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  • Loss De Plott & The Colour Blue

    by Stephan J Myers
    The magic of Halloween comes to life in a classic children's picture book with witches, pumpkins, broomsticks & spells when Loss & Ted embark on their second adventure with the magical Book of Dreams. Meet a blue eyed witch and dancing skeleton, a boy made of straw and many more as Loss learns that promises made must never be broken.
  • The Prayer

    by Stephan Myers
    In homes across the world families celebrate the New Year whilst alone in the cold a little lantern boy seeks the heat from a simple fire. He doesn’t ask for much, but as the celebrations continue his voice is lost and the only one to answer his plea is the winter ghost. Spurring him on as the light from his lantern dwindles, readers are encouraged to look beyond their windows and asked if they will be the one to save him.
  • A Work in Progress

    by Amanda Guerra
    A compilation of poems, short stories, and essays. Written, by the Author, over the course of 12 years. All original content. Includes Author's Insight on selected works.
  • The Adventures of Piratess Tilly

    by Elizabeth Lorayne
    Written in haiku and illustrated in watercolors, you are invited to come adventuring with Piratess Tilly, her rescued best friend, a koala named Yuki, and her band of international orphaned brothers. As budding naturalists, they are all too eager for their expedition to the Galápagos Islands! While documenting flora and fauna, they spot baby giant tortoises being kidnapped . . . by pirates!  How do Tilly, Yuki and the brothers save the turtles? 
  • Sometimes I Think I Am Like Water

    by Smoky Zeidel
    In this moving book of poetry, Smoky Zeidel celebrates her walk with nature while exploring all the peaks and valleys of life through her kinship with the natural world. In Crescent Meadow, she shares her deep and abiding love for the flora and fauna of this planet we call home. Through On the Anniversary of My Father’s Death, she reflects on the cycle of life while remembering her father, who has sent her a gift every year since his passing. In I’ve Always Thought I Am Like Water, Zeidel takes... more
  • In Season's Dream

    by R. Tirrell Leonard, Jr.
    With the book broken up into the four seasons, the poetry reflects the imagery, mood and elements of the four seasons, and then goes beyond for personal truths. The best of the poems are: In Quiet Moments, Hurricane Sandy, Endurance, Oblivion and Fragment. Most of the poetry will evoke the imagery of the coastal sea and woodland interior of Massachusetts, and even some with the elements of fantasy, which may appeal to younger audiences. As with my last collection, there are snippets of rea... more
  • Treasures and Travails: An Anthology

    by Chuma Mbaeyi
    A collection of poems exploring popular themes of love, romance, hope, despondency, conflict, contradictions and the inspiration that comes from nature.
  • War Surrounds Us

    by Michael Dickel

    This chapbook, Michael Dickel's third book of poetry, collects poems written during and in response to the Israel-Gaza war in the summer of 2014. The poems evoke a resistance to the violence, and are acute observations of the effects on family and daily life – from the provocations before, through the devastating loss of human life during attacks on Gaza, and past the line of failed cease fires. The incongruence of daily life continuing as war rages is closely observed as the poet w... more

  • Victorious Living Growing in Christ

    by Eunice Y. Bluster
    What will you find inside this book? Scripture inspired poetry that will encourage you and where to find the inspiring Scripture in the Bible.
  • the three o'clock in the morning sessions: A love and broken heart poetry collection

    by Angie Martin
    A breathtaking collection of poetry, "the three o'clock in the morning sessions" leads readers through the familiar theme of love, lost love, and unrequited love with a gorgeous twist. The poems vary widely in emotion and is something to which all readers can relate. The musical, perfectly timed lines grasp onto the heart and soul and does not let go. This collection was written over the span of almost fifteen years and also contains two short stories: "the door" and "brief love".
  • Poetic Life

    by Jeremy Odom
  • Sweet Faded Ink

    by Chrissy Moon
    A sampling of one woman's lifetime of poetry, Sweet Faded Ink contains fifty poems. They reflect love, loss of love, or strength. Introduced here in a random order, the author's age ranges from 16 to 37. It's a narration of different scenes in her life, using various formats and focal points.
  • Lessons: Shattered Pieces Being Restored

    by LaDonna Marie
    We live in a day now that we experience so many things. Each life situations maybe ranging from joy, to sadness, and it becomes apart of our story. With the poetic scribes in this book, the author looks at the different life scenarios, the true, real and present issues. Author LaDonna focuses on thoughts about growing pains in life, the ones searching for love, and those who seek to become empowered to grow. It is the author’s hope that each person is able to find the strength to move forward an... more
  • 978-0-692-37999-8

    by Charmaine Dudley
    A motivational, inspirational, thought provoking, enlightening, wise, witty, empowering, innovative spin to becoming the purpose driven, fierce, fabulous, focused world changer and history maker that you were created to be. Filled with scintillating, wise, eye opening secrets of living an abundant, joyous, fullfilling and prosperous life. Laugh out loud funny, heart warming, tongue in cheek, family friendly rhymes, verses and nuggets that makes it a timeless treasure that you will want to share ... more
  • The Long Time

    by Donald Berger
    The book is a collection of lyric poems written over the last 20 years.

    AMERICAN NOCTURNE, Elisabeth Stevens' sixth book of poetry, is unfettered, wide-ranging. Unlike her fifth collection, SIRENS' SONGS, which was selected by Kirkus Reviews as one of the hundred best indie book books of 2011 and focused intensely on romantic and sexual liaisons, AMERICAN NOCTURNE explored a world-wide geography and more, ranging expanski