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  • Eloquent Love Notes

    by LaDonna Marie
    Allow the poetic expressions of Eloquent Love Notes to guide you through a journey of admiration, love, and raw emotions. The author desires for you the experience the beauty of words written from the heart. The author wants you to search within your soul to explore love at its most purest form.
  • Sparkling Light: Poems of Wonder and Grace

    by Karyl J. Leslie
    Sparkling Light: Poems of Wonder and Grace is the author's second book of poetry designed to point to the love, promises, and faithfulness of God. As with her first book, the poems in this volume can be read as occasional devotional prompts or as desired. The reader is encouraged to use the open space on each page for his or her own reflections, expressions, or prayers. The poems are organized by months of the year for ease of reading, but most can be read at any time. The variable length and st... more
  • Rays of Hope: Poems of Faith and Inspiration

    by Karyl J. Leslie
    Rays of Hope: Poems of Faith and Inspiration is a book of poetry designed for a varied reading experience. The poems in this volume point regularly to the love, promises, and faithfulness of God. The poems can be read as occasional devotional prompts or as desired. The reader is encouraged to use the open space on each page for his or her own reflections, expressions, or prayer. The variable length and style of the poems is deliberate to enable a variety of reflection experiences and opportuniti... more

    by Ryan Lucas
    "I Want Her Back" by Ryan Lucas is a collection of 17 poetic pieces created to shed light on the pleasure and pain of that comes with life, liberty and the the pursuit of happiness. These thoughts and musings encourages the reader to seek only the best that life has to offer and recognize the power within them to be the change the world is looking for.
  • Disinheritance

    by John Sibley Williams
    A lyrical, philosophical, and tender exploration of the various voices of grief, including those of the broken, the healing, the son-become-father, and the dead, Disinheritance acknowledges loss while celebrating the uncertainty of a world in constant revision. From the concrete consequences of each human gesture to soulful interrogations into "this amalgam of real / and fabled light," these poems inhabit an unsteady betweenness, where ghosts can be more real than the flesh and blood of one's ow... more
  • Gallery of Life

    by Mirfarhad Moghimi
    Gallery of Life is a poetic journey about the moods of spirituality and the religiously deep awareness of human empathy conditions which contain abundant blessings. The collection of poems focuses on everyday living, faith, love, hope, trust, peace, and God. These poems will walk through the reader's mind and heart. The reader will be enlightened to self-awareness as the poems focus on the light of spirituality in daily life and reflect on our calling and our abundant blessings. Gallery of Life ... more
  • Poems in Water

    by Mary Langer Thompson
    Poems that make the ordinary extraordinary from the 2012 Senior Poet Laureate of California.
  • From My Heart to Your Heart 2: Matters of the Heart

    by Alicia Smith-Mackall
    My poetry book can be read like a novel. It starts from the young at heart to the heart of wisdom. Shares ups and downs of life's journey as we find out who we are and why we are here. We are encouraged and inspired to spend time with our Creator, God, who loves us without measure and shares with us His purpose; to be the Light of the World!
  • Everything But a Smile

    by Candace Henry
    Everything But a Smile is a collection of poems that speak to acknowledgment, acceptance, and fight through the hollows and peaks of the human experience. The author, Candace D. Henry has a knack for gripping the emotions of her readers to get them to not only see the perspectives of her writings, but to feel them on a soul level. To read Everything But a Smile is to experience love, growth, pain, parenthood, friendship, abuse, societal systems, generations of assimilation, sexuality, and a l... more
  • Only for a Moment

    by Tabitha Vohn
    Poetry is an act of survival. A cry to everyone and no one. Intensely personal, shamelessly honest, and oftentimes an admission of inner ugliness, Only for a Moment chronicles nineteen years of the author’s life. It explores ideas of transience, transition, and redemption through the battlegrounds of metamorphosis from young girl to woman. Each poem presents a snapshot; a puzzle piece of what ultimately becomes a collective consciousness. A road map to trace back through the labyrinth of people ... more
  • The Year of Fear

    by Amaryllis Kent
    The Year of Fear tells the author's journey through the election cycle as a personal love story. From "love at first sight" to doubt, then anger and betrayal, until finally, release.
  • God & Other Poems

    by Maryrose Carroll
    God & Other Poems offers the very last, riveting poems of poet, publisher, anti-censorship-warrior, Paul Carroll. Undaunted by the knowledge that he would die in just weeks, he forged on, continuously writing, until semi-consciousness seized control. He jokes about having a date with God, laments that he is “tired of being a man.” He displays his endless imagination and brio in questions as “Have you ever looked closely at a horse’s vagina?” This is the same man who born into wealth, went t... more
  • In You the Amozula

    by Sarita Gaye Cardwell
  • What the River Knows: Conversations with the Natural World

    by Andrea Freeman

    A book of poetic reflections that honors the beauty and wisdom of Nature and invites the reader to open into wonder and gratitude as a way to help heal the Earth and ourselves. The 41 poems in this collection are inspired by the author’s experiences in the natural world and the insights gleaned from these experiences.
    Written with the sensibility of a nature lover and spiritual seeker, the poems in this book serve to heighten awareness of our deeper nature and our interconnectedness with... more

  • Nancy Marguerite's Chopin

    by Anne Markham Bailey
    This 3 part poem explores Bailey’s relationship with her mother and the re-collecting of stories that shape the past. Bailey opens the work with images of mornings as a young girl on the piano bench beside her mother, Nancy Marguerite Perrin Bailey, who often played the Chopin Preludes. She fed her daughter a steady diet of art and literature, music and theater. Nancy Bailey was the librarian and journalism teacher at The Altamont School from 1970 – 1992.
  • Lost in the confines of my mind

    by Horatio Gates
    Poetry for those who need loving through a different demeanor.