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  • The Memory Barrel ~ Second Edition

    by DB Lorgan
    The book is about a journey of a family's experience that is surrounded by many seemingly unusual ways to live their life. The guidance is given by the spirit realm from one generation to another. There is a blending in the story line that has just managed to captivate the reader. How.. (Well, that is an angel thing) so much so that the reader feels as if they are walking right thru the story. I assure you it is filled with more engaging thoughts than just a normal book You will think... more
  • Dreams of the Turtle King: Poems Inspired by South Florida Beaches

    by Denise Bossarte
    You can find so much more than just sand on the beach. You can find people, animals, interesting and unusual objects, and occasionally, deep thoughts! In this collection of free verse poems, Denise Bossarte takes you on an adventure to explore the things you can find on the beach. Each poem's imagery is reflected in a paired watercolor illustration by award winning artist Nancy Standlee.
  • YOUR Heart & Mind: Your Greatest Decisions

    by C.J. Maritz
    A reader-friendly self-help guide rated 5 stars by Readers’ Favorite. This thought-provoking book is about the choices and opportunities inherent in the human condition.
  • Exhilarated Life: Happiness Ever After

    by Marilyn Harding
    A chronicle of self-discovery, self-love and personal freedom through tragic, comedic and challenging life experiences. Humorous, intimate and lyrical; a profound guide to simple happiness.
  • IIVAll / One For All: A Tale of Unique Identity

    by Quoleshna Elbert

    Afraid to stand out. Afraid to fit in.

    The term "individuality" has become a banner for all things unique and (often) over-the-top. While we can acknowledge we are each created to be different, we also long to belong. We don't want to be too set apart.

    In its truest sense "individuality" is a matter of a whole identity vs. being wholly different.

    Discovering and fighting for that which truly makes you a one-of-a-kind person often means assessing the &... more

  • Sexual Intimacy for the Christian Couple

    by Charles Elias Mahlangu
    This book Sexual Intimacy for the Christian Couple is in three pats. 1. Sexual intimacy in marriage is enhanced when the wife communicates, when the husband heeds her longings and recognising that God created sex for their pleasure. 2. Boundaries: these chapters teach how chastity, fidelity and purity will lead to great intimacy in marriage. 3. Challenges of Men and Sexuality. These chapters deal with challenges men face in maintaining purity.
  • After the Glitter Fades: Wartime Poems and Other Musings

    by Lynny Prince
    After the Glitter Fades is a collection of beautiful poetry and gut-wrenching journal entries from Betty Jean Goff, who passed away in 2007. Betty lived, loved and lost during and post war time in the United States in the 1940's and 50's. Her poetry lay unpublished for over 50 years. In this poignant tribute, her daughter Lynny Prince shares pieces of her mother's life – a woman who suffered greatly, but always found a silver lining. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit t... more
  • Uncommon Success

    by Gabriel Agbo
    Uncommon Success! God has destined you to be successful. It is your right. It is your nature. It is right there in your DNA. You have no excuse to be a failure. All you’ll ever need to make it in this life are already implanted in you and are also embedded in the word of God. True. This book will open your eyes to this eternal truth. You cannot go through it and remain the same. You will find here topics like: You Can Succeed, Things Are Not Well? O’ LORD, God of Heaven, He Keeps His Covenants... more
  • Big Sky: A Story of Faith and Forgiveness

    by C. J. Pagano
    Author Deborah Miller travels to Montana for research on her latest novel--expecting beautiful scenery, inspiration, and a little peace. Instead, she falls into a baffling twist of fate when a lonesome man she encounters turns out to be her first love--Will Dougherty. While finding love the second time around, a series of unforeseen tragedies strike, changing Deborah's plans and life. She and Will question whether their reunion was meant to be. Did they move too fast? Can they survive the lon... more
  • Here Comes a Storm (Jemima Love Bible Stories) (Volume 1)

    by Nicole Mangum
    This book tells of the wonders of God. It is also a beautiful prayer.
  • Can These Bones Live?

    by Nicole Mangum / Jemima Love
    Ezekiel is asked a mysterious question. Can these bones live? Can they? Can something that is dead be giving life again. Read the story of the dry bones and find out.
  • Job's Jemima

    by Nicole Mangum
    Job was a great man. He also had great daughters. Learn the story of Job and realize that there is so much more to a name.
  • My God Is!

    by Nicole Mangum / Jemima Love
    What does God mean to you. Let's read about this little angel's feeling towards her God and Creator.
  • Aisha's Lesson

    by Nicole Mangum / Jemima Love
    Aisha's is an angel, and she is about to come to earth. What will she do once she's there? The Father of all teaches her.
  • Real Things: 6 Ways to Embrace Life

    by Brigitte Cutshall

    As a two-time cancer survivor living with a brain tumor, Brigitte inspires others to embrace life. Look for beauty around you, stay humble, strive for harmony, and focus on real things. Her health issues prompted her to learn how diet and lifestyle affects your overall well-bring. She is now a certified health coach. 

  • Teachings on Being: The Holy Book of Religious Leaders, Followers, and Non-Believers

    by Codrin Stefan Tapu
    Every religion has its story - oral or written. CS Tapu searches the story above and beyond any particular religion - the very quest for Being. A quintessential spiritual book, these original Teachings are the fruit of millennia of religious thought and practice. While some present or future believers (or religious leaders) might not agree with all of them, the Teachings will surely provide valuable insight for the spiritual beings of believers and non-believers alike.