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  • Elsewhere: Volume Four (The Journals of Meghan McDonnell Book 4)

    by Meghan McDonnell
    In volume four of this addictive and vicarious series, McDonnell visits New York and London, walks away from her first love, begins her foray into acting, wades through family friction and goes back to college.
  • Novice: Volume Two (The Journals of Meghan McDonnell Book 2)

    by Meghan McDonnell
    Volume two of this addictive and vicarious series spans her freshman year of college, first love, a trip to Australia, and navigating young adulthood, living on her own among peers.
  • Just. Be. Still. (Ugh.)

    by Amanda H. Williams
    30 days of reflections from the stillness of the time-out chair in the midst of the hustle and bustle of one busy woman's topsy turvy life.
  • Inner Peace Outer Abundance

    by Kim Ha Campbell
    Inner Peace Outer Abundance delivers the best steps and mapping the clearest routes to help yourself, your business sense, and your dreams. From The BEACH Success System to discussing how she broke through her fears to live a loving life filled with happiness, fun, and abundance, Kim Ha Campbell leads by following her own message. Inner Peace Outer Abundance serves as a guide suited for every person, in every situation, at any stage in their life. In This book, Kim Ha Campbell covers motivation ... more
  • 978-1-879203-00-7

    by Karen La Puma
    This prescriptive model invites you through a step-by step process to awaken, manifest, and transform, shown with simple stories and pictures. •\t Separate from the Past •\t Empower your Spirituality •\t Choose the Positive and Happiness •\t Discover Meaning and Purposeful Living •\t “Follow your Bliss” •\t Create a Plan
  • Bliss and Blisters in Love & Marriage: A Novel Based on a War Bride's True Story

    by Gloria Shell Mitchell
    Davida, a young college student, marries Vincent after he gets drafted to help him obtain a marriage deferment. They enjoy ten days of marital bliss before he is deployed to Vietnam. Upon his return, the war veteran's bride experiences blistery attacks that make married life a living hell. She has no idea that Vincent's destructive behavior is due to an undiagnosed case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Advice from seasoned wives and faith in God sustain her until she reaches a pivotal m... more
  • Life Should Be Simple and Easy: If You're Doing It Hard, You're Doing It Wrong

    by Conrad Aquino and Bryson Miller

    The book, Life Should Be Simple and Easy: If You're Doing It Hard, You're Doing It Wrong, shows us the downright, honest truths about life. In doing so, this book gives us the tools to live life in the best possible way. It is a unique self-help book, in the sense that, it does not try to change you, motivate you, inspire you, or teach you coping skills. It drills down to the basics of how we become who we are, in turn, revealing the origin of stress.

    The book was written in a m... more

  • God: A User's Manual

    by Gregory Edward Flood

    You have infinite power to make your life anything you want it to be--and you are SO screwing it up!


    It’s not your fault. Nobody told you that you had infinite power, after all. Or how to use it. But Gregory Edward Flood is telling you now. And he’s telling you how.


    ‘Reading this book is like running a vacuum through the cobwebs of your brain; finally, once and for all getting rid of all the accumulated dust left by upbringing,... more

  • Faith, Family, Fitness: Never Give Up and Never Give In

    by William St. George
    Faith, Family and Fitness is the foundation for our lives. Everything evolves around those three aspects. Life is a series of relationships and there is a hierarchy of order to make the relationships work throughout our lifetime. If we invert the order, it fails to keep the strength and longevity we need to finish the life we are given. This book puts proper perspective to a life worth living. People need hope and a way to live life. The author has been responsible in leading people in his prof... more
  • Shiatsu. Skills development: Spa therapies framework

    by Malini Chaudhri
    Shiatsu is a world class heritage science fundamental to mental, emotional and spiritual wellness based on a Japanese legacy. The principles of centering and harnessing of human energy for healing or self development is beautifully conveyed in the book. This book is developed for a Shiatsu course based on global Occupational Standards with technical structure. It preserves the essence of the classics originating from China and adapting in Japan. The processes of Zen and internalization for em... more
  • Doing the Right Thing: Taking Care of Your Elderly Parents Even if They Didn't Take Care of You

    by Roberta Satow
    Satow's insightful manual asserts that with proper preparation, middle-aged baby boomers charged with sick or elderly parents, even estranged ones, can find caring for them a rewarding, or at least tolerable, situation, one that need not erode anyone's integrity or sanity. Psychoanalyst and Brooklyn College sociology professor Satow's personal experience with her own difficult mother suggests that such care may actually mend long-conflicted relationships. She intercuts her clearly written advice... more
  • How to get your Man to treat you as good as your Dog does

    by Breez Rynn Bowen
    Create a peaceful, harmonious pet family with these training techniques and apply positive reinforcement within your relationship.
  • What Does God Think? Transgender People and The Bible

    by Cheryl B. Evans
    What Does God Think? is an exploration into the relationship between transgender people and the Bible. Presented with the idea that her transgender child was “not of God”, Cheryl B. Evans set out to see what God really thinks about transgender people. What does the Bible say? Why is there such a big divide among Christians? Why do some Christians insist there is no such thing as a transgender person while other Christians accept and affirm transgender people? And most importantly, what doe... more
  • 8 Steps Toward Getting Pass the Pain

    by Charletta Robinson Cosley
    8 Steps Toward Getting Pass the Pain is a self-help guide. It aims to help individuals express their feelings, allowing them to explore, and thereby, release themselves from the memory of painful events and experiences that they have been holding on to.
  • Surviving a Cyberstalker: How to Prevent and Survive Cyberabuse and Stalking

    by Alexis Moore

    This book is written to help you protect yourself from cyberabuse and stalking and to empower you to fight back. It is vital to regaining control over your life in case you and a cyberpredator or stalker ever cross paths. Many victims find little or no help from any law enforcement agency or victim service providers, even though there are stalking and cyberabuse laws. Regulations fail to evolve quickly enough to address the creativity and spontaneity of today's predators.

    Alexis Moo... more

  • The Zen of Tiny: Self Help for Tiny Houses, RV and Glamping Lifestyles

    by T Lynn Dodsworth
    The Zen of Tiny is a guide to the knowledge you need for the journey to your tiny lifestyle. You'll discover the mindset you need, facts to consider before you buy and what to expect when you downsize into your tiny life.