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  • A Thistle's Dance

    by Aziz Ebubekir Kybartas

    This is a book of Sufi Poetry that is not a translation but is totally original in both artwork and poetic expression. There is an inspirational thread here that speaks in a loud modern voice to the many hearts that seek 'His Presence'. 

  • Broken Pieces

    by Rachel Thompson
    This is my most intensive work to date. Broken Pieces is a work of nonfiction essays, poetry, and prose where I open my soul and invite you in for a visit. It's vulnerable, it's raw honesty, it's no-holds barred. This is the first book I've published where I questioned if readers and reviewers would respond favorably due to the serious nature of the work. And yet, they have. Most readers know me as the funny girl, but this work (hinted at in A Walk In The Snark), shows that I can go into t... more
  • Boredom, Vice, and Poverty: ...Apprenticed to Such Calm... Poems by Michael Odom

    by Michael Odom

    From a customer review on Amazon: "Michael Odom's creative mind and sense of humor work together to fashion poems that are like sitting down for a cup of coffee to discuss life (and death, and sex) with a self-deprecating starving-artist agnostic. One can imagine that even the title (although borrowed from Voltaire) is really just his way of commenting on the plight of being a poet.

    Some favorite lines:

    When God said 'muse' some angel heard 'mules... more

  • When Leaves Fall

    by Elise Skidmore
    This is a book of collected poems with photo illustrations.
  • The Rogue's Odyssey

    by Louise Findlay

    Heroes with an edge are always fascinating and when the metier is poetic, the romance tends to rise exponentially because, after all, everyone loves a rascal who’s only a heartbeat away from being on the wrong side of the tracks, but who somehow always battles on to win the day, whether that’s fleeing from dastardly henchmen, or fighting a terrifying dragon.

  • Poems from the Edge of Spring

    by Elise Skidmore
    This is a book of poetry covered in the space of two months, from March through April.
  • The War

    by Louise Findlay
    A short poem about a bloodthirsty gory one man war. Read it and be inspired.
  • Love and Ink

    by Kiana Donae
    What happens when you bleed ink? You get poetry that paints pictures so vividly you can feel it. Love and Ink lures you in with it's innocence but when you come out at the end, you realize Love and Ink is not at all what you thought. Love and Ink isn't always black and white.
  • Visiting The Farm/Visitando La Granja

    by William Adams
    Mandy and Andy's grandmother and grandfather own a great big country farm. They invite Mandy and Andy for a visit. They visit many farm animals including chickens, pigs, horses, etc,
  • Goin' To The Zoo/Vamos Al Zoologico

    by William J Adams
    Adorable twins Mandy and Andy enjoy a visit to one of America's finest establishments.. the ZOO. Join the twins in their visit.
  • Kissing the Sky

    by Cristina Olsen
    Kissing the Sky is an autobiography of the soul in poetic and visual form that begins with loss and loneliness, but soon transforms into love and an expansive freedom of the soul. From post-war London to the vast Pampas of Argentina, from Buenos Aires to the Hills of Novato, California, I weave a meditative tapestry of poetry, poetic prose, and photography celebrating the beauty of nature and its power to transform pain into joy.
  • Lucky Him

    by Valerie Pfundstein
  • Goddess In The Silence

    by Robert Ahanes
    A mythically inspired observation of love and its effect on the human psyche, Goddess in the Silence creates quite the case for the feelings evoked by the powers of internal passion. Ranging from euphoric fantasies in “Siren’s Spellbound,” to a demonic hatred of a haunting past love, in “The Hellhound,” the works of author Robert Ahanes's second collection pay homage to the Greek goddesses who have inspired some of history's greatest love stories. Ahanes utilizes his unique romantic expression i... more
  • Hate That Thunder/Odio Ese Trueno: A Mandy and Andy Book

    by William J Adams
    Twin Mandy shows how she conquers her fear of thunder.
  • Hate That Thunder/Odio Ese Trueno: A Mandy and Andy Book

    by William J Adams
    Twin Mandy shows how she conquers her fear of thunder.
  • Coded Messages: Life Etchings 1964 ...

    by M. Anthony Sacco
    An eclectic collection of poems about life, love, nature, politics, humor, and events written in several forms including stream of consciousness, reflective, impressionistic, and even Haiku. A collection that will remain close by on the bookshelf for introspective and entertaining reading.