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  • From Dirt To Gold: A Journey Through Darkness To Light

    by Tristesse Genevieve
    I had two wishes in my life; one for true happiness, and the other for true love. This is a poetry book with a sort of story line broken into three chapters. Poems of my darkest days, and tragic love. Followed by poems of my passage into light, and finding true love. It is an inspirational read for anyone who has, or is going through a dark time, or for anyone who just loves poetry.
  • Melvin. . . bad, bad kitten!

    by Sannel Larson
    The story is about a cuddly, naughty kitten named Melvin and his adventures (or should I say misadventures) with his loving owner. You see Melvin, like most kittens, just wants to play and have fun. Anything and everything that moves can become a wonderful adventure for Melvin! Unfortunately, things don't always go as planned yet somehow Melvin always seems to come out on top! The story is written in a very silly manner with some rhyming verses that will appeal to small children. The illustratio... more
  • Bea's Busy Day

    by Sannel Larson
    A day in a toddler's life is awfully busy, as the desire to learn and explore about the world around them never stops. Toddlers have an abundance of energy and some days it might seem impossible to keep up with them. However, even toddlers get tired at the end of a very busy day. Through jaunty rhymes and sweet, colorful illustrations this story captures all the joy and wonder of a toddler's busy day. Perfect for bedtime or anytime!
  • Destiny-Tion Unkown: Book of Poems of Appreciation, Motivation and Revelation.

    by Amanda Mclaren
    2nd part to my spiritual journey
  • Tick-Tock Boom Goes the Well: My Book Is a Story of My Struggles and My Motivation.What Kept Me Going and What I Struggled With.

    by Amanda Mclaren
    The book is poems relating to the beginning of my spiritual journey x
  • Angels can be silly and playful too

    by Sannel Larson

    This sweet story will give reassurance to little kids that there is someone invisible who is protecting them. Angels are everywhere - on the book, on the pillow case, behind the tree and they can see them if they look closely. It is an inspirational and charming story. The depiction of the Angels as silly and fun loving is great. 
    The book is wonderful and full of whimsy. 'Angels come in many sizes and colors, just like snowflakes, no two are alike' is a wonderful s... more

  • Perspective

    by Kira Price
  • Pathways

    by Dency Kane
    The book Pathways is a collaborative work between garden photographer Dency Kane and the poet Madelyn Edelson. Madelyn Edelson uses each photo as a touchstone in order to express an inner world of mystery and truth. Pathways takes the reader on a journey with unexpected directions. Why is a photo of a tulip with its tight folds found in a book titled Pathways? Participate with the book's creators. Leave concepts behind, fill in the gaps, and let the poems and photos resonate within the eye,... more
  • The Sunshine Experience

    by Tastysunshine Amahle'Jah DaYosa
    A collection of my incredible poems I created via Facebook
  • Thunder and Lightning

    by Mary Evans

    What happens when you bring to life a huge acoustic sound wave and a gigantic spark of static electricity? You get Thunder and Lightning!

    Now imagine what would happen if these two fictional characters get into a big fight on a dim dark Saturday night! Follow their battle to see how they whimsically banter back and forth as the clouds and the stars cheer them on. Find out, “Who Won The Fight? Who Won The Fight? Who Knocked Who, Out Of Sight?”... more

  • Tall Tales and Perpendicular Poems

    by Clive gresswell
    book of short stories and poetry from the tale of a mentally ill tramp to a man born with three penises.
  • Shooting Stars

    by Dorian Dyler
    Life is a dream we wake up from when we can no longer make it come true…
  • Help for Hysterical Humans who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here

    by James Sterngram

    Available in three e-book formats, James Sterngram's Help for Hysterical Humans (etc.) is a slender, vivacious volume of verse packed with music, magic, meditation, and humor—along with inspired instructions for making merry in one minute or many. It’s the long-awaited (by his wife), finished product of one man’s ecstatic attempts to examine and enjoy (and enhance for his friends) the adventure of existence. The two main characters are James and the reader.... more

  • Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere

    by Nina Hart
    Somewhere in a Town You Never Knew Existed Somewhere is a book that speaks directly to society’s “elephants in the living room” through kooky hooliganism and satire. Five-year-old Bonanza’s mother tells her to “keep digging” as she buries her dolls, and ultimately herself. The dead poet Robert Lowell reappears as a high school student. Meanwhile, at Butterfly Farm, the protagonist dishes up some unconventional environmental justice. Even the ones who kill with oil spills have a voice in this ... more
  • A Walk In My Shoes

    by LaQueisha Malone
    A Walk In My Shoes is the re-release of the poetic muse, A New Pair of Shoes Step In Mine (2008). With this re-release, LaQueisha Malone has added 50+ poems and intermission breaks. She explains events surrounding the poems. Writing most of the poetry in her teenage years, LaQueisha expresses the situations she felt passionate about. From love to heartache, friends to enemies, hopes to fears, and divorced parents to spiritual acceptance, she invites her readers into her most sacred space...he... more
  • Tides: Poems: Life's Ebb and Flow

    by Sandra Haight
    The poems in this poetry book embody a philosophical theme that, like the tides of the ocean, life is made up of opposing forces – ebbs and flows, ups and downs, highs and lows – and that each of these complement one another to make up a whole or cycle. Through the words of these poems may you feel the contrasting movements of the different “tides of life” – the courage and fears, the optimism and pessimism, the hope and despair— which we all feel as humans.