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  • 0982416903

    by Michael Meyerhofer
    Blue Collar Eulogies is the second full-length book of poems by Michael Meyerhofer, the award-winning author of Leaving Iowa. Poet Dorianne Laux says, "Michael Meyerhofer takes us with him everywhere he goes, from the back rooms of hash-slingers to the Star of Africa. He weighs a whale's brain and imagines the "cattle-dark eyes" of Neanderthals. I like these poems, kinetic and half-crazed, they remind me that poetry is an explosion, that energy plus mass equals a dark magic."
  • Damnatio Memoriae

    by Michael Meyerhofer
    Like most publishers, we at Brick Road Poetry Press list submission guidelines on our website. Additionally we go beyond the guidelines to include lists of “characteristics we like” and “characteristics we dislike.” In Damnatio Memoriae, the winner of the Brick Road Poetry Prize, Michael Meyerhofer gives the impression of having gone down that list to check off each item one by one with almost every poem in the collection. As to the characteristics we dislike, he avoids them all including no “in... more
  • What To Do If You're Buried Alive

    by Michael Meyerhofer
    This will be my fourth book-length collection of poems, due out in March or April. Subjects include Fidel Castro, Iowa high school wrestlers, rotary phones, tornadoes, quantum physics, ice cream, suicide, Buddhism, and of course, my childhood.
  • Selected Poetry and Prose by Meredith Stenberg

    by Meredith Stenberg
    A compilation of love poems, poems about nature; both whimsical and realistic and poetic stories.
  • Poetry on Real Life Experiences

    by Shashikant Nishant Sharma
    This is a collection of contemporary poems in English by an Indian writer and poet Shashikant Nishant Sharma. This is the first published book of the author, poet, urban planner, consultant, social activist. This book contains poems which expresses the experiences of the poet during his young age ranging from village life to urban life of Delhi. You will find poems with beautifully carved rhythm and rhyme. The expression of emotions is made in a lucid manner to capture your imagination.
  • Sipping a Mix of Verse

    by Denise Baer
    Sipping a Mix of Verse is a collection of poetry arranged by traditional and free verse. This first time poet weaves in life themes using strong imagery and color illustrations and designs. All photographs are from the author’s travels within the United States and Europe. Poetry is a dance of the heart. Bring the dance of poetry into your life.
  • A Queen Deferred

    by paula Sow
    A Queen Deferred is a compilation of life reflections through poetry. It brings to life the journey of many and presents a heart filled artistic expression of a variety of human experiences. A Queen Deferred is socially conscious and often politically in correct. It is tear jerking as one will find herself or himself close to any number of the poems within. We are one, and life happens. Understanding, compassion and the will to get involved comes forth through, A Queen Deferred.
  • Announcing the Thaw

    by Julianne Palumbo
    Announcing the Thaw is a poetry book about raising teens in which their growing up is both celebrated and mourned. The progression of poems reflects the poet’s struggle to replace that precious act of raising now-grown children with something equally worthy.
  • by John Tidball
  • Near Things

    by Mark Dimaisip
    In this short collection of poems, Mark uses cats to discuss the urgency of living, math to measure the possibility of happiness and atoms to prove that reincarnation happens. He mixes his own blend of voodoo science and pseudo philosophy to write a world where “the universe has no time to conspire against you” but “everything exists as an extension of yourself”—while thirsts are never fully quenched and “we never get close enough”, he offers a way to make the “the eventual absent present foreve... more
  • Shades of Dusk Filtered Thru a Wire Screen

    by Donald Pachinger
    "Shades of Dusk Filtered Thru A Wire Screen" fleshes out a year exploring love and loss, drugs and alcohol, nature, as well societal problems utilizing minimalism, surrealism and realism.
  • Random Thoughts of an Outkast: Poetry and Thoughts on Life

    by Timothy Besser
    A book of poetry and thoughts on life from the views of a outkast. Dark and light hearted can be seen in this book. Open your mind and heart and see the world from the view of another.
  • Inside a String: Inside a String: A Collection of Poems, Essays, Lyrics and Prose by Songwriter/Author; Thomas Maclear. One Arti

    by Tom MacLear
    Inside a String is a collection of Poems, Essays, and Lyrics of one man's take on the human element of America from the Beat movement of the 50's to the Counter Culture of the 60's thru the 'X' and 'I' generations_ Delivered in Spoken Word, Prose and Transcendental and Spiritual Abstract___

    "Award winning songwriter, producer, entertainer and poet Tom MacLear has captured a span of life from the east to the west in his new book, Inside a String. Those familiar with Hemingway, Kerouac, Ferl... more

  • Who am I? What could I be?

    by Rodney Johnson
    A collection of short poems with clues and some fun facts that are easy to read for kids of all ages.
  • AZTEC AUTOPSIES & Mariachi Murals: Poems

    by David Gershator
    David Gershator visits and re-visits Mexico in poems ranging from headline grabbing news clips to lyrical love poems, from fiery fulminations to hallucinatory visions. As translator/editor of Federico García Federico’s SELECTED LETTERS and student of the poet’s brother, Francisco García Lorca, he takes cues from Lorca’s experiments in POETA EN NUEVA YORK; from countless rancheras and corridos; from the historical continuity of myth, madness, politics and pain; and from Inga Clendinnen’s descript... more
  • Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter

    by Nancy Bevilaqua
    The poems that make up the collection Gospel of the Throwaway Daughter are, for the most part, about my vision of what the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene may have been like (I do believe that they were married and/or had an intimate relationship), and what it must have been like for them and the people around them to live in that place at that time and under those circumstances. I've drawn on the New Testament and some of the non-canonical, "gnostic" gospels, as well as on my own ... more