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  • Through the Trees: The poetic end to a toxic relationship

    by Nina C. Palmer
    "Through The Trees: The poetic end to a toxic relationship" is written from personal experiences, It truly captures the occurrence of verbal and emotional abuse experienced in a toxic relationship. This collection of poetry is based on the grief encountered when that relationship ends. The nature based metaphors allow the reader to easily apply them to the loss of any type of relationship. Whether it be a spouse, a sibling, parent, or friend, these writings will hit home with all. A truly inspir... more
  • Pretty from the back

    by sharon white
    I wanted to write poetry to express my hidden fears, my love for family and friends, and to show me growing as a woman of color.My perspective of life has made my poetry joyful with laughter, to see life disillusions. To have a inner strength about Love loss, Love hurt, to awaken to the real power of Love . How loving each other opens the door for God to walk in with Joy .
  • adolesence

    by Abi Lynne
  • The Dark Lord and the Seamstress: An Unconventional Love Story In Verse

    by J.M. Frey

    This COLOURING BOOK FOR ADULTS features a tale that's filled with little trickery, a little romance, an a little bit of sartorial fun - in verse! The Dark Lord, a brooding demon from the depths, is tired of being the butt of all the devils' jokes for his outdated wardrobe. When he invites the world's most famous Seamstress to Hell to make him some new threads, he doesn't expect to be struck by love at first sight. Now he has to figure out how to convince her to marry him ... more

  • The endeavors of the fallen

    by Irene Mavromati
    "The endeavors of the fallen", is a poetry collection of a few poems that depict a journey over four years of joy, sorrow and some pain. Each poem is a state of mind and emotion, while the writer, like an acrobat, tries to find her standing both inside her head and heart, as well as in the outside world.

    by Schiller Marcelin
    Marcelin’s poems are beguiling, remarkably lush and sharply satirical. They are like little heirloom mirrors that slightly distort and illuminate wisps of detail in Haitian culture. This latest collection of poems is culled from over 27 years and multiple continents. Each piece illuminates an ever shifting face of clouds that reflect his experiences and anchor his poetic foundation. His evolution from national labor union leader in his native Haiti, to international spokesperson & representative... more
  • Geography: Poetry

    by Richard Pacheco

    Relationships abound in this work; in the poem Geography we have a sustained metaphor covering a failing interaction. Again in Last Supper: “We face each other /eating our lean cuisine /that tastes a lot like crow /or our own words.” and in Revisions this: “in my saga, l grow /more heroic, able & smart /and you deplete /like used uranium.” There is even a personal relationship disaster in Collision Course.

    If you’re looking for a cosmological question,... more

  • Muses and Rhymes

    by Mansur Hasib
    All literary enthusiasts will enjoy these poems -- many with deep philosophical messages. Middle school and high school students will enjoy the chronological journey of going through the young mind of someone their own age growing up in a different culture, writing poetry to master the English language -- while earning some pocket money at the same time. Teachers will enjoy sharing many of these poems with their students and asking them to interpret them. This is a preserved collection from ... more
  • A Freshman's Soliloquy

    by Genevieve Dietzel
    A freshman in high school, Ariana, faces the daily struggles of mental illness and surviving school. Finding oneself is difficult enough, but once peer pressure and shame is added to it, it feels ridiculously upsetting and earth-shattering. She deals with her best friend's suicide and she learns, grows, and draws strength from the tragedy.
  • One Year There

    The following poems are memories of the year 1968 in South Korea. They are memories of the soldiers assigned to my unit, located in a small outpost, hidden in the mountains of that country. These poems are snapshots of life on that nuclear missile base which was high on the North Korean list of targets. Indeed, we were always on the alert for possible infiltrators who had come into South Korea and who were expected to be heading toward our camp. \t Although these poems can be look... more
  • Pocketful of Poesies: Absolutely All Artful Alliterations

    by Toula Mavridou-Messer
    Pocketful of Poesies is unlike any publication you have ever previously perused and that is quite a phenomenal pursuance. Pocketful of Poesies is a pick of perfectly plangent dark tales. An astonishing array of very short stories that take alliteration to a completely new level with absolutely EVERY word beginning with the same letter. This mind blowing volume of amazing alliteration, such as “Annie and Adam’s Adventure at Arthur’s Animal Aid Association,” “Betty Bets Billy ‘Bout Blowing Bigger ... more
  • I Look for You in Other Truths

    by Ramon Loyola
    In this new collection of poetry, Ramon Loyola infuses his verses with the same sentimentality and poignancy evident in his debut work, not poems, just words. I Look For You In Other Truths is full of afterthoughts and musings on what you see, smell, touch, hear and feel as you navigate the alleyways of grief, love and loss. It's about the chances you take and the choices you make, the potential and the promise of loving again and the hope of not failing again. It's about the excitement of anoth... more
  • A Penny Saved

    by Arisa White
    A Penny Saved re-imagines the true story of Polly Mitchell, who was held captive in her home for 10 years. Poetically/fictitiously reinvented and renamed Penny, the book’s protagonist is held in her home for 12 years. The collection is arranged in three sections. In each, Penny’s voice is juxtaposed with another: we encounter the voice of the House in the opening section; the oldest daughter Elizabeth and her imaginary friend Jewelie in the second; and the third section concludes with the husba... more
  • The Adventures of Prada Enchilada

    by Davon Clark
    The Adventures of Prada Enchilada is a children book series developed to help kids learn through fun missions. In, The Many Different Balls, Prada Enchilada and Mimi Tortellini are in search of ten balls lost in Prada's basement. They need your help to find them all. Can you help them? Let's find out. Come along on this adventure.
  • From Dirt To Gold: A Journey Through Darkness To Light

    by Tristesse Genevieve
    I had two wishes in my life; one for true happiness, and the other for true love. This is a poetry book with a sort of story line broken into three chapters. Poems of my darkest days, and tragic love. Followed by poems of my passage into light, and finding true love. It is an inspirational read for anyone who has, or is going through a dark time, or for anyone who just loves poetry.