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  • The Reluctant Disciple

    by Bodan

    Christ’s devoted disciple Simon Peter has returned to prepare the way for the Second Coming. His work will culminate in an event known as the First Supper, a grand spectacle in which Jesus gathers all his Apostles and ushers in a new millennium of peace, prosperity and goodwill. To do this, Simon teaches that spirituality is one’s personal pursuit of the divine and is not tied to any particular religious tradition. His star student, book publisher Skylar Sevens, finds this idea at... more

  • When Dreams are Calling

    by Carol Vorvain

    There is no greater fear than the fear of change and no greater joy than overcoming it.
    Inspired by a true story, When Dreams are Calling is a transformational journey through five continents, seven countries that will redefine your idea of courage while making you laugh all the way.
    The main character, Dora, is a witty young woman who chases her dreams across continents, from Europe to America, then to Asia, and finally, to the far away shores of Austra... more

  • Can I Just Be Me

    by Rolanda McCowan
  • Spoken Thoughts Of Encouragement (Vol. Book 1)

    by Jay TheGreat
    As we start our days and look for inspiration, it is becoming more and more challenging to keep a positive attitude and mindset throughout each day with bills, work, relationships, health, school, career, kids, and all the other things that come with life. I would like to share a few positive words that I read throughout the day to keep my positive juices flowing.
  • The Gospel According to Judas: a Handbook on Life

    by John H. Doe

    I was drafted into the War in Heaven on October 7, 1988, by an infinite light. No, really. Off and on it was there, in this other world I lived in sometimes, something like that — for 25 years. Only near the end of it, January of 2013 (the tail end of the Year of the Dragon), only then did it all start to come together and make sense. Not only the War, but what the War meant to all of us, all who have ever been born or ever will. This ain’t your daddy&rsquo... more

  • Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose through the Akashic Records

    by Akemi G

    There are many inspirational how-to books, but until you understand the fundamental WHY, your how-to is destined to be superficial. This book is unique in that it gets down to this foundation of life in such a clear, straightforward way. 

  • The Contemplator: Practical Philosophy to Keep Your Mind Clear, Body Light, and Spirit Free

    by Vijay Mattewada, MD
    A book of beautiful contemplations to refresh your mind, body, and spirit by making philosophy accessible and useful. Written by a physician who has lived and suffered well. Heart-touching and thought-provoking! Contemplation is a lost art, and chances are, you’ve completely forgotten how to be alone with your thoughts. Philosopher-physician Vijay Mattewada, MD, provides an accessible and relevant gateway to inner peace and clarity with his new book of aphorisms, The Contemplator: Practi... more
  • The Vine and the Branches: How to Spiritually Connect in a Challenging World

    by Bryan Holmes
    Every faith asserts our spiritual nature. True happiness comes from firm spiritual connections. Yet, life in today’s world is mainly focused on bodily existence, ignoring our spirituality. Building spiritual connections with God and with those around us is the only way to a peaceful and contented life.
  • From Gutter To Glory: When All That's Left is Survival!

    by Karlene Richardson Robinson
    Now Dr. Karlene Richardson, a professor, author, and motivational speaker, the author tells of her journey from Jamaica to America in hopes of finding a mother's love, absent from her life since she was eight months old when she was given to her maternal grandparents who raised her. Now 15 years old, Karlei looked forward to living with her mom. However Karlei soon learned that she was brought in to babysit her mom's newborn whom she had with her newly wed husband. Karlei was allowed to hang o... more
  • Seeking Human Kindness

    by Grace Chen

    "Seeking Human Kindness" is a compilation of inspiration true short stories from across globe.  These stories focus on the impact random acts of kindness has made on benefactors and recipients of good deeds.

  • Guided by Grace: Second in a Series of God's Greatest Gift

    by Deborah Burch
    Guided by Grace: Second in a Series of God's Greatest Gift by Deborah Burch - Grace is an Angel that watches over a child whenever they need guidance or help throughout the book
  • God's Greatest Gift

    by Deborah Burch
    God's Greatest Gift, written and illustrated by acclaimed artist, Deborah Burch, is a lively, rhythmic and heartfelt story about a child discovering that they are a blessing from God. It demonstrates that every child living in our wondrous world is a unique and miraculous creation. Parents will enjoy sharing this special message time and time again with their greatest gift. 10.5 x 9 Hardcover with dust jacket, 32 brilliantly illustrated heavy duty pages.
  • Done by Christmas

    by Randall Jarmon

    Marcus West would like to retire, but cannot, so he labors in obscurity within a windowless room. He also would like his strong-willed daughter to get married, but dares not tell her so. Yet suddenly, Marcus West must somehow stop a brilliant assassin who has escaped from prison. West is not some sort of tough guy, and the assassin senses another easy kill --- but then West does the unexpected: He wraps both arms around his strong Christian faith.

  • Illuminated: Book One (The White Road Chronicles 1)

    by Jackie Castle
    Welcome to the kingdom of Alburnium If the Wizard of Oz swept you away and Narnia enchanted you, then follow the White Road Chronicles for a new kind of adventure. Illuminated: Book One- begins with a girl in search of the truth. Alyra, mockingly known as Princess, was captured at an early age by the evil ruler, Darnel, and brought up in the dark land of Racah. Now, at the age of seventeen, she considers herself nothing special. She has no recollection of who she is or where she came fro... more
  • F.A.I.T.H. - Finding Answers in the Heart

    by Nanette Littlestone

    What if the heart was more than just an organ that pumps blood? What if it could bring you joy, happiness, money, or better relationships?

    Ancient civilizations believed that the heart was the seat of our soul. It didn’t just enable us to give and receive love. It was the source of our creative powers and intuition. Scientists are now finding that the heart is actually a second “brain” that sends messages to every cell of the body and may hold the key to true inner hea... more

  • The Watchmen Call(opening of the Fourthseal): REV 6:7,8

    by Dr. Sasha Yocheved
    The Watchmen gives warning to the children of Israel that it is time to repent of all their sins. Judgement is coming soon. Yeshua is the lamb of God that will judge the earth at the opening of the fourth seal, Rev 6:7,8.