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  • The Secret Wisdom of The New Jewish People

    by Galorian Creations
    New Guide Reveals: How You Can Make A Change To The World By Following These New Secret Jewish Wisdom's. INTRODUCTION The background to writing this guide is a common concern for the fate of humanity. Therefore this guide is published in order to provide everyone with the tools to create major change and raising humanity on a new path – and it all starts with YOU. Sometimes the secret is in seeing things from a different angle, a different perspective from the one you have been used to, ed... more
  • EDUshifts Now!

    by Galorian
    Collective Book initiative: EDUshifts - The future of education is Now! The world is transforming so fast and in such a dynamic pace that we see more and more new innovative learning environments and education programs that are preparing us for the uncertainty of the future. Transforming society means transforming education. Transforming education means breaking patterns and realities that we have been building up for centuries. Transforming education means walking together on new pa... more
  • You Will Never Walk Alone

    by Adele Frances
    Life is made up like seasons, one bumpy ride after another with some relief in-between. Everyone goes through these seasonal changes, some feeling and experiencing more than anyone person should have to. This book is not your typical inspirational. It is filled with stories and personal experiences to help as it did one mother and daughter, as described in the review.
  • In Awe and Wonder

    by Ronda Nobles Nuñez

    "In Awe and Wonder" ventures from the normal stories of Jesus’ birth and childhood, to take into consideration those people whom God chose to touch the life of His young Son, and considers how their stories relate to our lives. Although this is not a typical “Christmas story", per se, it does challenge readers to consider important lessons from the birth and life of the young Messiah.

  • One Man's Spiritual Journey to Healing with Color Energy

    by Lee Hillberg
    In this world, color is all around us, and it has the power to change our lives. Author Lee Hillberg has been using the healing properties of color to make a difference not only in his own life, but also in the lives of others. In this book, he shares some of his most moving and spiritual experiences. The techniques and advice given in this book have been frequently utilized by the author and could make a difference in readers’ lives as well. Hillberg is an ordained minister, has been a stud... more
  • Little People Praise God "Too"

    by Lynn Calvin
    Little People Praise God Too is an exciting, energetic, interactive story of a multicultural, abled and disabled class learning about praising God. The class affectionately known as the Prāz Gang has questions about who, where, why, and how do they praise God. Praise the Lord! shouts Shabach. After Shabach and the remaining Prāz gang members learn about praising God, they show their teacher, Ms. Prazer what they learned by acting out what she taught them about praising God. Come, learn, a... more

    by Gary Stephen Moore
    Transported to a stunning, mountainous landscape, a young man is welcomed into an enormous gathering of the local denizens who name him “Boy.” They tell him how fortuitous his arrival actually is: it is the annual Great Gathering of the Thunderbunny clan who trace their heritage to a time prior to the Great Flood. \tAs explained to the Boy by the matriarch of the Thunderbunny's herself, Magnolia Thunderbunny, the Great Gathering is a time to share, remember, and celebrate their extraordinary ... more
  • Adon Caddo at the Black Gardenia

    by Gary Stephen Moore
    The spirit being Adon Caddo, was one of many Adon’s (Lords), created by God (Adonai – Lord of Lords) to act as overlords of HIS Divine Plan. At first, Adon Caddo had been an overlord of the Chosen People but, following the events at Calvary, he was sent to the lower region of the Mighty River of the North American continent. There, on an insignificant little island, on a bayou, in the middle of a swamp, and close to what would eventually become New Orleans, he erected a dwelling that became kn... more
  • She: A Woman's Journey Through Herself

    by David Nadolny
    100 works of prose, honoring a Woman's journey through ups, downs and the eventual finding of herself, her strength and her power. Each piece reflects moments of her life, her memories and things that have made her who she is today, while seeking to resonate with the reader. A collection of works dedicated to Fearless Females all over the World, and the strength, determination and endurance they display every day.
  • Continued Miracles

    by Debra Stout (Debbie)
  • F’d Wide Open

    by Marja West
    Now more than ever, Divine Love and Spiritual Awakening are essential to the survival of humanity. In this fast-paced world of techie-toys, instant messages, unconscionable greed, appalling indifference, and unspeakable violence, it is the Heart-Based New Humanity leading the way to conscious awareness. Ignoring life?s intense ups and downs is no longer an option. In F?d Wide Open, author Marja West explores the challenges of living life while developing Divine Love in our relationships and f... more
  • Broken Butterfly

    by Cindy Patterson
    Mallory Scott trusts no one. At twenty-two, she's in a battle for her life. Living in a women's shelter after finally escaping an abusive relationship, the only thing Mallory is focused on is staying safe. But when he finds her again, Mallory must flee the shelter in the middle of the night and rely on the kindness of a stranger to help her create a new life for herself in Paradise, Pennsylvania, far away from everything she knows. Eric Matthews has what every man wants: a successful job and ... more
  • Chasing Paradise (A Paradise Novel Book 1)

    by Cindy Patterson
    Forbidden Love Paul Fischer's a plain man with big dreams and an even bigger problem—gaining his uncle's approval. He's just settled on how to accomplish that while maintaining loyalty to his family and heritage, when a beautiful Englischer shows up threatening to defeat all his efforts. A romantic relationship with Rachel is forbidden and he soon discovers it will take more than simply guarding his heart. The more time he spends with her, the more he wants to overcome every obstacle that's ke... more
  • If Only

    by T.K. Chapin
    How far will one mother go to find her child? A full year after a painful divorce, Elizabeth’s seventeen-year-old daughter Lillian decides to visit a friend over the Fourth of July weekend but never returns home. With the help of her neighborhood friend Cole, Elizabeth tries to make sense of what really happened and hopefully bring her daughter home.
  • Hamza

    by Moustafa F. Moukarim
    Author Moustafa F. Moukarim goes into great detail about how Hamza recognizes the mind as the knowledge bank, which makes humans the center of creation. In reference to our mighty and just creator, Hamza concludes that God blessed us with our minds as a sparkle of His intelligence and also designated us to be the bearers of His message and custodians of all creation. In his words, Hamza proclaims that "religion should not be an implication or a suggestion. It is a reality and an understanding t... more
  • I Am Omnipowerful

    by Dr. Otto Umana
    Moses was the only man bold enough to ask God, “Who are you?” The answer he received was as mesmerizing as the burning bush. The scripture from Exodus 3:13–15 reveals that God said to Moses, “I am who I am.” Ever since that encounter, mankind has come up with many words to describe God, but perhaps the best one yet is “omnipowerful.” In this inspiring study, medical missionary Dr. Otto Umana explores the wonderful miracles performed by God. He considers God’s true presence, love, and power; m... more