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  • Freedom from the Unconscious: Spiritual Structure of the World & Path to Return to the Source of Creation

    by Sophia Bridge
    Freedom from the Unconscious synthesizes spiritual wisdom from many sources in order to bring clarity and understanding to a complicated spiritual transformational process. It also discusses how to live in balance between the physical and spiritual worlds in your everyday life. In addition, it tries patriarchy, the return of the feminine, and the movement to egalitarianism and its part of the spiritual path to enlightenment for humanity.
  • Saying Thanks and Beyond

    by Ralph Mosgrove
  • Angel on Assignment -- An Angelic Tradition

    by Wanda Carter Roush

    Follow the angels through the first Christmas story and explore the ways guardian angels look out for boys and girls today. With beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse, award winning Angel on Assignment offers a Christian alternative to the elf encouraging children to act as angels in disguise for friends who might need help.

    Always look around for those people in need,
    Simply say a kind word or do a good deed.
    ... more

  • Loveletters

    by Scholart Academy

    Loveletters are a curious camp- just Erma’s type. Her fiance, the headstrong Gambian poet is worlds apart but insists they're soulmates. Then one in dozens of teachers at seminary tops them in Loveletterism... and attraction. The kind of soul connection (and eventual heartbreak) is another story. One lesson stands out in this satire about people of Allah: appearances change but love remains.

  • Sunday Frolic

    by Lori Metzsch
    The Peterson kids have never attended church and know little about God or Jesus, but become curious about Sunday morning activities within the neighborhood church while on their way to the park. Once inside, the children listen to a sermon and end up praying for salvation and accepting Jesus as their personal Savior. Sunday Frolic explains the concept of born-again salvation in simple terms that even a child can understand.
  • God’s Unreasonable Reasoning

    by Dr. Preston Williams II

    In an age devoted to narrow speculations in an attempt to understand God’s reasoning through hardships and struggles, this book successfully synthesizes life experiences with God’s purposeful intent, thereby reaching conclusions that are stunningly prescriptive and courageous for those in crisis. God’s Unreasonable Reasoning is a sequel to The God of How. It is a captivating book of understanding God’s reasoning in life’s many transitions. It gives insight as to ... more

  • A Reunion in Heaven

    by John Kumara
    The happy marriage of Margaret Thompson and Peter Doyle is brought to an abrupt end by a dramatic traffic accident in which he dies and she is left blind. Margaret receives an important sum of money in compensation for these serious consequences, which is complemented by the no-less-important amount she receives as a beneficiary of the life insurance policy contracted by her late husband. Her comfortable economic situation attracts unscrupulous people, including Thomas Corbett, who pretends to b... more
  • The Supreme Plan

    by John Kumara
    Tom Bosak, a successful broker in New York, decides to take break from his job, as he feels stressed and empty. What at first is a well-earned rest becomes a spiritual calling that will reach its zenith during a trip he decides to make India with his girlfriend, Patricia Ross. Tom is unaware that his soul is highly evolved, until an anchorite, named Kashi, reveals to him in Benares that his soul is the reincarnation of the master Rishi Kaushica, and that he is to fulfill a spiritual mission on E... more
  • Amish Acres: The Celery Patch

    by Samantha Bayarr
    When a celery patch mysteriously pops up overnight in the Yoder's field, it begins to draw some unwanted suitors competing for Naomi's hand, and she gets accused of trying to "catch" a husband.
  • True Nobility

    by Lori Bates Wright
    Left alone in an unfamiliar country where her noble title is of no use. Everything she believes in is shattered. Driven by desperation, she risks it all to return to the one man whose love promises to be true. Lady Victoria Haverwood, beloved daughter of a widowed Earl, has spent years at a fashionable boarding school longing for the day she can come home to finally take her place as mistress of Wrenbrooke. But when she becomes the target of a murderous plot, her idyllic plan is swiftly tur... more
  • One Friday in Jerusalem: Walking to Calvary - A Tour, a Faith, a Life

    by Andre Moubarak
    One Friday in Jerusalem puts you in the sandals of Jesus as He bore His cross the brutal half mile to Calvary. Contemplate the sweat, the smells, the swelling crowds, the bark of soldiers, and the agonizing realities of crucifixion. And hear why each station of the cross is so meaningful for Andre, a minority among minorities in an ethnically sundered land.
  • The Christian Teen Buzz Second Edition

    by Dr. Shon Shree Lewis
    The Christian Teen Buzz is a buzzing book, thought-provoking, inspirational book, dedicated to all youth, parents, guardians, and mentors , to help empower the millennial generation, and their families about learning how to use the supernatural power of God in their lives, for joyful living. This book shares the message of God's love, healing, and forgiveness, and blessings available to anyone who opens their heart to God at an early age, to avoid depression and tragedy in one's life. Fi... more
  • I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

    by Hopscotch Girls
    I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls is an Amazon bestseller in three categories. This groundbreaking coloring book is all about building a girl's confidence, imagination, and spirit! The pages were designed to encourage girls to think beyond social conventions and inspire conversations with adults about what it really means to be confident, brave, and beautiful. Available exclusively on
  • Bent But Not Broken

    by Fay Moore
    The storms of life will blow and at times make us feel all alone and ready to give up. With encouraging words and knowing you?re not in this alone, that feeling can make you strive to make it through another day. We are all a little bent, but thank God, we are not broken to the point of unrepair. Through the forty-day reading and using the reflection pages, I believe you will discover how strong you are and know that you?re not on this ride alone. I been there and understand and sharing what I f... more
  • Something Better

    by Melissa Mattie
    Melissa Mattie's life of abuse, abandonment, the foster system, drug and alcohol addictions and mental illness should have landed her in prison or an early grave. Instead she lives a life of freedom, peace and happiness today. In Something Better, Melissa walks hand-in-hand with readers as they journey from the Wilderness into their Promised Land. You weren't meant to be lost in a wilderness. This is not as good as it gets your life of fullness is waiting for you, and Something Better will le... more