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  • Pages of My Diary

    by Paige Amelia Davies

    Pages of My Diary is a story of the ups and downs of life, told through poetry. Each chapter covers subjects from addiction, to love, to mental illness. While each poem tells a story of its own, they've been woven together to flow one to the next, poem to poem, and chapter to chapter.

  • Presenting Princess Solei on Her First Birthday

    by Shangri-La Durham-Thompson
    Nina Solei?s smile touches the hearts of all those she encounters. When her grandpa first held her in his arms, he was overwhelmed by the way her smile affected him. Because he felt such joy, he decided to call her princess. He was also touched by her beauty, her loving and smiling personality, which became more evident at her first birthday party celebration. The narrator retells this event to a young child and emphasizes the lengths we will go to celebrate. Yet despite the cake and ice cream a... more
  • Mom's Poetry

    by Kathleen Dunleavy
    A beautiful collection of poems written by a mother as she has travelled along the path of her life. This collection consists of some solemn and spiritual works, several Thanksgiving prayer-poems which depict all family members, a passionate 9-11 poem from a hands-on perspective, and three family deaths.
  • The Black Book: Subjugation of The Mind

    by Lummy Kins
    The Black Book is an anthology of thought-stimulating pieces of literature in poetry format. It seeks to take its readers on an emotional journey, with the aim of broadening their worldview on various subject matters ranging from; love, death, humanity, politics, chaos, distress, pain, unity, loneliness and abandonment.

    by Victorine Ngangu
    THE POEMS OF COMMON SENSE / LES POÈMES DU SENS COMMUN is an incredible book consisting of twenty-one poems. One part of the book is the English version. The other part of the book is the French version. Each poem has its own flower. This book is for children and adults. It is an education for everyone. Whether people like to read the poems or not, anyone would love these poems as they stand for our everyday lives.
  • Odyssey of the Mind: A Just Lyph Story

    by Jeff g.o.
    Odyssey of the Mind: A Just Lyph Story is a book about mental health and the formative years of adulthood. The overarching theme of the book delves heavily into the concept of critical analysis and the use of creativity as coping mechanism for mental health issues. Formatted in the classical epic style, the intertwining tales of 7 young adults is broken up into 5 different episodic parts. Each page exists as a standalone poem, while also fitting into the overarching story between pages. There's ... more
  • Stories in Verses ISBN-13: 978-1535540322

    by Mary Alice Sutherland
    A child's stuffed animals have an A to Z discussion while the child is fast asleep. Two boastful animal friends try to outdo each other, and a dog on a promenade gets into trouble with a bee. Read also about Witch Who Who, a visit to the zoo, and a frog's vision of itself. A fun book of light verse delightfully illustrated by the author. Perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and 1st graders.
  • Late Conversations On Water

    by Connor Lynndan
    For people who know what it's like to be a human. This is poetry that will speak to you, simple objects and nature that give out life lessons. The most popular Poems that speak volumes are, Two Plates And I, Mother, and A Dark Room. If you ever feel alone, or looking for a night read, or just some inspiration, there's a poem for every little thing.
  • The Vs.

    by Travis Carper
    I wrote these three poetry pieces called Thematic Imagery back in 1999 during the WTO protests in Seattle. I think they are still applicable today. Enjoy! Also I did some Spoken Word during this time and you can find some live recordings on SoundCloud. Also I have a YouTube channel. Light, Love and in Service! Thank you all for going through this magnificent journey!
  • I'm Much Better on Paper

    by Kristin Hunt
    Early on in this unique book—part poetry collection, part life story—Kristin Hunt recounts a disturbing experience she had at a sleepover with her volleyball team. As the party got underway, her white classmates began using racial slurs and laughing. Hunt, one of the few black girls at the party, tried to explain what was so wrong with these words but quickly realized that her classmates didn’t care. Hunt, a natural poet and writer, instinctively knows the vital importance of words, and she care... more
  • Wild Solitude: Love Poems

    by Lorraine Lipani
  • Homegirl

    by Antoinette Wood

    Through deep and often heartwrenching verse, Antoinette Wood recounts her challenging childhood growing up in Newark, NewJersey, her bouts of depression, difficult love life and aspirations for more out of life in this collection of poetry.

  • Little Girl Blues: Existence of an Image

    by J. N. McGhee
    These poems question the conjectures of the societal and familial constitution from the eyes of a child transitioning into an adolescent. Therefore, the main themes of this book center around identity, self-discovery, and existence.
  • Book of Verse

    by Jaime A. Pineda
    Such moments of creativity are often accompanied by great emotion occasioned by great joy, beauty, pain, sadness, or depression. In sum, his poetry reflects a process in which the silence and quietness of the mind leads to insight and appreciation of the subtlety, meaningfulness, and depth of the lives we live.
  • Baltimore Girls

    by Lynne Viti
    I checked off Memoir but this book is in fact poetry. It's based on my experiences growing up in Baltimore, Maryland in the 'Sixties.
  • The Elephant and the Sheep

    by Patricia Furstenberg
    With poetic rhymes this striking picture book about the love and the simple kindness of a stranger is sure to touch a deep chord, particularly with fans of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” When a lamb meets an elephant calf the two are happy to share a small patch of grass and a tiny water puddle available during the Big-Bad Thirst. None notices how different their bodies are, as the two are happy to spend their days together. Soon the sheep wishes that he, too, would arrive first at their meeting plac... more