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  • Happiness as an Independent Variable

    by George Blacken
    Traditional perceptions and understandings of happiness oftentimes fail to lead us to true happiness. This book explains the what, why, and how happiness must be treated as an independent variable in order to have and maintain happiness. You will discover: 1) The relationship between sadness, anger, and worry and overcoming their contributing factors, 2) Why true happiness is never achievable through the traditional means of how most us define and measure happiness, 3) What is meant by happine... more
  • Using the Power Within

    by George Blacken
    Using the Power Within helps you discover how to obtain power to change your life and bind the source of your biggest opposition. The purpose and necessity of having supernatural power is shared with you. Without supernatural power, you will never fulfill your purpose or obtain the highest quality of life God ordained for you to have. Discover how mankind lost the power and how you can obtain and use the power that you are ordained to have. Know the boundaries of power and use the power withi... more
  • Bible Letters to the Public Editor

    by dan arthur pryor
    My book is for religious-minded people who want to know what the Bible says concerning major topics of morality; Abortion, homosexuality, suicide and the role of His Bible and His Church influencing daily life, from the Catholic point of view, on these serious eternal-life altering moral issues. Dan Arthur Pryor
  • Bible Letters to the Public Editor

    by Dan Arthur Pryor
    In Bible Letters to the Public Editor, author Dan Arthur Pryor shares religious letters he has written that have been published in local newspapers. These letters were written for Catholics who have stopped going to Mass or have stopped practicing the Catholic faith. They were also written for other types of Christians who do not fully live a religious faith-based life. The letters present a Catholic viewpoint on topics like abortion, gay marriage, suicide, martyrs and the role of the Catholic C... more
  • Miss Little Bea Sharp

    by Jessica Rosen
    What type of music does Miss Little Bea Sharp want to belong to when she grows up? Join her on a magical journey through Musical Town accompanied by her mentor, Treble Clef. Travel along with Bea Sharp as she explores the world of music and ponders the answer to the age old question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
  • Legacy of Hope

    by Paul Cherry

    Legacy of Hope is about looking at your Christian faith and walk with God with greater clarity, acceptance and commitment.  Old familiar stories such as The Woman at the Well, come to life again with a new and refreshing perspective, applicable to our life today.

  • The Parabola of Discipleship for the Churched and Unchurched

    by Kendall Coleman
    This is a very interesting account of a discipleship program run through the homeless ministry of a Chicago church. It contains a detailed breakdown of how the course was conceived and executed, how well different aspects of the course went, and suggested changes for future similar courses. It also includes some exercises that could be used in future programs and a pretest and posttest to help quantify the course’s results. This book aims to serve as a workbook for those looking to ... more
  • Our Purposes and Why?: This Is a Must Read Book That Could Change You for Life!

    by Sandra Hurst
    This book is about evolution (as far as changes in nature), origins of evil, our purpose, the origin of creation, how Adam could not have been the first man that aligns with biblical evidence, and God's promises with corresponding verses. It also includes rare biblical verses that spiritual leaders do not mention, because they neither understand nor able to explain these rare verses that are included in this book. Finally, this book includes verses that apply to daily living related to self-hel... more
  • The Coming Age of Personal Religion

    by Paul Snider
    Paul Snider's book, The Coming Age of Personal Religion, is a superb blending of higher thinking and practical living. It links our free will, human spirituality and God's love. While respecting traditionally organized religions, the author explains that the newly emerging era of religion will witness increasing numbers of individual persons reaching out to God personally, without the intervention of a ruling clergy of a formalized religion of authority. Each person is destined to discover th... more
  • House Of Dry Bones

    by M.D. Carter
    In this hard-hitting and controversial book, M.D. Carter tackles the modern-day church and its path into disobedience and depravity. Using scripture, Carter explores issues which have divided assemblies, and sheds new light upon debatable topics. With descriptive personal testimony, he leaves the reader with a fearless message, exposing the root of the virus which has plagued the church for centuries- selfishness. M.D. Carter provides a clear picture of the current state of Christendom, and the ... more
  • Find the Seeker!: The Pathless Path to Fulfillment and Happiness

    by Xuan Lou Genro and Clifford Stevens
    Find the Seeker! by Zen Master Genro Xuan Lou, Laoshi and his pupil, Zen teacher Clifford Stevens, takes us on an inner pilgrimage, compassionately picking us up where we are, whether beginners or longstanding seekers. Based on the wisdom and profound, first-hand experience of a modern-day Master as well as the teachings of enlightened ones throughout the ages, the book reboots our spiritual search in order to renew our limiting, thought-driven and ego-dominated lives. Focusing on the spiritual ... more
  • Renew My Heart, O God: Daily Devotons for Healing Your Heart

    by Jeffery J Horacek, O.D.

    Your Heart, Made New!

    Renew My Heart, O God—Daily Devotions for Healing Your Heart is precisely that—a devotional dedicated to bring you hope, encouragement, healing, and the renewal of your heart, the wellspring of your soul. It was written to meet you in the midst of life’s trouble and pain and bring you the message of the light and love of Jesus Christ. May the words resonate within your heart and soul and lift you to a better place, and may you become the ... more

  • Life Lessons from the Hive

    by M. J. Miller
    Life Lessons from the Hive is a one-of-a-kind book that illuminates the amazing community of endangered honey bees. Whether you’re an experienced beekeeper or not a beekeeper at all, you’ll walk away with a new appreciation and, yes, even affection for the honey bees and, of course, their Creator. This humorously illustrated book parallels life in the hive and life as a Christ-follower as it safely introduces us to the inner workings of a beehive, without the threat of getting stung.
  • Better Days Ahead: Step Into the Abundant Life God Promised You

    by Andreas Jones
    God’s Desire For You Is To Have A Life Beyond Amazing (John 10:10) If you’ve ever had a dream; if you’ve ever felt stuck or restless; if you’ve ever experienced the discouragement of feeling like you’re not good enough; If you have the desire to maximize this opportunity called life and create more joy, happiness, and fulfillment, Better Days Ahead was written for you.
  • A Wild & Wonderful Life: Say Yes to Your Immeasurably More Jesus Story

    by Susan Campbell
    Although Jesus doesn’t use the exact words “wild and wonderful,” he does make promises about what a life with him might look like. Your wild life does not have to be defined only by hard, crazy, and difficult circumstances. Wild can also describe a wonderful, exciting, and passionate life. Using seven words—friendship, transformation, love, life, childlike faith, hope and wholehearted—Susan Campbell describes how life is wild for sure: wildly difficult, but also wildly good. No matter what, thou... more
  • Me, My Dog and a Sheep

    by Melissa Mullamphy
    Grizzy, a disarmingly good-natured puppy-as large as a house with a spirit to match-is suddenly struck with a immobilizing illness. Luckily, this hefty hound has a best buddy, Luke, a tender-hearted boy who will not let Grizzy give up the fight. Together, with the aid of caring veterinary professionals and Luke's attentive parents, Grizzy digs deep to find the grit to fight the odds and withstand the challenges of recovery. This is a true story of dog expressed through the eyes of Luke a 7 ye... more