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  • B00LBH2OMS

    by JRobin Whitley

    This is a collection of original poetry. Hard copies may be ordered from City Lights Bookstore where they are kept on hand to be signed by the author.

  • Ethereal Paradise

    by Reginald Chandler
    Imagination is the source that creativity spawn from, without it the soul would be void. This book basically reach those places in your mind that you try to reach in dreams and fantasies. I addressed the beauty of love, life, heartbreak, death and many other subjects. Each poem I collected over a long span of time. The unique poems talk to the readers on different levels. Some subjects are touchy and they will make us question ourselves. I titled the book "Ethereal Paradise" because the poems I ... more
  • Shared Thoughts

    by Kay Bradford Rodriguez
    My second book of poetry from the heart.
  • Poetic Thoughts

    by Kay Bradford Rodriguez
    It a book of poetry created from my own thoughts on life and living.
  • play infinity

    by Sondra Faye
  • Chronicles & Elegies

    by Antoine J. Polgar

    Poetry by French-born American poet in which an anachronistic narrative of transatlantic memoir, nostalgia and a Euro-American sensibility is forged out of attempts to fashion a convergence of poetic genres and forms – such as the epic of contemporaneity, the lyric of experience and elegiac allusion - through the use of classical rhetorical instruments of apostrophe, imprecation and synecdoche, shaped by the historical imagination.

  • 50 Shades of L.O.V.E.: Learning Our Various Emotions

    by Aulsondro Novelist Hamilton
    The author, Aulsondro Novelist Hamilton’s “50 SHADES of L.O.V.E. – Learning Our Various Emotions” is a completion of poetic expressions that delve into life governed by Emotions and love. L.O.V.E. is the foundation on which all should stand on in order to better understand one another.
  • Nothing Works, Everyone Labors

    by Lacluster
    A collection of poem exploring what it means to live in a city already given up for dead. This Rustbelt adventure investigates nostalgia, hope, fear, love, lust, and progress. It is a dimly lit statement of solidarity with those who fight for an unimaginable future.
  • Fifty Shades of Ray

    by Yardnom Pordlaw
    This book contains poems and songs that might not be suitable for younger readers. Reader discretion is advised. From the mind of an Autistic individual comes a compilation of the written word that discusses love, faith, and the world in a fashion that only he could exhibit.
  • Breakfast with My Fathers

    by Kevin M. Isaac

    "Breakfast with my Fathers" is a journey of discovery, renewal and faith. It is also a seamless forward and backward trip in time to relish wonderful memories and create new ones. It is as much a celebration as it is a tribute to Fathers. Yet it remains sufficiently self-aware to capture life as it happens and to depict psychic reflections of life in a carnival of verbal photography.

  • Illuminating Sidewalks

    by Robert Lampros

    Illuminating Sidewalks is a collection of poems and essays about love, community, history, and faith in Jesus Christ.

  • A Sacred Bond Broken (Overcoming Obstacles Poetry Series Book 2)

    by Daniel Walker
    With an inspirational foreword by a 19 year old college student Ka’Lysta A. Greene, a deeply emotional introduction by Daniel L. Walker, and a personal testimony by his niece Brittney R. Smith. After the success of his #1 Bestselling novel God’s Rain: Poetry of Love, Life, and Family, Poet and Author Daniel L. Walker, Sr returns with his compelling and heartfelt stories of love, betrayal, and hope. So much has been sensationalized surrounding the life and death of Teirra Walker, but this book ... more
  • Fits of Tranquility

    by Robert Lampros

    Fits of Tranquility is a book of poetry and prose about hope, healing, perseverance, and joy, as well as faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and falling in love.

  • Sonic Streaming: {Micro-Verse, Middle-Verse & Multi-Verse}

    by M. Anthony Sacco
    Collection of interesting, readable, thought provoking poetry including various styles, themes, photographic prompts and micro-poetry. The second book of original poems by M. Anthony Sacco.
  • Diary Of The Heart: Little Red Book

    by W. R. Watkins
    From the bestselling author of You. Are. Not. Alone. and An Obsessive Infatuation, comes the next installment of the Diary Of The Heart series. Little Red Book presents W. R. Watkins in the most intimate way for you, the reader, by giving you a complete access into Watkins' life over the past 12 months. This anthology reflects all the highs and lows, Watkins' personal thoughts and feelings, along with demonstrating his creative process when writing his poetry, making this Watkins' most p... more
  • Diary Of The Heart: An Obsessive Infatuation (Volume 1)

    by W. R. Watkins
    In W. R. Watkins' second anthology, the reader is taken through the discovery of love. From the wishes and dreams of being loved; to the mixed emotions of your first secret crush; to having to let that crush go. Whilst less personal that the his first book, You. Are. Not. Alone., Watkins reveals his heart to the reader, sharing his own experiences in having feelings so strong for someone, they are hard to ignore. Again, he has extended his hand to those experiencing their first crushes, offering... more