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  • The Little Book of Character Strengths

    by June Rousso

    The Little Book of Character Strengths is a colorfully illustrated poem describing the meaning of twenty-four character strengths to a child and young adult audience. The book is based upon the VIA classification of character strengths. Its bright colors and creative illustrations along with the poetry format are meant to captivate young readers. The book can be read along with adults to foster discussion of ways of developing character strengths. Adults also will benefit from the me... more

  • Emma's Book of Courage

    by Emma Lindberg
    Six-year-old Emma knows that it can be hard to be courageous but thinks you should try! Courageous means having courage, is when you’re really, really afraid to try something, but you do it anyway. Emma shares moments when she’s needed courage, like when she did a backflip for the first time! It was scary, but she’s SO glad she did it. Now, she can’t wait to try new things and wants to help you be more courageous, too!
  • An Angel's Feather

    by Astrid Brown
    My experiences and philosophy as a psychic medium

    This story is of four women of different classes of the society who are traveling in a Metro train in Chennai. They find themselves in a difficult situation when they come face to face with a rapist. Will they surrender to their weaknesses or stand up and fight back? The storyline details the life of women in a society that is full of social and cultural taboos. Along with this, there is a line of suspense that stretches up to the end of the story
  • Counting Blessings

    by Amal Alaboud

    Counting Blessings encourages children to count their blessings every day. So, children can be grateful and happy for seeing how many blessings they have. They can also include it in their daily routine to be one of their daily rituals. 

  • TRANSCENDING THE MAYA MATRIX: Using the Seven Simple Steps: Our Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization

    by Omar M. Makram
    Do you believe that your inner guidance has superior knowledge and wisdom to guide you to the fulfillment of your desires? Are you repeating undesired patterns in your career, love, health, money or in your quest for self-knowledge? From a lifetime of meditating, teaching, traveling, and learning, author, and podcaster, Omar M. Makram states that trusting our Innate Guide is the missing ingredient that can create the life we have dreamed of. He encourages you to let go of the confusing ... more
  • Intuitive Symbols Coloring Book: Unlock Your Intuition Through Meditative Coloring

    by Rev. Joanna Bartlett

    Access your intuition through meditative coloring.

    Thirty fun coloring pages full of everyday objects to help you unlock your intuition and build your personal symbol dictionary. Intuitive messages come to you in all sorts of ways - often through symbols that we receive in our daily lives. By connecting with your intuition, through active meditation, while coloring those images, you can find out what those symbols mean to you.

  • Steering Through It: Navigating Life-Threatening Illness, Acceptance, Survival and Healing

    by Lynn McLaughlin
    The author shares her most personal thoughts, fears and triumphs over the most challenging year of her life. The voices of friends and family members ring true and move the reader to a powerfully emotional and honest reflection of one's own beliefs and life's purposes.
  • Bending Time: The Power to Live in the Now

    by Patrick Paul Garlinger
    It is a commonly held spiritual belief that we should live in the present moment. But what does that really mean? Bending Time offers a novel answer to that question. We must understand time as a psychic phenomenon that we ourselves create. As a product of our own creation, time structures our entire perception of the world, including our relationships with other people. In our relationships, we recreate the past in the present moment rather than experience the present as it truly is. Our a... more
  • Happiness as an Independent Variable

    by George Blacken
    Traditional perceptions and understandings of happiness oftentimes fail to lead us to true happiness. This book explains the what, why, and how happiness must be treated as an independent variable in order to have and maintain happiness. You will discover: 1) The relationship between sadness, anger, and worry and overcoming their contributing factors, 2) Why true happiness is never achievable through the traditional means of how most us define and measure happiness, 3) What is meant by happine... more
  • Using the Power Within

    by George Blacken
    Using the Power Within helps you discover how to obtain power to change your life and bind the source of your biggest opposition. The purpose and necessity of having supernatural power is shared with you. Without supernatural power, you will never fulfill your purpose or obtain the highest quality of life God ordained for you to have. Discover how mankind lost the power and how you can obtain and use the power that you are ordained to have. Know the boundaries of power and use the power withi... more
  • Bible Letters to the Public Editor by Dan Arthur Pryor Hal Arthur Pryor ISBN # 978-1-4809-4535-7

    by dan arthur pryor
    My book is for religious-minded people who want to know what the Bible says concerning major topics of morality; Abortion, homosexuality, suicide and the role of His Bible and His Church influencing daily life, from the Catholic point of view, on these serious eternal-life altering moral issues. Dan Arthur Pryor
  • Bible Letters to the Public Editor

    by Dan Arthur Pryor
    In Bible Letters to the Public Editor, author Dan Arthur Pryor shares religious letters he has written that have been published in local newspapers. These letters were written for Catholics who have stopped going to Mass or have stopped practicing the Catholic faith. They were also written for other types of Christians who do not fully live a religious faith-based life. The letters present a Catholic viewpoint on topics like abortion, gay marriage, suicide, martyrs and the role of the Catholic C... more
  • Miss Little Bea Sharp

    by Jessica Rosen
    What type of music does Miss Little Bea Sharp want to belong to when she grows up? Join her on a magical journey through Musical Town accompanied by her mentor, Treble Clef. Travel along with Bea Sharp as she explores the world of music and ponders the answer to the age old question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
  • Legacy of Hope

    by Paul Cherry

    Legacy of Hope is about looking at your Christian faith and walk with God with greater clarity, acceptance and commitment.  Old familiar stories such as The Woman at the Well, come to life again with a new and refreshing perspective, applicable to our life today.

  • The Parabola of Discipleship for the Churched and Unchurched

    by Kendall Coleman
    This is a very interesting account of a discipleship program run through the homeless ministry of a Chicago church. It contains a detailed breakdown of how the course was conceived and executed, how well different aspects of the course went, and suggested changes for future similar courses. It also includes some exercises that could be used in future programs and a pretest and posttest to help quantify the course’s results. This book aims to serve as a workbook for those looking to ... more