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  • The Husbandman

    by David Rosenfeld
    With Magna Charta forgotten, the Declaration of Independence ignored, the Constitution distorted, and our liberties under the Bill of Rights imperiled; with central banking and fiat money under the Federal Reserve, with Congress a rubber stamp for an authoritarian presidency, and with legislated socialization of our private property; these poems may entertain the sympathetic reader?s possibly otherwise unvoiced disdain for a trend. Sometimes humorous, sometimes serious, sometimes vaguely hinting... more
  • The Goddess Collection

    by Ailie Wallace
    What does a 21st Century Goddess look like? Ailie Wallace answers this question by exploring women's rights, feminism, gender roles, sexual assault and more, and compares modern women with the Goddesses of ancient Greece. The collection also contains artworks contributed by female artists.
  • 1987598032

    by John Sierpinski
  • The Cosmic Hello

    by C. Alexander
    "Couples therapy sessions slowly morphed into solitary therapy sessions. My therapist kept coming back to the question of my passions, and where I was headed. I knew it was writing. So I wrote. I wrote my pain of loss. I wrote my confusion about the existential questions that plagued me as someone who grew up in the bible belt, but had a hard time swallowing the bigotry I saw. I wrote my struggle through heartbreak and single life. I wrote my triumphs in self-confidence, and ultimately I wrote a... more
  • Love Me Like The Stars

    by Alesia Carter

    Love Me Like The Stars is a collection of poems, prose and thoughts told through stories of lust, romance, heartache and salvation. Consisting of four chapters, as well as color photography and illustrations designed by the author, this strikingly poignant and addicting collection of poetry is based on Carter's own personal experiences. She creatively digs deep to navigate themes surrounding love, heartbreak, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, self-worth, single-motherhood, intersectional... more

  • Words Can Be Great

    by Manley Peterson
    This rhyming book shows you just how many amazing words there are to use in your life. If you choose the right words, your message will be powerful. Great for all ages and vocabularies.
  • Unsettled

    by Aditi Babel
    Aditi took her first international flight as a six-month-old from the vibrant Indian capital of Delhi to the metropolitan city of Dubai. Since then, she has lived in five and traveled to over thirty countries. In this collection of poems, she explores themes of identity, commitment, and belonging as she navigates first dates, lust, and love in a new home on her path to self-discovery.
  • during the music

    by r soos
    during the music is inward looking and ennobling to the reader. I can't say that about many books, and reading this is an experience in losing ego. By capturing the essence of the moment between moments, the stray thoughts that seem small at the time are actually the essence of life. - John Brantingham
  • Tributaries: A Book of Poetry

    by Pamala Ballingham

    Tributaries: A Book of Poetry harnesses the power of words to reveal deep meaning in complex matters of life and death. Inspired by the wonders of nature, author Pamala Ballingham contemplates the phenomena of love, the ache of grief, and the beauty of wildernesses all around us. Written mostly in free verse, she also includes a rich collection of Haiku. Life is confounding in a lot of ways. These poems—these little words, offer a powerful glimpse into the otherwise inaccessible mystery... more

  • My Own Worst Enemy: a collection of poetry about life, love, loss and faith

    by Barbara Roy
    Poetry about life, love, loss and faith. This collection of poems was written between 1994−2011 by published freelance writer and Fortune 500 content, communications and training consultant, Barbara Roy. Some were inspired by experience, some by life (real or perceived), some by observation of other peoples’ lives, and some by hopes and wishes. The hope now is that they will, in some way, be inspirational to you, the reader.
  • Running to the Sun: Another Collection of Rhymes Without Reason

    by Jeff McMahon
    Another fun filled collection of drawings and rhymes following in the wake of Swimming to the Moon. If you enjoyed that first collection, you re sure to enjoy Running to the Sun, another hardcover volume chock full of the weird, wild and wonderful, with some life lessons tossed in as well. Stir it all up and you ve got another timeless collection of fantastic art and poetry that you ll want to pass along and share with your family and friends. These poems and drawings are sure to tickle your fun... more
  • Swimming To The Moon: A Collection Of Rhymes Without Reason

    by Jeff McMahon
    Words of wisdom, whimsy and wonder fill this collection of tall tales and silly stories. As you wander through the pages you just may come across a rare Giraffapotamus, or meet The Remarkable Hector McTwee, and maybe even take a ride on a Unicornicycle. There are Cannonballs and Cartwheelers, Tree Climbers and Trampolinists, Moon Swimmers and Moose Riders, and an amazing assortment of funny, strange, and unforgettable rhymes that will have you wondering just what's coming next. A timeless collec... more
  • Arsonist's Heart

    by D.C. Heitzmann

    Four chapters for four reasons for one story and one lesson. What's an arsonists heart?

  • Rivers of Grace: Poems of Redemption & Restoration

    by Melanie Houston

    When Melanie Houston started on a fresh journey of writing, it began with one poem. From one season to another, her path intersected with women and men who inspired her to paint with a poetic flow, creating Rivers of Grace. In this first volume, her poetic river takes you to places that are peaceful as well as those that evoke passion and sentiment. Bringing fresh revelation and speaking to social and spiritual matters of the heart, Rivers of Grace is a compelling chronicle... more

  • Vulcan Bides in Moonlight: Collected Poems: 2012-2017

    by Shabnam Kaur
    The collected poems of Shabnam Kaur: an anthology of more than 300 verses based on identity, relationships, and weltanschauung, composed between 2012 and 2017.