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  • Dating on Purpose: An Illustrated Guide to Intentional Dating for Commitment-Conscious Millennials

    by Tia Truthteller

    Single millennial women are concerned-will they find a worthy partner to settle down with, sooner rather than later? You hate feeling desperate, but can’t deny the existence of your biological clock.

    This illustrated handbook will show you how to harness your dating power and use it effectively, with intention. It will leave you feeling more inspired, knowledgeable and empowered, with a plan.

    Full of quirky illustrations, real life stories and annotated d... more

  • Connect Using Humor and Story: How I Got 18 Laughs 3 Applauses in a 7 Minute Persuasive Speech

    by Ramakrishna Reddy
    Imagine how you would feel when people are cheering, applauding and saying ‘wow’ after your presentation. What if you could give a speech and an audience member comes and says, “I felt you were just talking to me”. Ramakrishna Reddy, presents the secrets, tools and devices that helped him create 18 laughs 3 applauses in a 7-minute persuasive speech in his 5th book ‘Connect with Humor and Story’. This is not theory. It’s absolute content based on his research, his experience and his testi... more
  • BLACKOUT: How I Found My True Self Once I Logged Out Of Social Media

    by Sezen Ahıskal
    She spent over a decade in digital marketing helping produce award-winning advertising campaigns for top global clients. So to find her, lying on her itchy living room carpet, still in pajamas at noon, is to know she’s in a slump. The reason? The very medium she’d devoted her career to. Our world speeds by these days, with push notifications serving as another tedious responsibility to take care of. But for all the chat rooms and status updates, Ahıskal felt disconnected, depressed. When did... more
  • The Curious Dreamer's Practical Guide to Dream Interpretation

    by Nancy Wagaman

    Pay attention to your dreams and they can change your life...if you can just figure out what they mean. Like a personal dream coach, this book walks you step-by-step through interpreting your dream, finding the value in it, and using it to make positive changes in your life. Choose from 40 powerful techniques to customize a robust interpretation experience. From the creator of The Curious Dreamer's Dream Dictionary (, this guide takes t... more

  • The Joy of Wisdom

    by Gail Overby
    Wisdom and affirmations shared with humor, compassion and colorful illustrations to encourage you throughout your day.
  • 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire

    by King Kevin Dorival
    In 7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire, King Kevin Dorival, the author, takes you on a mind-tingling journey of the greatest moments of several powerful women throughout history. Some of them were anointed queens by their country or the battlefields, while others were queens from birth. Just because you label yourself a queen doesn’t automatically mean that you’re kind and generous; there are bad queens too. This book highlights the lives of former First Lady Michelle Obama, Queen Auset, Lady of Cut... more
  • Happiness is Chosen Wisely: 3300 Axioms of Self-Evident Truths

    by Byer
    Everything in life has a positive and a negative. The premise of this book is that pleasure negates happiness. It is meant to make you think about the sole desire of pleasure as our problem and not our solution, and to define the differences between pleasure and happiness as two distinct opposite states of mind. When a desire for pleasure is the goal, those decisions can result in stress, anxiety, despair (SAD) and a fear of loss. For all pleasures last but a short time because of hedonic ada... more
  • The Heart To Start: Win the Inner War & Let Your Art Shine

    by David Kadavy
    You have something to offer the world. Find the inspiration and motivation to finally start making your art. In The Heart to Start David Kadavy, bestselling author of Design for Hackers, shows you how to overcome fear, self-doubt, and distractions to win the inner war and finally let your art shine. Through the stories of great creators, from Picasso to Maya Angelou, interwoven with David's rise from cubicle-dweller to bestselling author, and from the guests of David's podcast, Love Your Work,... more
  • The Big Squeeze: Hugs & Inspirations for Every Grown-Up Who Loves Teddy Bears

    by Susan Mangiero

    Inspired by the enduring appeal of teddy bears for grown-ups of all ages, The Big Squeeze is a sweet and uplifting gift book focused on the undeniable truth that kindness to ourselves, and others, matters. Combining enchanting photos with motivational messages, The Big Squeeze invites readers to ACCEPT that everyone has ups and downs, CELEBRATE triumphs, HEAL the hurts, LOVE one another, SHARE the good times and bad and TRY new adventures whe... more

  • A Dialogue with Depression

    by Om Devi
    She couldn’t stop it. She watched and she begged, and she got frustrated and angry; she demanded and sought support, but she couldn’t stop it. She was a witness to the downward spiral, but she was helpless. But if she couldn’t stop it, would it be enough to understand it? In A Dialogue with Depression, author Om Devi shares the journey through her husband’s struggle with clinical depression. It is an expression of her discovered wisdom over the years of a deep emotional acknowledgement of the ... more
  • Miss Right for Mr. Right

    by Lee Speights
    The author decided to write this book to help men and women see a different perspective in a relationship or potential relationship. His goal is to enlighten everyone, especially women, and inform them about the different aspects of past, current, and future relationships. Miss Right for Mr. Right explores and analyzes women?s unique qualities and advises women?and sometimes men as well?on how to find and sustain a successful relationship with someone of the opposite sex. Miss Right for Mr. Righ... more
  • Chanting Meditation Magic: 14 Invocations and Mantras to Intentionally Heal & Create the Life of Your Dreams

    by Omaria Tucker
    n this introductory book, Chanting Meditation Magic, Omaria Tucker shares 14 invocations and mantras that the novice can use to manifest money, gain clarity & divine insight, heal hurts and draw down the force of the miraculous from the unseen spiritual realm into our daily physical lives. She has pulled together sacred sounds from different origins to assist the reader with tapping into their higher self and the essence of the Creator/Universe in us all. With her modern day flava as the... more
  • Unsuck Your Book: 8 Months From First Draft to the Promised Land

    by William Alan Webb
    Learn then earn. How one guy crafted a best seller with only a computer, a bunch of dogs and coffee. The author of the smash hit Standing The Final Watch, aka the world's oldest teenager, reveals his rocket ride from obscurity to thriving career as a novelist and active membership in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. The weather was sunny and warm, the coffee fresh, the dogs quiet for once and the reference book I needed for the day's work lay open to the appropriate p... more
  • Get a Grip!

    by Frank Miles

    A comic recap of the classic book of Stoic Wisdom, The Enchiridion (or Handbook) by Epictetus.


  • Navigating The River of Time

    by Stuart Perrin



    A combination of wisdom teachings and memoir, “Navigating The River of Time” shares incidents from the life of a confused but gifted young man’s journey halfway around the world and return to his hometown where he met his spiritual teacher. It’s a tapestry that brings together years of spiritual practice with day-to-day practical living. 


    If its readers r... more

  • The Story I Tell Myself: How Self Narratives Define Our Identity, Hold Us Back And How We Can Change Them

    by Peter Ash
    You know you who are, right? Of course you do, you’re you! But what if who you think you are is actually holding you back, closing off exciting opportunities that are right in front of you, and preventing you from achieving your best potential? This book explores the concept of self-narrative, or the stories that we tell ourselves about who we are and our place in the work. The author explores how understanding our own self-narratives and challenging them can enable you to change how you thin... more