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  • Best Evidence

    by Mark Osaki
    Poet Mark S. Osaki covers a number of poignant topics in Best Evidence. Each poem in the four sections gives you a glimpse of a formative moment in Osaki’s life or expands your viewpoint on conflicts in the world. Some poems, like the powerful “Chinese Camp, California,” speak of a larger cultural experience and the nuances of navigating identity as an Asian American. Others still, like “Gun Song,” show the psychological and cultural impact of war. In each new work, Osaki captures powerful momen... more
  • White Wild Indigo

    by Jet Widick
    White Wild Indigo is both a children’s book and an illustrated collection of poems for adult readers. Author Jet Widick writes in a casual and playful tone that centers around our everyday experiences and taking delight in the present moment. This book is a celebration of these moments in catchy rhymes and wordplay— brought to life by Annie Moor’s bright and cheerful illustrations.
  • The Fiery Lake of Burning Sulfur

    by D. J. LeMarr

    Lucifer slumbers. A primordial being rises. The Abyss drags the Wyrm further into the depths of the bottomless pit. Lucifer fights against the desire to surrender as Hell worships the bedlam of a newfound order. On Earth, Constantine champions the cause of Christ, but in the end, he finds himself betrayed. Will the infectious corruption of the Wyrm's will surpass Constantine’s resolve? Forsaken by the Almighty, Constantine must brave Hell seeking truth with his mind torn between red... more

  • A Gladiators Journey

    by Brian Coates
    This is a story of a young boy being molded into a gladiator as he survives childhood. As an adult, he realizes that the learned traits do not translate well as an adult. As he recognizes that he needs help and reaches out for that help, he goes through a recovery and healing process. This is all told in a series of poems
  • Speaking in Tears: The Poetry in Grief

    by Grace Andren

    "Memories saturate my heart and the story of you spills from my eyes."

    Speaking In Tears is the poetic journey of a heartbroken mother to find the Poetry in Grief and the Beauty in Sorrow as she mourns the death of her young daughter.

    Our tears speak for themselves and in a language we can all decipher—Joy, Sorrow, Anger, and Love—no interpretation is needed for their presence or the many stor... more

  • Setting Fires

    by Sarah Saul
    Setting fires is a collection of poetry that explores sexism, abuse, abandonment and love. The chapbook provides hope and sparks empowerment out of which emerges self-discovery and growth.
  • Delivered on Christmas

    by Dean McFalls
    Delivered is a book about one believer?s misadventures and crises in faith intertwined with major historical events and woven together in an anthology of poetry, verse, humor, art, and reflections. The starting point is that enduring classic ?The Night Before Christmas.? The ending point is your encounter with the gift of life.
  • The Growth of a Girl to the Wisdom of a Woman

    by Stephanie Olivia Bel
    There are basically three sections of this book: youth / first love, nature, and wisdom. I have always turned to paper and pen when excited, in wonder, or distressed. I have found that writing down the obtrusive thoughts frees the mind. I have chosen poetry as the venue. Hopefully, you too can relate. I hope that you may glean some insight into yourself and find peace, joy, and some wisdom. I may add that some of the poetry is simple and obvious. Others need to be read more than once. As in a pa... more
  • The Road of Us

    by sb. Maamari
    This is the story of a first love. This is the story of a first heartbreak. And this is the story of a warrior who fell in love with the enemy. Illustrated and written by the author herself, sb. Maamari is revolutionizing the way the world is viewing poetry. She takes us, in five chapters, through the stages we all experience when we first fall in love, and what happens after we get our hearts crashed with no love back. Each chapter serves a different story. Each chapter is set in a diffe... more
  • I Found Out; An Intimate Journey With Christ

    by Linda C. Shaw
    This book of inspirational poems and stories is a creative non-fiction work of my introduction to Christ and how it changed my life. It also acts as a tool to introduce others to the beauty and grace of being in a relationship with Him!
  • We Whisper: And Other Poems

    by Cedric L. Jones
    "Cedric is a bold writer and a natural poet... He digs the truth out with ease and is a master in the eloquent art of ridicule. He shakes up the injustice around him, demanding more virtue and demanding equal rights. He is boldly spiritual and this theme is interwoven in several poems, but above all he fights oppression on all fronts. We Whisper is a lot more than a whisper – it’s a gutsy read for those who are interested in awareness of the thoughts and courage of the troubled and oppressed." -... more
  • Innermost

    by Jamila Mikhail
    Innermost is a collection of both free verse and fixed verse poetry written over a period of half a decade about every emotion felt inside the human heart. These poems will transport you to a whole other world within the innermost depths of the human soul.
  • Don't Be Shy

    by Ralph Cissne
    In the late 1980s, the vibrant Los Angeles poetry scene gave voice to a new wave of writers and spoken word artists. The essence of Don’t Be Shy represents one man’s passage through the eclectic coffee houses and performance art venues that celebrated diversity and uncensored self-expression. This collection of poems navigates the existential and sometimes humorous landscape of love and longing, social commentary and spiritual awakening to arrive at an awareness shared by one who embraced the en... more

  • Nuts in Nutland

    by Mary Meriam

    Mary Meriam’s Nuts in Nutland, delightfully illustrated by Hannah Barrett, is a joyful poetic adventure through an imagined domain populated by nuts and the occasional legume. Offering a message that emphasizes the importance of accepting differences and versed in playful rhymed couplets, Nuts in Nutland uses language and imagery both inviting and educational for a young reader. Presenting a simple story in a dynamic and rhythmical manner, and with ... more

  • Reflections

    by Rockebah Charles-Stewart
    'Reflections' is a collection of emotional poetry of a young girl trying to muddle through the illnesses of life.