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  • Backyard Pretty Thoughts

    by Pamela Loperena
    Backyard Pretty Thoughts explores the hidden forested feelings behind the shadows of the efflorescent human mind. You'll delve into an introspective view—an abstract world filled with luscious emotion—where nature's subtle and sudden sides embody the modern haiku. Through these pages, Pamela's words shed sunlight on life, love, twisted, fantastical moments, immersing readers out of reality's fences—beyond backyard unknown. This collection will breathe a cloud of fresh air to your lungs.
  • Agapi kai Thanatos (Love and Death)

    by Maria Psanis
    Many of us avoid the topic of death, but, death can be viewed as the beginning of a new journey. This collection of poetry explores the pain and loss that comes with losing a loved one. The author's experience with death and her father dying inspired her to find the courage to let go, the strength to accept the unknown, and the faith to trust in God's plan
  • Breaking the Cycle

    by Maria Psanis
    Explains the various psychological disorders stemming from parents who emotionally, physically, mentally, and sexually abuse their children. The poems explore the ways children feel and how they learn to cope with painful situations when parents are emotionally unavailable. For abused children, to be able to achieve self-love, self-confidence, and self-acceptance, they need to "Break the Cycle" of abuse.
  • I Forgot To Ask God

    by Maria Psanis
    A spiritual journey connecting the heart, soul and spirit with God's holy light, freeing us from earthy comforts. The joy and freedom the soul feels away from expectations, approvals, and demands. Allowing God to reveal himself in our pain and struggles, letting go of anger and hate, and to view the world through His eyes and heart, achieving tranquility as we become One with Him.
  • The Wildflower and the Honey Bee

    by Maria Psanis
    A collection of poetry on aging, illness, dying and death through the eyes of a caregiver. The poetry describes the various changes that come with an elderly mind, body, and spirit. The poet takes us on a tireless journey starting with joy, laughter, contentment, and reflection, and then onto the pain, despair, holding on, hopelessness, learning to let go and finally , embracing God on the path to a new beginning.
  • Whispering Kisses Embroidering Love On My Soul

    by Maria Psanis
    Can pain, wars, greed, separation, and death teach us the meaning of love? Can we step out from our physical element and experience life as spiritual beings without the fear of being isolated? A collection of poetry describing life and the self, the loss of balance, the wonder of the unknown, the broken path, the anger of disappointment, the magic of the human touch, the wounded intimacy, and the relationship with God. The poet connects heaven and earth by removing icicles from the soul while op... more
  • A Bag of Badgers

    by Casey McGovern
    What would aliens think about us if they visited? How do basement monsters spend their time? Are cars really the best way to get around? In 51 poems, we are treated to these and other stories. Here are fanciful houses made out of birds, hapless vegetables doomed to be eaten, an indignant girl who happens to have horns on her head, and raccoons doing what raccoons do best. This collection of gently twisted humor will be loved by the same mix of readers that enjoys Shel Silverstein, and Gary Larso... more
  • Life-Inspiring Poems

    by Patricia Peterson
    This book is dedicated to all my family members both living and deceased. Violeta and Theodore Piotrkiewicz Zygmont and Margaret Piotrkiewicz and children Peter, Gertrude, and Lorraine Piotrkiewicz Frank, Marion, and Ted Peterson Casey and Bell Peterson and children Frank and Helen Costello and children John and Mary Ausfeld and children Janina and John Lamperta Alex and Mary Lamperta John, Helen, and Johnny Lamperta Victor Lamperta, wife, and children Barbara Nystrom and children Helen Barrett ... more
  • Everyone's Happier Than You

    by James Zerndt
    A collection of short poems from over the years, a handful of which have previously appeared either online or in places like Edgar Literary Review, Sow's Ear Poetry Review, Nerve Cowboy, and The Oregonian Newspaper. Chapbook length: approximately 50 poems
  • Falling from the beginning

    by abbey fuchs
    Poems of love, longing and spirituality in your 20's
  • Life Under Examination

    by A.T. Glazki
    Life Under Examination is a collection of poetry exploring the gamut of interpersonal relationships, with a blend of lighthearted satire and earnest, emotional expression.
  • A Curious Glimpse of Michigan

    by Kevin Kammeraad
    A Curious Glimpse of Michigan is a book filled with fun and quirky poems, mixed media illustrations, and interesting facts – all connected to the Great Lakes State, intended to springboard readers into further Michigan reading and research.
  • The Tomato Collection

    by Kevin Kammeraad
    Goofy thoughts, some fears, and a few dreams.
  • Spinach Dip Pancakes

    by Kevin Kammeraad

    Spinach Dip Pancakes is a book of whimsical wordplay, playful poetry, and mixed-media art.

  • The Many-Colored Invisible Hats of Brenda-Louise

    by Annie Daylon
    THE MANY-COLORED INVISIBLE HATS OF BRENDA-LOUISE is an enchanting rhyme about an imaginative little girl who conjures up a colorful hat for every occasion.
  • I Need An Assignment

    by Jawanza Phoenix
    I Need an Assignment is the second collection of poems by Jawanza Phoenix. Here, he continues to explore the broken criminal justice system and the people caught in its web, but he goes beyond his previous work to address matters of human survival and prosperity. This powerful follow-up is a sizzling cocktail of lovers, lawyers, gangsters and social activists. These are compelling, enlightening and provocative poems that linger with the reader long after being read.