carballo-Perelman
    The New Working Woman’s (r)Evolution is a modern, practical survival and success road map for all women in the work force. This road map is comprised of eleven attributes needed to become empowered. And becoming empowered is critical in today’s world of pay inequity, sexual harassment and lack of promotions beyond mid-level managerial positions. The ability to shatter the glass ceiling is further hampered by the under-representation of women in the board room across all industries, even thos... more
  • Marriage God's Way: A Biblical Recipe for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered Relationships

    by Scott LaPierre
    God wants your marriage to be a joy and blessing, but you must embrace the principles in His Word! Nearly everything in life comes with instructions--from the cell phones we use to the automobiles we drive. Yet when it comes to marriage, many people struggle without proper guidance. Couples experience pain and conflict when love and joy should flourish. The good news is there are instructions for marriage too, written by the One who created marriage. In Marriage God's Way, Pastor Scott LaPie... more

    Survival is a motivational book that will help its readers tackle difficult issues in life. It deals with the aspects of spirituality, our role in the universe and how we can build a happy and successful life while dealing with the challenges that we face. The articles in the book touch on issues like inner engineering and how to go deep within and harness our limitless potential. The book also opens up on the answers of consciousness, the role of religion in our lives and the nature of the s... more
  • The 7 Mystical Laws of Abundance: A Guide from the Sages on Effortless Abundance

    by Sujith Ravindran
    Like never before, humanity is on a relentless pursuit of wealth and abundance. In that process, many are burning themselves and their relationships down, being left with a life of toil and ill-health. In this profound guide, Sujith has shared from the sages a radically different – yet simple – way to draw abundance into our lives. It starts with the recognition that the Universe is abundant, and It follows a set of laws in sharing that abundance. Once we understand these seven powerful laws... more
  • The Tell Me More Gesture: How & Why to Welcome Conflict

    by Janet W. Rowles, M.A.

    Coming very soon! Janet lends her skills as high conflict mediator, combined with her personal experience as instigator (really!), to teach you what she herself learned: that welcoming conflict, even when it is directed at YOU, is the most productive and most connecting way to deal with conflict. This is part book–part workbook, with professional stories and personal anecdotes, skill-builidng exercises, journaling prompts, and much more to teach and inspire you to say three simple words... more

  • The Amazing Afterlife of Animals: Messages and Signs from Our Pets on the Other Side

    by Karen A. Anderson

    Winner 2018 International Book Awards - Pets/Animals

    Finalist 2018 International Book Awards - New Age Finalist

    2018 International Book Awards - Spirituality

    Finalist 2018 International Book Awards - Best Cover Design Non-Fiction

    Silver Medal Winner - 2017 Nautilus Book Awards

    5-Star Review from Readers Favorite Book Reviews

    Best Cover - Next ... more

  • My Brother Has Autism: Understanding Autism Through the Eyes of a Sibling

    by Bernadette Swindells
    Bernadette's son was diagnosed with autism. The journey she has been on raising him has inspired her to write this educational and heart-warming book. This book shows some of the main characteristics of autism, and it was written with the hope of helping its readers open their minds and hearts to accept and acknowledge disabilities and the differences in all of us. The photographs throughout the book show a very real picture of life with autism within her family. Both educational and an enjo... more
  • Still Standing

    by Jasmynne Shaye
    Still Standing is a collection of original poems and essays written by Jasmynne Shaye. The poems read like private diary entries as each speaks to a specific, intimate moment that she experienced. Each poem is then followed by an encouraging, thought-provoking essay inspired by the poem it stands with. It’s an easy read that’s filled with emotion, gratitude, pain, and triumph. Jasmynne Shaye's message is simple: you may get knocked down, but what matters most is that you’re still standing at th... more
  • The Golden Penny

    by Jasmynne-Shaye Robbins
    The Golden Penny is a unique journey of self-discovery, self-reflection, and personal growth. It's a book that one cannot passively peruse as it requires the reader to take action and it holds the reader accountable for those actions taken (or not taken). It is a book designed to allow you to get to know you on a deeper, more intimate level.
  • Are You Happy?: A Guidebook on How to Earn Happiness

    by Lea Colleens
    'Are you happy?' is a guide on how to earn Happiness. It offers a clear and practical definition of what Happiness is and also lays out the recipe to achieve it. Engaging and easy to digest, it describes how the human brain works and how we need to train and use it in order to maximize happiness and help us find our own unique path.
  • The Science Of Getting Rich The Word Search Edition

    by Patricia Avant
    114 word search puzzles built on, 114 of the best quotes from the book -The Science of Getting Rich-Includes the original text and a answer grid for each puzzle.
  • Nia & the Numbers Game: A Teenager's Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex

    by BTH Creations LLC
    BTH Creations, LLC is proud to announce their debut book release NIA & THE NUMBERS GAME, A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships & Sex. The book is aimed at teenage girls and their parents, and it chronicles the adventures of its engaging African-American heroine Nia Ferguson through puberty and beyond. Written by Dr. Kela Henry, an Atlanta family physician, the book is designed as a user-friendly guide for the adolescent girl, to help her learn about the changes occurring in her body as ... more