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  • Unlock the Key: Inspired Writings of a Procrastinating Journalist

    by Gina Marie Stanish
    Unlock the Key is a collection of stories (told through poetry and each with their own unique introduction) inspired by actual events, pictures, ideas, feelings, and people that were, are, and always will be a very special part of my heart.
  • Inspirations from Heaven's Gate

    by Lisa C. Miller
    I want to allow God's light to shine through all the broken places in my life. One heart at a time I want to reach the spiritually disconnected and introduce them to Jesus through my writing so living an ordinary life is no longer an option. I want to share my daily struggle to represent God in my everyday life. I want them to realize they are not alone. We are in this struggle together.
  • Godly Inspirations for the Troubled Soul

    by Lisa C. Miller
    I want to encourage people through the written word with the help of the whispered power of The Holy Spirit I write about the beauty and simplicity of life. Through my writing I want to reveal the beauty of Christ. I listen for the Lord's direction and write what is put on my heart to encourage the lost and broken souls of the world. I have been told that my writings remind people of the Psalms of David. I am similar to Ruth Graham Bell and Helen Steiner Rice. I have finally come to realize my p... more
  • The Soul in Words: A collection of Poetry & Verse

    by Collette OMahony
    Poetry is the soul in words. The soul’s language is truth; this is a vibration that resonates in the heart of all sentient beings. Poetry does not require explanation, it is a feeling within. Poetry is a universal language that is understood in the heart of any nature open enough to receive it. The Soul in Words is a book of poetry and free verse written by the soul as it goes on an emotional journey to unveil its mysteries. Stillness enables the soul to connect with Universal Intelligence an... more
  • The Arizona Papers

    by Colenso Evelyn

    A modern book of vision and introspection into social, political, gender, ethnic and cultural topics viewed, understood and explained through styles of verse, prose and quatrains.

  • Letters to Dandelion

    by Colenso Evelyn
    There are 86,400 seconds in a day and I think about her with every single one. I had to tell the world about an amazing girl.
  • Nature's Angels

    by Suzi Minor
    A delightful poetic children's story full of colorful illustrations, Nature's Angels follows a grandfather and his grandson along their journey as they encounter miraculous displays of nature. Inspiring prose and vibrant visuals invite the reader to imagine how the wonders of nature take shape, as angels help decorate the landscape. Nature's Angels is a fun and imaginative story for young readers and adults, too!
  • Love Has No Boundaries: Collection Of Love Poems

    by Phenomenal Paris
    Fasten your seatbelts, I'm going to take you on one hell of a ride. This story I'm going to share with you, please take precaution, it's known to blow minds. See it's about two lovers in love for the first time. Their relationship was so rocky, no one thought they could overcome the odds. So much damage was done, they didn't think this relationship could survive. But this love they have for each other, withstand it all. This love they share cannot be bounded. This love has no boundaries.
  • survivors

    by Lucas Shakespere
    Survivors is about the strength to overcome political and personal abuse and the hope that comes when you realise that good will always overcome evil in our very cruel and beautiful world.
  • Mind of a Woman Collection

    by Renee Williams
    Poetry collection thoughts and feeling a woman may posses. The female is troubled in life and spirit.
  • Flowers for Mother: A collection of poems for mothers.

    by T.J. Cheokas
    A heartwarming collection of poems for all mothers, Flowers for Mother is guaranteed to bring a tear to her eye and make her laugh. The masterfully written poems cover the vast array of emotions shared by mothers everywhere. As she reads, she will know that she is not alone and just how much she is dearly loved. Flowers for Mother is one of the best collections of poems ever written. A must-give gift for any wonderful mother in your life. The book also has many great poems for children that cou... more
  • Life: An Open Eye Poetry Book

    by S.J Wiley
    This book was written and intended to console the emotions of every human being that has witnesses or has gone through real life experiences. Touching on situations dealing with faith/spirit, pain, love, joy and relationships, things the average individual deals with everyday, "life".
  • Ambivalence and Other Conundrums

    by Craig Teicher
  • Carnal Wreckage: Poems and lyrics of life, love and self

    by Tom Ryerson
    Carnal Wreckage is a collection of eighty-one of musician/author/poet Tom Ryerson's poems and lyrics. The major themes of the collection are love, day to day life, and self image/appreciation. Although the range of spectrum may seem broad, the works contain a great depth of human feeling, experience and emotion, and are not only personal to the author; but hopefully to the reader as well. A major theme of the collection is overcoming day to day challenges and moving on to the next ones. Life m... more
  • Veterans: Heroes In Our Neighborhood

    by Valerie Pfundstein
    A young boy discovers that the men and women who once proudly serve our great country, now humbly serve in our communities. A rhyming picture book, Veterans: Heroes in Our Neighborhood reminds children to be appreciative of our veterans every day of the year!
  • Something Smells Like Pee: and Other Classy Observations

    by Blythe Jewell
    Humorist/writer/artist Blythe Jewell explores things, life, whatnot through the prism of humor, poetry and illustration. This quirky collection of more than 60 titles includes brilliant pieces like “Hair in My A$$ Crack,” “Shut the F*&! Up About Twilight,” “On Our Periods Together,” “Neil Patrick Harris Gets the Paddle,” “Leave the F*&%ing Cat Alone,” and many more.